2021 - 2022 PMP Mock Practice Tests

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Based on the 7th and 6th Editions of the PMBOK Guide - 380 questions including Agile

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Taught by
Yassine Tounsi

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r/pmp • comment
11 points • sdutta11

So I took the 2020 version at the end of the year last year and I did not pass. Got "Target" in 5 categories and "Below Target" in 1 of them and overall ended up "Below Target." So I definitely had some exposure to the PMP for taking it again this year! I studied for maybe a month and a half before today but keep the above in mind!

I used: https://www.udemy.com/course/2021-pmp-mock-practice-tests/learn/quiz/5085686#overview

I've been a BA and PM for around 9 years so I have a great understanding of the agile framework so a lot of what I knew came from my personal work experience but I had to make sure I understood it from the perspective of the PMI expectations. I'm a very visual learner and I don't do well from just reading through a bunch of chapters. I found it really helpful to revamp my knowledge by just doing questions and getting feedback on what I did correctly and what I did incorrectly! Any concepts I didn't fully understand I just went on YouTube and watched videos. I read through the PMBOK exactly ZERO times - literally not an over exaggeration. I found it more important to just find the concepts that I need to focus on and learn from the practice questions I was doing. Finding practice questions from multiple sources can only help you deeper understand what you know and what you don't know!

It wouldn't be a stretch to say that some of the questions could be answered based on logic and understanding how humans SHOULD interact in the workplace. Always escalating is something you shouldn't do, project managers need to know how to handle the situation first and use escalation as a last resort. Use that mindset and you guys will be just fine! Don't be upset if you fail! Use it as a stepping stone to reinforce your knowledge :)

r/pmp • comment
8 points • yassinsky

You can check this new course, free coupon expires after 1 day: https://www.udemy.com/course/2021-pmp-mock-practice-tests/?couponCode=E6C565A1A281D42F3F44

r/pmp • comment
2 points • adamj5307

The PM Prepcast is probably the best but expensive https://www.project-management-prepcast.com (I believe I paid around $150 for it for 90 days access)

I also bought some prep exams on Udemy, which I think are good value for money (you can pick them up for around $10 per course). I found the first one the best.