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Master advanced SQL database coding w/ MySQL Workbench

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r/dataanalysis • comment
2 points • Fun2badult

I doubt that tech support experience does any good but for a smaller company who doesn’t have IT, then that could be seen as an added skill. However, I think just generally being aware of computer technology would be beneficial. For python there are much more hands on projects you can do like webscraping, figuring out how to automate stuff like taking an excel sheet and populating it with data from another excel sheet, import data through pandas and manipulate : clean the data and then exporting it as excel, etc. For SQL, I would take some courses on udemy which is what I did, download some dataset from online like Kaggle, import it into PostgreSQL or MySQL and practice how to do sql to get the type of result you’re looking for, etc.

One course that I took on udemy that actually helped me get a job that I just accepted an offer on for business analytics is this course I bought for like $12:

I would look for SQL practice sites and practice, for example hackerrank or leetcode as well as plenty of other sql practice sites

r/SQL • comment
1 points • The_Sigma_Enigma


I highly HIGHLY recommend this course. Its got very practical examples and feels like you're already at a job.

r/Python • comment
1 points • rac3r5

Here is some advice for you:


If you already know programming, Python will take you less than a month if not a week to get a handle on the language. I'm using Python for DS, so learning libraries and practicing will take time. Someone posted some free courses on Udemy yesterday.


I had a Java and Perl background at your age and it took me a day to learn PHP. When I used PHP for work, my challenge was managing and presentation layer and the application/business layer in the same place. Another big challenge I had was the power of PHP; I had to offload my data into another language as PHP wasn't able or too slow to handle it. Look into these things.


If you're learning SQL, you need to understand how a RDBMS works. Look into DB normalization and ER diagrams.

It also took me a day to learn SQL basics. One of the challenges with SQL is that each variant (mySQL, PL SQL, T-SQL) does things slightly different. Also, function calls are different too. Once you're done with the basics, look into topics like cursors, functions and stored procedures. Also looked into advanced SQL courses like this udemy one for example.


JS should be easy if you know programming.

Putting it all together:

Considering you're trying to do some web dev using Python, perhaps look at a Web Dev bootcamp course like this one. Instead of PHP, have you considered DJANGO?