AWS Machine Learning Certification Exam | Complete Guide

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500+ Slides | 200+ Questions | Become Certified in AWS ML| SageMaker|Data Engineering | Visualization | Model Deployment

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Taught by
Dr. Ryan Ahmed, Ph.D., MBA


Offered by
AWS Machine Learning

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r/AWSCertifications • post
3 points • FoxJoshua
Recommendations for AWS Certified Machine Learning Speciality exam preparation?

I'd like materials targeted at the exam.

I would particularly like practice tests, with clear explanations for right and wrong answers. I have found these, and will appreciate appraisals of their quality: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], Exam[email protected] (Course&ExamPrep), Frlez/Udemy, Whizlabs

I'll appreciate appraisals of course materials. I have found: [email protected] , ACloudGuru, AWS's own training, Coursera, and Linux Academy

Is there a good book? Mengle Mastering Machined Learning on AWS is the only one that I have found

r/AWSCertifications • post
2 points • WhyWontItBlend
Passed: MLS-C01 Machine Learning Specialty Certification Exam

Score: 960 (!) / 1000

A little over a month ago, I had no experience with AWS. I had just finished my first year of college and was looking for something to do during the pandemic. Recently I had seen some job postings paying big money for AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialists and since I felt I had a pretty strong Machine Learning background I decided to take on the certification.

My dad's company gave him free Udemy for Business for the duration of the pandemic, and he let me borrow that, so I had a pretty wide variety of courses available.

Here's the first course I took.

It covered all the important topics - though at a pretty high level. Since all courses with Udemy Business are free, I hopped over to this course next:

The beginning of this course let me know that I could save some money if I took the AWS CCP Exam first, and that I'd get a free official practice test that way, so I went off on a brief tangent to complete that. This course on its own was sufficient.

Though I did take some practice exams from this course as well:

CCP Score: 908

If I could go back I'd probably pay the extra $50 for the Solutions Architect exam just cause I think it's probably worth more.

Feeling pretty good, I finished the previous course (aws-machine-learning-a-complete-guide-with-python) and took one of the practice tests from this course,

At this point I was disappointed to see I had only gotten a 65%. The Machine Learning components I was pretty much fine on, but the AWS specific content really slapped me. I was getting particularly thrown by the first Domain so I hopped over to the Big Data prep course to learn that information in more detail.

After taking this I was starting to be able to pass albeit barely. I was getting a 75% usually on Udemy Practice tests and about an 80% After studying this table:

Finally, I signed up for a free trial on A Cloud Guru and took their course and used their exam generator. I was getting an 84% or so by the end of that.

At this point I found out AWS had an Exam Readiness online class for this cert so I took that and got an 88% on their "practice test" though it wasn't an official practice test.

Next I took the real AWS Practice Test and got a 75% out of the 20 questions they provided. At this point I was pretty gassed out from studying and I was pretty skeptical that this was an anomaly; I did the worst on modeling (62%) which I'm usually almost perfect on, so I just decided to go for the real exam.

Honestly I'm shocked I was able to score this high (960/1000) and I think it was probably just me getting lucky on a few questions. Usually I'd get bonked on the Security related questions since I'm so new to AWS but I guess random chance worked in my favor this time.

I'd say the most important things to understand for this exam (other than the ML Content) were:

Kinesis Data Analytics can't receive or send content directly, but requires Firehose or DataStreams to I/O.

Kinesis Streams can't write to S3 (lambda can).

Don't use Lambda for large ETL Jobs

If they say "little infrastructure" you can eliminate anything EMR or Hadoop Related.

If you need to convert to RecordIO format or the data is really big the answer probably involves EMR.

Glue isn't meant for streams.



Legit a day after passing and telling my boss the news I was put on an AWS ML Project for my summer internship.

Final Result: 2 Certifications, CCP And Machine Learning.