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Over 26,000 enrolled

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Taught by
Ian Juby

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r/AskElectronics • comment
4 points • SandwichSound

There are a few courses on Udemy that are great. I recommend this one that centers around robotics. I initially learned in the Navy but don't do that. You can access a lot of the training material for free

r/GME • comment
1 points • yzri

Today feels like a good day to fill some smooth brains full of DISTRACTING, TERRIBLE IDEAS 🎤🐒

Still don't know much about molds and 3D printing but p sure that was involved with this action figure lol

r/robotics • comment
3 points • sukadadetz

I am also a mech getting into robotics. I am currently taking this mechatronics course, which I recommend:


I also took this course which helped with electrical basics:


Its on sale right now for $20.