[NEW] Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - 2021

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Taught by
Stephane Maarek | AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Developer Associate

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r/FREECoursesEveryday • post
4 points • ViralMedia007
Free: Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - 2020 [BRAND NEW]
r/AWSCertifications • post
25 points • nutandevjoshi
Passed my AWS cloud practitioner exam

This was my first certification(obviously passed in 1st attempt) :)

To the folks who read this : This certification is not as easy as it seems, its might not be in depth as AWS certified solutions architect but its pretty vast. So please excuse folks who say "AWS CCP exam is so easy that everyone can pass"! Its full of many tricky questions not a cakewalk for everyone!

Today is 13th June, I had booked the exam on 20th May thereby giving myself enough time to study, understand the concepts and cover test series.

My AWS professional experience in industry : "0 years"

I study/experience AWS by myself with free tier.

Study materials I used: Whitepapers





The following link is a must read article for pricing(I was asked this in the exam) https://console.aws.amazon.com/support/plans/home?#/


Exams https://www.udemy.com/course/aws-certified-cloud-practitioner-practice-test/


Practice Exams are important because even though you read everything from whitepapers, as you dont read word to word, letter to letter, you might not be able to answer random question even after you read everything. Practice Exams come to the rescue. They make you stress your brain regarding what you read. I failed in 3 exams out of 4 :P (https://www.udemy.com/course/aws-certified-cloud-practitioner-practice-exams-amazon ). But I got to know a lot from questions I answered wrong.

Courses I took https://www.udemy.com/course/aws-certified-cloud-practitioner-new/?couponCode=LEARNING_CONTEST_NOW : he made the course free for 3 days :) I was lucky enough to study via his course.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4kl23udOKo&list=PLBfufR7vyJJ4fOplWPOtYqRyQ6YPMsBsF : Youtube course by Andrew Brown

The key to AWS CCP is understanding keywords. I would say better to make an excel sheet stating

topic studied : 1,2 line description


topic A : description of the topic

Revision is very important 1, 2 days before exam. So refer the excel sheet you create as above and also the questions/answers from Practice exams stated above. As this exam is vast better is to find topics you find difficult to understand and write in excel sheet with 2 lines description so you can recall it.

While giving exam : Know your gut feeling. Eliminate other options first that you feel are wrong. You come across 2 options at the last, choose the one you think is correct. You wont be coming to the questions again so think about the answer you submit, read the question again, and then proceed to next one. Make sure you spend 1 minute per question so you get 30 to 20 minutes to review. Since passing score is 70% make sure you try to answer every qestion properly, people fail with 69%.

Good luck ! :)

r/aws • comment
1 points • voicu90

Learn the basics on Udemy. I just went through it. Explains it very well. It is very cheap too.


r/AWSCertifications • comment
1 points • Revertible

https://www.udemy.com/course/aws-certified-cloud-practitioner-new/ this one :)

r/AWSCertifications • comment
1 points • nisti2boy

Marek: https://www.udemy.com/course/aws-certified-cloud-practitioner-new/

Bonso: https://portal.tutorialsdojo.com/courses/aws-certified-cloud-practitioner-practice-exams/

r/AWSCertifications • comment
1 points • ZlatanKabuto

What about this course? https://www.udemy.com/course/aws-certified-cloud-practitioner-new/

As far as I know, the Foundational (Cloud Practitioner) is the most basic certification, isn'it?

r/Philippines • comment
1 points • DoverFsharp

Nice! Share ko na lang din ito baka makatulong. Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Fundamentals, pili ka na lang ng dates na convenient sayo. May free exam voucher after ng online training.
Free Udemy course rin for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.
Good luck sa IT journey!

r/AWSCertifications • post
10 points • Mil2It
Passed AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - Review

Greetings all you AWS aficionados! I just passed the CLF-001 exam and wanted to give back to the community with my review of materials and process going into this.


-No Cloud Background but 4+ years of IT experience.

-My mentor told me to pursue AWS to broaden my horizon within IT and market myself for when I exit the military.

-I'm also a huge believer in multiple training sources so I don't ever pigeonhole myself into one vendor.

Study Material:

  1. Digital Cloud Training's Ultimate Exam Training Bundle, Includes Practice Test + Cheat Sheet PDF: https://digitalcloud.training/aws-certified-cloud-practitioner-training-course/
  2. Stephane Maarek's Udemy Course: https://www.udemy.com/course/aws-certified-cloud-practitioner-new/
  3. Exam Pro's Free CLF Course on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hLmDS179YE
  4. Tutorial Dojo's Study Guide and Cheat Sheets: https://portal.tutorialsdojo.com/product/tutorials-dojo-study-guide-and-cheat-sheets-aws-certified-cloud-practitioner/ + https://portal.tutorialsdojo.com/courses/aws-certified-cloud-practitioner-practice-exams/
  5. AWS White Papers: AWS Overview Cloud Services, AWS Cloud Best Practices, AWS Well-Architected-Framework, AWS Security Best Practices, AWS Pricing Overview, AWS TCO Web Applications
  6. AWS Free Tier Account Following along with instructors hands-on labs

Study Process:

I studied for roughly 3-4 hours per day based on my shift work schedule. I also dedicated more times to weekends and studied wherever possible. The big thing with me is I would *ONLY* study new topics sitting down at my desk...not on the couch, at the dinner table, in the car or when working out. My desk was my "control room" where all new information would be learned first. Once I've viewed new information, then I could play those same videos/read about those topics again away from my desk.

All videos we're watched at 1.5x speed for the first time around and no notes were taken.

-Watched Digital Cloud Training's course and Exam Pro's CLF Course.

-Took Practice Exams on Digital Cloud Training and Tutorial Dojo utilizing the training/review modes. Once I got the scores, I'd review and read all explanations. I'm not worried about my scores at all at this point.

-Watched Stephane Maarek's Course.

-Took another round of practice exams on both sites using training/review modes.

-Read all AWS White Papers. The information at this point was not new to me as I've already viewed 3 courses in full, it's more about getting in the information from different senses.

-Rinse and repeat with taking practice exams! Any area where I was off on, I would go to each specific Cheat Sheet PDF within Tutorial Dojo/Digital Training and read up on those sections.


- Final preparation began on 7/19!

- Watched all summary videos at 2x speed within Stephane's course as I felt he did a really great job at hitting the high points/keywords to remember for the exam. Took his final practice exam.

- Took all timed mode practice exams from Digital Training/TD. At this point I was scoring 85% - 90% on each test.

- Read through both PDF Cheat Sheets from Digital Training/TD in full.

- Took final tests the day before my test date and scored 85+ on each vendors test. Also reviewed Digital Training's "Exam Review" videos at 2x speed.

Test Day

- OnVue crashed on my Macbook during initial sign in. Good thing I checked in 30min before-hand. No other issues after a quick restart. I finished within 40 minutes after doing a full question review pass.

- Overall was a great experience and was definitely high level! I over-prepared for this but I'll be ready for the SAA-C02 courses!


Good luck to you all!

r/AWSCertifications • comment
1 points • vucko9955

For SAA best course out there is Cantril's.


For CPP Maarek's course on Udemy should be on spot.


r/AWSCertifications • comment
1 points • AWS_2019


Usual combo Maarek and Bonso. I also used Mozdora education ($12, on a Udemy Friday sale) - great detailed explanations. After taking each exam the first time, I printed a softcopy of the exam as pdf, read the explanations thoroughly, and highlighted them. Then I took the exam one last time for practice.

To get the big picture FREE: AWS Fundamental Going Cloud Native.

AWS official free training

Do some Free labs to get a feel for the core services.

I originally started preparing for the solutions architect, but then decided to take this one first.

Receiving the pass report:

After receiving the email that your results are now available, Login to AWS certification and click the benefits tab to get your 50% discount for your next exam and a free practice exam.