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6 Full Practice Exams 2022

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Pass your AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01 exam

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r/AWSCertifications • comment
4 points • TorchBeak

You're looking at Neil Davis' material, that has 500.

I was referencing this one here:

r/AWSCertifications • comment
3 points • Competitive_01 is this the other practice exam you're talking about which you didn't use?

Thank you, and Congratulations fot passing!!

r/AWSCertifications • comment
2 points • Knight2104

I took 6 practice tests in Udemy, the answers section would have explanation as well. It helped me well to reinforce the concepts I’ve learned.

r/AWSCertifications • post
27 points • GeoffTheDude
Cloud Practitioner - PASS - my prep & experience

Hi All,

My first post on this reddit, but have been on it for a number of weeks now.


On Friday I passed my AWS Cloud Practitioner exam (941/1000), just over a month or so ago, I knew pretty much nothing about AWS, but I do work in the Cloud space already, just not with AWS. However, there are plans for us to start to use it, so I figured I'd get ahead of the curve.


I have made use of this Reddit to help find some useful resources, and to get a general gauge of how people were approaching it. Below is how I did it, although appreciate everyone has different methods to it all.


1/ A Cloud Guru - for me, I can't stand interruptions, or half finishing something, so I didn't take any notes on my first run through of ACG, I just hit the course, nailed it in one Saturday, kicked the wife out shopping and just watched it, back to back. Without taking any notes. This for me, just allowed me to watch it through, absorb as much as I could and make a decent start on it.

2/ I then checked out Udemy, mostly because there happened to be a Sale on that weekend and I didn't want to miss out. I would highly recommend this course , there is another with some good questions, in it, but i found test 4, 5 and 6 it was asking my Architect level questions, and frankly I am here to learn the Practitioner, so I ditched it and concentrated on the one I linked above.

3/ I then did some of the Udemy Practice tests, mostly out of curiosity, how much had I actually absorbed from ACG, without taking any notes and just watching the videos. To my surprise, I passed test number 1, albeit only just, but still, a pass nevertheless!

4/ Next...I went and started Mind Mapping, again, this works for me, I am visual/kinetic learner, and can't stand reading books. So....I went through the whitepapers, took the important elements out, and Mind Mapped them, using .

5/ I then hit the Udemy tests (linked above), and I divided the 6 tests up into 3 groups of 2. As I went through, I took notes of the ones I had got wrong, followed up with the suggested links to read (although I Mind Mapped them), and used this as my flash card type exercise. I was using Evernote for this, so no matter where I was, I could quickly read through my brief notes.

6/ Over time, I was getting into high 80's and then 90+. Given I was only a few weeks into my study, I was a bit surprised I was already feeling exam ready, and then I found this Reddit, and people were saying if you're nailing the Udemy tests, then you're ready. Multiple people also referenced Whizlabs, this was on offer that weekend, so I managed to pick up those practice tests cheap, and I was getting 90+ on these too. At this stage I knew I must be ready, so went and booked the exam for the following week.


As with other posts on this Reddit, you 100% need to go through the Whitepapers, i'd suggest these at a minimum...

Well-Architected Whitepaper -

AWS Overview -

6 Advantage of Cloud Computing -

AWS Cloud Best Practices -


My next step after a week off, is to begin the Architect Associate study. Hopefully the above is useful to someone, and my rumblings of a crazy man, make some sort of sense lol.

Happy studying peeps.

r/AWSCertifications • comment
1 points • AWS_2019
r/AWSCertifications • comment
1 points • JPLemelin

6x tests with 65 questions in each test

r/AWSCertifications • comment
1 points • FoCo_SQL

I used these, passed CCP with 846.


r/AWSCertifications • comment
1 points • solitarytinamou

r/AWSCertifications • post
16 points • Damien_J
Passed My Cloud Practitioner Exam!

Hi all! A few of you may have seen me lurking around these parts for the past week or two. I'm Damien. And today I passed my Cloud Prac exam!

My motivation is work - I work as a Database Engineer and my employers decided to start working on an AWS migration at the start of the year. I was first given sight of the project six months ago and had no idea what all the pretty pictures and dotted lines meant. Handily our senior DBE has previous experience with AWS so I had someone to bring me into the AWS loop.

In the months following I made use of the AWS training site, the AWSome Day event and some YouTube videos, combined with an AWS sandbox environment at work to get experience of the various services, and in June I started to look seriously at the exams on offer. My exam preparation involved the following:


AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials (Second Edition)

A good intro (and free) but I found some areas a bit dry while others were hard to follow the first time round. After doing ACG, the second time round was more beneficial.

A Cloud Guru Certified Cloud Practitioner

This helped me make sense of a lot of the services I wasn't clear on after doing the AWS course. The combination of text and labs worked well for me and I re-watched some of the videos in the 48 hours before the exam for additional clarification. Also having the exam simulator was handy, although after the first few times the questions start to loop so they became tests of memory as opposed to exam simulations.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: 6 full practice tests 2019

I felt fine with ACG until I started on these! My test exams with ACG were in the high 80s and 90s, but here I was averaging 78-80%. I can't compare these questions to other Udemy practise exams as these are the only ones I tried, but I chose these on the strength of the reviews and £13 for 6 being better than the £20 for one on offer from AWS. Some say these are harder than the actual exam, although I found that the answers made me go deeper into some of the services than ACG had done, and several findings from these exams definitely helped me out on the day.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) Exam Guide & Recommended Whitepapers

Essential. I went through each recommended whitepaper, got marker pens and paper out and summarised all the good stuff on blank A4. For example I wrote out all the Analytics services grouped together, so I could visualize what products belonged where. It's how I stopped confusing Athena with Aurora, and how I remembered that Cloud9 was grouped with the Code family. Definitely helped me on the day.

AWS Innovate

The Database and Migration topics were of particular interest, and there were other presentations that also gave useful input. One on the Storage Gateway really helped me out.


I read everyone's CCP posts here with interest. Speaking of which, time to pay it forward! My exam included:

  • Support Plans
  • Well Architected Framework design principles
  • Shared Responsibilities
  • AWS Organisations
  • TCO
  • EC2 pricing

Everyone says this is the easy AWS exam but it put me through my paces and made me think! The answers that might have been clear sat at your desk aren't so clear when you're in the exam room! I flagged probably about a third of the questions on my first run (including the first three in a blind panic) but eventually hit my stride and got an answer in on all of them with about 15 mins review time left.

Next step for me will be the Architect exam. I have the Maarek course ready to go. But first, beer!

Thanks to all here for your insights :)

r/AWSCertifications • post
4 points • Rieux_n_Tarrou
How I Passed the Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam

I had a pretty bare-bones approach to studying for this. But coming from a tech background I was generally familiar with the different services / network stuff.

Mainly it involved some memorization to know which services did what, which service plans afforded which support, and so on.

I took notes on the official AWS Essentials Video Series ( ) , and I condensed my notes into videos which I uploaded on Youtube (to potentially help people but mainly solidify my understanding)

Then I took the Udemy Cloud Practitioner Tests 6-Pack ( ) , which helped highlight areas the AWS Training Material had skipped.

When I identified things on the practice exams I hadn't seen before, I read the corresponding whitepapers / did a Google search.

r/AWSCertifications • comment
1 points • iamphenomena

Thanks. I have already purchased the Mordoza Education AWS Cloud Practitioner Practice Exam Bundle here: . The reviews are good and they provide great explanations with the corresponding AWS link when you get the answer wrong.

r/AWSCertifications • comment
1 points • Kenagon

I just got my CCP with a score of 860/1000.

In my opinion the Whizlab tests are a little easy and will probably make you just pass.

I would recommend this set of 6 practice exams on Udemy by Mozdora Education

I barely did barely did any prior course learning (did half of a udemy course) and knew nothing about AWS prior as well. I mainly went through this practice questions and read through their detailed answers and got my mark.

r/AWSCertifications • comment
1 points • RockyK

Nice job OP!

Same - I just passed the AWS Cloud Practitioner test yesterday.

I agree with all the resources. I've done them all.


I actually did these practice tests like 6-7 times and only stopped after hitting 95%. I suck with tests and struggle with reading questions. I just do.

So with a pool of over 300+ questions within the practice exams, I was hoping the REAL test would be pretty similar with overall question structure. For me and the test I took yesterday -- it was not.

Some tips for future test-takers:

  • Questions on the real test asks for solutions that were not covered in the practice exams. Like a curve ball, they'll ask what the best service is to solve this problem. You may have never heard of the answer, but you know 100% the the other three answers aren't it.
  • Very frequently - I was using the most PLAUSIBLE answer. To give an example, the test may ask if you should run a a EC2 instance for your SQL database, or use Aurora. Both options are correct, but one aligns better with the problem.
  • Learn about each service and what it's use-case, and solidify your knowledge by actually visiting the service in your own AWS account. I regret not doing that until the last moment.

r/AWSCertifications • comment
1 points • bang_equals

I passed mine today with the resources linked below, did the course Thanksgiving weekend and practice tests since New Years. I think I was very well-prepared. I have some learning challenges but I was able to complete it confidently well under the time limit.


practice exams:

r/AWSCertifications • comment
1 points • dubven

I used this one:

I cleared it with a 921/1000 I believe (don't remember).


I think it's pretty spot on to the real thing, I used Jon Bonso's practice exams por the SAA and it was harder than the real thing imo.

r/ccna • comment
1 points • llawne

Total cost of like $12

Did tutorial dojos AWS course

Did Udemy Practice Exams -

r/AWSCertifications • comment
1 points • ragibayon
r/AWSCertifications • comment
1 points • Zizzs

I used the ACloudGuru course, which costs $50/mo, and a set of 6 practice exams from udemy for $14.

I really enjoyed the ACloudGuru course because they were very detailed about everything despite it just being a regurgitation of the white papers for the most part. It included "Labs" as well as lectures. The labs mainly consisted of following the video through configuring all the services in your own AWS account.

The Udemy practice tests were immensely helpful. I went through them all and got \~60%-70% on my first try, and then retook them over the course of a week and a half with 96%+ in every test. Most of the questions on the Udemy course were almost identical to the questions on the actual exam, but with different multiple choice answers. If you do use these tests, make sure to read the explanations on EVERY question, including the "Why this question is incorrect" parts, because I learned a lot of relevant information I didn't even know from them explaining that X service is not as relevant as some other X service.

I just took the test today and passed it, still waiting on my results! I will most likely continue using ACloudGuru to study for the SAA exam, as I'd like to use my current CCP knowledge for that, and then decide which direction i'd like to go from there.

Edit: I didn't look into these Jon Bonso practice exams from portal dojo, but I will most likely use them for the SAA as they seem to get a lot of good reviews.

r/AWSCertifications • comment
1 points • narufe

the 4-hour video from FreeCodeCamp

skim through the white papers:
-Cloud best practices
-How pricing works
-Security Best practices
-Amazon web services
-Well architechtured framework

Also the tests on udemy course by Mozdora Education were good, review all answers and explanations

r/AWSCertifications • comment
1 points • monfly310

I did the courses in the links below. They are available with subscription. Also, all CCP lecture courses have one exam at the end of the course. I’d try to finish each practice exam in 30 to 40 mins to save time and go back and check explanations for the incorrect and hard Qs. I took the whole hour and half to finish the actual exam though, reviewed all Qs thoroughly at the end and changed answers for a couple of them.

r/AWSCertifications • comment
1 points • sphereknights

You can start with the Cloud Partitioner exam. A lot of people start reviewing this with zero knowledge on AWS. You can start with the official 4 1/2 free online hour class. and the Mozdora practice exam in Udemy.

Also you can sign up for a free trial courses on Acloudguru and Linux Academy for additional resources.

Next you can take the Solutions Architect Associate exam to know all the services offered on AWS. Linux Academy and Acloudguru are the top courses based on reviews for this exam. They require subscription fees but if you are on a budget try Stephane Maarek course in Udemy which is way much cheaper. Choose one and combine it with the Tutorials Dojo-Jon Bonso practice test in Udemy.

A little advice getting the certs will not give you the job it's important that you gain experience first in AWS. What you can do is play with the AWS free tier and do lots of hands on labs and lots of projects.

All the best to you

r/AWSCertifications • comment
1 points • sional

I recently passed the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam. Here’s my study guide. I spent around 1 week to prepare for this exam.

First, I read the white paper Overview of Amazon Web Services. A lot of questions on the exam are related to this white paper. The question is scenario based, and they’ll ask which service are used for that scenario. There are a lot of services to remember, but I watched these two videos to have a high level of understanding of what services to use for each scenario. Introduction To AWS This is free, but you need to create an account on I watched this series for 2-3 times after reading the whitepaper.

AWS All Services Overview. Again, I watch this video for 2-3 times.

The second part is to read the paper Architecting for The Cloud. There will be questions on the exam which discuss about what design principles are applied for specific scenario, how to optimize for cost, scalability, loose coupling, etc.

The third part is to read the paper How AWS Pricing Works. In the exam, they talked a lot about how to save cost using AWS. The most important concept is the EC2 pricing model (On demand, reserved instance, spot instance, etc). Make sure that you understand when to use these pricing model because this type of question is really popular in the exam.

You also need to check the AWS Support Plans. They have some questions like Who will have access to Technical Account Manager, who have AWS Trusted Advisor 7 Core Checks, etc.

The AWS Free Digital Class (roughly 4.5 hours) to reinforce all the concepts above.

If you want to skip the Free Digital Class, you can go ahead and get Udemy AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: 6 full practice tests 2019 ($12). These practice exams are harder than the actual exam, so if you have a low score, it is totally fine. I ran through these test twice, and noted the wrong question and studied further.