AWS CloudFormation Master Class v2 [2022]

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Write Complete AWS CloudFormation Templates using YAML

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Taught by
Stephane Maarek | AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner,Solutions Architect,Developer

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r/aws • comment
1 points • gordonv

I recommend Stephane Maark's UDemy on Cloudformation.

Along with videos he gives you resources. You're building an actual infrastructure with an actual service he wrote in Java 8. Instead of pretending this is how a service works in relation to Load Balancing, health checks, ect, Maark has written and gives out those services. A great lead into the developer part of DevOps. And a fundamental need for SysOps to have experience with.

Also, his examples demystify and flatten the big scary illusion of services. You're going to be surprised at how small and simple it is.

Not saying you need to be the world's best programmer. I am saying you at least have to touch a file a developer wrote and implement it. This course does that. You're the SysOp and Maark created files a developer would give you.

r/aws • comment
1 points • Scarface74