AWS Lambda & Serverless Architecture Bootcamp (Build 5 Apps)

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AWS Serverless with AWS Lambda, API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB, Step Functions, SAM, the Serverless Framework, CICD & more

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Taught by
Riyaz Sayyad


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r/AWSCertifications • comment
11 points • Nklaene

I'm taking this course currently - it goes pretty in depth on serverless and walks you through actually deploying serverless applications.

It teaches in nodejs - which is a pretty easy language to pick up. I'm enjoying it so far (much more fun than studying for certs).

r/AWSCertifications • comment
1 points • th4ne

you may be interested in by Riyaz Sayyad. The course focuses on serverless architecture and the use of lambda functions, but he also goes over how different services work together, as well as the serverless framework and ci/cd pipelines. Granted, he doesn't cover "all" services, but does focus on the ones needed to build 5 example apps. I'm currently doing the course and am up to the projects portion... and although some of the example content is dated, all the concepts still apply. Highly recommend.

r/AWSCertifications • comment
1 points • vucko9955


I'm prepearing for developer atm, and I'm using this 2 for "HandsOn", Hope it helps.

They might be overlapping, but I find it benefical to see same staff from different prospective.

If you just interested in DEMO's then 1st link is for you.