Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional 2022

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Be AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional

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Taught by
Stephane Maarek | AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner,Solutions Architect,Developer

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r/AWSCertifications • post
45 points • stephanemaarek
Learning Contest: AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional

Hey Reddit!

I hope you're all well and safe.

I'm organizing a learning contest for my AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional as an encouragement to keep busy during this period

If you finish watching the course by April 30th (which is one hour of work a day, 6 days a week), then you are entering a lucky draw to win a $300 USD certification voucher!

Simple as that :)

Use the code LEARNING_CONTEST to get the course at the lowest price, that expires Friday.

The course has been a huge success so far, a big THANK YOU! Over 5,500+ students, almost 300 ratings for an average of 4.6 stars in less than a month ❤️

Happy learning, stay busy, stay safe!

Stephane Maarek

r/AWSCertifications • post
5 points • Fawkzzz
Pass my SAA-C02 exam tonight! Bridge curriculum to DevOps Associate?

I'm super stoked to say I passed my SAA-C02 exam tonight. I had the exam scheduled for tomorrow and got antsy and rescheduled it for this evening. I read somewhere that the jump from SAA to the DevOps exam is minimal. Can anyone please share their experience going from SAA -> DevOps?

My study included:

  • Stephane Maarek's Udemy Course: https://www.udemy.com/course/aws-solutions-architect-professional/
  • Jon Bonso's 6 practice exams through Tutorials Dojo: https://www.udemy.com/course/aws-certified-solutions-architect-associate-amazon-practice-exams-saa-c02

I had some hands-on learned experience in Azure prior to studying AWS, but it was minimal. I completed Stephane's course, and it was great. I went through and re-did all of the quizzes in his course the day of the exam for light practice. I paid for Jon Bonso's practice exams and realized I was underprepared. I read through every question and the answers, with a lot of focus on why the wrong answers were wrong. I'm reiterating what a lot of folks share on the sub. Stephane and Jon are both fantastic at what they do.

r/AWSCertifications • comment
1 points • geffchang

Looks like he's got it now: https://www.udemy.com/course/aws-solutions-architect-professional/

r/AWSCertifications • comment
2 points • gustavsen

Pro cert aren't easy if you don't have real experience with AWS.

but you have Stephen Marek course and Jon Bonso practice exam

so you could have an idea about how hard the exam is

r/AWSCertifications • comment
1 points • classicrock40

You and I come from similar backgrounds. I've been working in the cloud space for a while now. Surprise! They are all based on the same high level primitives and have many of the same services.

For SAA, I recommend Udemy/Stefane Maarek https://www.udemy.com/course/aws-solutions-architect-professional/ . Great, methodical overviews and hands on labs too. Practice test at the end but if you want more go for the Jon Bonso course https://www.udemy.com/course/aws-certified-solutions-architect-associate-amazon-practice-exams-saa-c02/