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Learn PHP, JavaScript, WordPress theming & the WP REST API to Create Custom & Interactive WordPress Websites

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Taught by
Brad Schiff

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r/Wordpress • post
24 points • brandingspecialist
Complete beginner into WordPress Development, need to build a website. I want to pick up Sage.

I have a client who wants to build a website for his martial arts gym, I am pretty comfortable with HTML/CSS and a little bit of JS but have not experienced any Wordpress development. If any, I build my company's website with Elementor but I hardly consider that as WP development.

I would like to use a modern workflow so I wanted to choose Sage for the framework(?)

I plan to tackle an Udemy tutorial:
from Brad Schiff and start learning Sage by reading the documentation...

Since I have 0 idea, do you guys think it might be a sound path? any recommendations?


r/Wordpress • comment
5 points • persistent_polymath

I’m going through this course (Wordpress Udemy Course) and it’s very good and easy to follow. I’m very familiar with HTML and CSS but had zero PHP experience before this course.

r/serbia • comment
3 points • schizoidman1

boljeg nema.

r/Wordpress • comment
2 points • Emy9696

r/learnprogramming • comment
2 points • cheapsexandfastfood

I took this course a while ago and thought it was good:

r/Wordpress • comment
2 points • ashkanahmadi

For sure one of the best instructors you can find is Brad Schiff on Udemy. He has a course on creating a complete custom theme with React, Gutenberg blocks, and ACF. He also covers how to improve your workflow and how to create your own React Gutenberg blocks. The name is Become a WordPress Developer:

He also has React-only courses on Udemy and lots of free materials on YouTube (LearnWebCode)

r/Wordpress • comment
2 points • SafariFruitsOk

Yeah, I bought this course a while back, I'll get back to it. Appreciate it.

r/Wordpress • comment
1 points • ItsBugsy

There is a good Udemy course that demonstrates how to do this using JavaScript and the REST API.

I’m not sure about plugins.

r/webdev • comment
1 points • Mariciano

Brad Schiff has a Udemy course just for that.

r/webdev • comment
1 points • cryptosperm

For $14 this is a great resource. The lessons are broken up well so you can find help for whatever issue you are trying to figure out.

r/Wordpress • comment
1 points • Lyles_Wife

I'd recommend going through this Udemy Course:

r/Wordpress • comment
1 points • rodeBaksteen

Become a WordPress Developer: Unlocking Power With Code by Brad Schiff. It's really all you need to create high quality WP themes.

I'm not endorsed in any way by him, but I seem to post this at least once a month because it's just amazing. It taught me almost everything I know about building out a proper, best practice custom WP theme.

Honestly if you're lost in life and career and you consider web development: do a HTML & CSS (front-end) course, and this WP course by Brad and you'll have a job within months.

r/Wordpress • comment
1 points • seanyboygloryboy

This course is very good, and still very relevant, and continuously updated. Will teach you a great deal regarding theme development, and gives you a great foundation to progress👍

r/Wordpress • comment
1 points • Phunkhouse

Or spend few bucks on this - You will learn to do theme from the scratch (not an author, just want to recommend)

r/ProWordPress • comment
1 points • StrangelyProgressive

I'm In a similar boat and I'm using Udemy.

Working well as I know Wordpress, CSS, html ok, but rocky PHP, and no JS.

This is the course;

I recommend. It and the price is so cheap.

I use page builders and framework themes, but I want to learn custom page types and plugins and make more dynamic sites.

r/Wordpress • comment
1 points • COBNETCKNN

Probably best course there is for Wordpress theme development. It's outdated, but outdated that much to make you learn new stuff and find solutions for problems you come across and further sharpen your skills...

Best of luck :)

r/Wordpress • comment
1 points • 3oR

The best (and easiest) way to start is to build a theme from scratch. Like literally from an empty theme directory, adding wordpress theme files one by one.

That's more or less similar to what you mentioned: converting from HTML.

A great course:

r/Wordpress • comment
1 points • seb-jagoe

r/WordPressThemes • comment
1 points • roadiereloaded

this one from udemy maybe: become a wordpress dev

r/Wordpress • comment
1 points • TheSciences

You're going to get different answers from different folks. Seeing as you know some coding, I think you should build a theme from scratch that does exactly (and only) what you need it to do. Get familiar with the Wordpress template hierarchy, look into some very basic php for Wordpress like this or similar, get familiar with Advanced Custom Fields plugin, and you will be 90% of the way there.

r/web_design • comment
1 points • moonweasel

If you have $100 to invest, I’ve taken another course by this same developer/instructor and it was by far the best-structured and best-explained tech course I’ve seen (and I’ve done a LOT of them):

If you don’t have the means right now, I’ve also found some pretty good video series for free on YouTube.

r/webdev • comment
2 points • iuhoosier22

Depends how deep you want to go :)

If it were me, I’d pick up a Udemy course or 2. They’re usually like 10 bucks when they’re on sale. This one looks promising:

r/Wordpress • comment
2 points • WilliamSniff

Perhaps I've should have added to assume I'm a noob at this and would be grateful for more of a step by step advice or maybe a link to some helpful resource. I have some experience with HTML, CSS, JS, but PHP and WordPress are especially new to me (I'm halfway through this course on Udemy).

I have no idea what treeshaking is (don't explain, I'll Google it), but as far as far as I understand it, the guide I followed does set Tailwind up as a Post CSS plugin, no? If not, I assume there's no way to do it right without something like Webpack if I don't want to miss out on anything Tailwind offers?

r/Wordpress • comment
1 points • AnArabFromLondon

That Wordpress course linked in the other comment by Brad Schiff seems great, like I said responding to your response in the other comment, it'll take you through 1-8, and if you choose to go further, you can youtube 9 and 10

r/Wordpress • comment
1 points • megler1

Depending on where you are in the learning curve, this course is useful:

​ -- basic theme and plugin developement, custom posts, REST api, etc.

Good luck on the books. I just took a semester of WP dev in school and the texts are useful but old.

r/Wordpress • comment
1 points • FerociouslyNaked

It was a pretty good course that gives you a solid grasp of the basic Wordpress functions and how to read and write the PHP that is used to build them. Once you learn how to read PHP, you can then build your own Wordpress functions by reading the documentation online and looking up examples in forums and such.

The course also has you build some JavaScript but does not teach it from scratch, and it relies on JQuery without really showing you how to build those JQuery functions from scratch. I was pretty lost in the JS portion but it was a good demonstration of what JS is capable of, and how it interacts with the Wordpress REST API which is built to integrate with JS.

Overall the course is good for learning Wordpress theme development using PHP. If you want to learn JavaScript, then you will need a different course.

r/Wordpress • comment
1 points • TheWallofSleep_

I can recommend Superhi's wordpress course, it's fantastic along with their other courses; the foundations one will get you up to speed with basic HTML, CSS and JS. The become a Wordpress dev on Udemy is great to IMO.

r/Wordpress • comment
1 points • megatrick

As a developer/designer myself, the most approachable course I found was Brad Schiff's here.

I knew full front-end design, but this course gave me the background I needed and enough PHP to get stuff done. Once you've learned how WordPress works and how to build a theme from scratch you can double-down on the areas you need/want to focus on. I have run into some real dud courses on Udemy, so I was skeptical, but this guy was the real deal.

r/Wordpress • comment
2 points • _RogerM_
r/Wordpress • comment
1 points • ttfac01

Oh, my bad below are some Udemy course you can checkout


That the two I personally used myself will check my youtube and send you some more.

Hope they are helpful

Note: the courses are like 11:99dollars or so

r/Wordpress • comment
1 points • metallitterscoop

In the spirit of being a penny hoarder building it yourself is probably the most appropriate route. Wordpress does have a learning curve but it's not steep, especially if your site will primarily be blog post type content as those sites seem to be.

There are as many themes out there as there are opinions about which one is best. A big part of learning to build a wordpress site is learning to evaluate which themes/features will work best for you. OceanWP and Astra are two that are frequently recommended around here.

If you do end up using a pre-built theme rather than creating one yourself, you should still learn as much about theme development as you can over time.

As for how to learn, so much of that depends on you. What you already know, what's your learning style, what you need to learn, when you want your site online, how much of your own time you can devote to it. Not everyone starting a wordpress site needs to be a php/javascript/jquery/blah blah blah wizard. You learn what you need to learn to make your site work for you.

If you're more of a self-guided researcher, invest in a simple hosting account and setup wordpress using the default theme. Start creating blog posts, and google issues you need solved as you come across them. Frequent places like this subreddit, you'll pick up a lot of tips and come across topics like this every so often with useful resources.

If you prefer a more structured environment maybe something like a Udemy course will work for you. I've seen Brad Schiff recommended a few times.

And all that said I'll close with the reminder about being penny wise, pound foolish. There is value in knowing when it's worth it to pay someone for their time to help you figure something out.

Good luck with your project!