Creating 3D environments in Blender

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This course helps you creating wonderful environment scenes, organizing your workflow, and find the right inspiration

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Taught by
Rob Tuytel


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r/blender • comment
12 points • afpedraza

Here it is, is not about plagiarism, but is not the same doing something from scratch than following a step by step, the design choices were already made and there's not much feedback you can make if it's exactly the same than what was already done.

r/blender • comment
6 points • wieringa

r/blender • comment
5 points • Moterolie

Probably this course which I'm also following at the moment.

Would be nice of the creator to reference this in his post.

r/blender • comment
3 points • Deathbycanon

looks great, don't forget to credit the tutorial Rob Tuytel - Create 3D Environments in Blender available at Udemy. I really like your modifications though to make it look abandoned.

r/blender • comment
2 points • craige99

This follows a Udemy course called “Creating 3-D Environments”

r/blender • comment
2 points • Invgodtrish

Creating 3D enviornments in blender

r/PuertoRico • comment
2 points • diegocaples

Yeah I think you are right. If you want to learn blender, first do the blender guru donut, then try doing this course: It is like ten dollars, and has really useful info

r/blender • comment
2 points • danothemen

If you're willing to pay for the training I found this udemy course very helpful on the materials front.

r/3Dmodeling • comment
1 points • BinaryMuse

r/blender • comment
1 points • McElronn

Here you go!

r/blender • comment
1 points • Aceofsquares_orig

Not OP but I'm positive it's this course

Udemy Blender Course

r/blender • comment
1 points • MoreanMan

Yeah I did a course made by the creator of that page that's pretty amazing (and the page + HDRIhaven is pretty good also!)

Link to the course in case you are interested.

On a side note, poliigon is pretty good too and they also have loads of free assets.

r/blender • comment
1 points • jack-Obean

Yeah I did it in 8k just so you can zoom on any piece of it and it still look great. And I just left it to render over night so I didn't lose any time.

It's actually a udemy course and I haven't even done a quarter of it yet! This is it,

I'm not sure I would spend the full price on the course but it's insanely cheap at the moment! And well worth £15

I'm not sure if it goes into animation or not though.

r/blender • comment
1 points • DreadPirateHawks

Unfortunately I haven’t friend. I’m also in the market for some courses as at this time I’m teaching myself. The sci-fi models featured in this pic come from CG trader.

This is a course I saw though, not sci-fi, but it’s got a large discount for 5 more hours.

r/blender • comment
1 points • KhZaym

I just keep practicing tirelessly, if I feel like I don't want to practice, I just make myself to open Blender and delete the cube, then after that I just want to make something lol.

Keep following a tutorial, I recommend this course. I know it's a long course, but just like any skill, all you need is hardwork and commitment.

But, also try to make something without a tutorial once in a while, well, use a tutorial but a particular tutorial.

And that's it, keep doing that for 2 months and I guarantee that you'll be much much much better than I am.

r/blender • comment
1 points • JohnA007

r/dishonored • comment
1 points • nicatbzade58

Not at all. I use "Creating 3D environments in Blender". It is 67 hours long.

r/3Dmodeling • comment
1 points • super_good_aim_guy

r/blender • comment
1 points • oefele

I have done the first 2 or 3 chapters of the following course blender environment course. It is a Udemy course with the goal to create an environment with nature assets and buildings. There is a lot of content and the lectures are dividend in short but usefull sections. It is a Udemy course so the price seems quite high, but there are often sales of about 80%

r/blender • comment
1 points • KMuJu

If you want to make renders such as these then I would sugest this course as of right now it is on 90% discount so it is a great price. This course was how I started learning to make environments and I learned a lot. It will also help if you know some basics about topology for when you make plants, but it is not necessary. There are some requirements for the course that you should look at.

r/blender • comment
1 points • ProfessorShyguy

So I found the “path” to my answer, someone pointed me to this Udemy course. I haven’t gotten through it but I’ll try to comprehend it and post the answer to my own question here for anyone else that might be looking for it.

r/blender • comment
1 points • FouriusVixen

If you have the means, I would recommend "Creating 3D environments in Blender" by Rob Tuytel and Erik Selin. It does an amazing job explaining the basics of lighting, texturing and modeling. Although, its more environments than indoor scenes.

I snagged for 14 $CAD during on sale. Totally worth it!

r/blender • comment
1 points • BallLopsided1983

Scene based off of Creating 3D Environments in Blender Udemy course

r/blender • comment
1 points • konge_hjort

Here is the course

r/blender • comment
1 points • NoobiePieAyoutuber

Here's the Course:

r/blender • comment
1 points • TreborOnline

Working my way through a Udemy course.

Still trying to learn blender after not doing any 3d work for 16yrs. Guess you could say this is paint by numbers as I'm following a tutorial but I'm still pleased with it. Still work to do on it, its very much a work in progress.

I had fun and learnt a lot modelling the grass to use for the partical systems.

r/blender • comment
1 points • rat-the-mat

Sure can, it’s a udemy course I though, usually costs 130$ but I got it on sale for 18 usd.

r/blender • comment
1 points • MasterMedz

r/blender • comment
2 points • SoProParm

pwnisher has a full environment course on youtube. Although its not in blender, it will definitely teach you the workflow which is the process of making a scene. If you want the learn a complete process instead of an overview, I suggest


Sadly there are barely any artists doing step by step tutorials on youtube since it takes too long and has barely any commercial success. The course I linked has step by step instructions and the results look very good. i only did some of it because I got it for free and just some of it is all you need.


If you are rewatching tutorials all the time, you should practice on your own without the tutorials. Understanding the concept and not the steps is the key the learning!


Good luck! I hope this advice helps!

r/blender • comment
1 points • m7md4you
r/outrun • comment
1 points • lleti

A lot of free time :'D

Blender is an excellent free open-source tool, and that's pretty much exclusively what I use for rendering. However, the learning curve in just getting used to the UI alone can be steep. BlenderGuru on Youtube is an excellent free learning resource, and I'd highly recommend his Blender Beginner Tutorial for newcomers.

Outside of that then, Udemy has some outstanding courses. I personally used Rob Tuytel's "Creating 3D environments in Blender" course as my starting point for learning. It brought me through learning/navigating the monstrous UI that comes with Blender, and went into outstanding detail on materials, shaders, texture mapping, etc etc.. and of course, actually modeling things.

Lastly, r/blender is a great source of motivation. There's some insanely talented artists on there.

Hope this helps!

r/blender • comment
1 points • Sour_Tooth Here's the course OP is using. I'm half way through it now - its absolutely amazing and I fully recommend it! You should be a high-beginner to low-intermediate before taking the course

r/blender • comment
1 points • arunbharathi555

Made this following Rob Tuytel's Creating environment in blender course which is fricking amazing!!


Link :

r/blender • comment
1 points • Thaund

I did. You can find it here:

Its a very long and indepth course that focuses on modeling and scene building, I highly recommend it.

r/blender • comment
1 points • Lendofoy

Sale ends March 11, 2020, but Udemy has sales all the time, so if you miss this one, just check back every so often.

r/blender • comment
1 points • viegas_virus

I made this from a course from Rob Tutyel:

So credit to him

r/blender • comment
1 points • royaltrux
r/blender • comment
1 points • anyiewo

Nice work :)
Also would be nice to reference tutorial you have been follow...

r/unrealengine • comment
1 points • Otherwise_Carpet_353

I'm very late to reply, but according to me, wingfox has the best courses. Especially 'Shanasheel of baghdad'(Outdoor environment in UE4) by Mustafa Hussain

And 'Magical classroom' course(Interior environment in UE4).

Also please check Unreal Environments with Unreal expert Joe Garth. It's phenomenal if you want to learn Outdoor Dynamic lighting and environment.

Even though wingfox courses' price is Little high, you get Knowledge of more than 100 courses combined on other websites. And every model and object is a step by step process, not like many courses which skip the main portions of the process.

When it comes to blender 'Create 3d environment in blender' by Rob Tuyel is a gem. Follow Ian Hubert and Blender Guru for more knowledge.

r/AskWomen • comment
1 points • street_pop

no problem. Btw what kind of things are you hoping to learn? these are the two courses I've done/currently doing.