Build an app with ASPNET Core and Angular from scratch

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This course has been fully re-recorded and rewritten for .

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Neil Cummings

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r/csharp • comment
5 points • crazyfuck_1

I would suggest this course:

Great tutor and course is always up to date.

r/aspnetcore • post
3 points • DavoMyan
Please help. I want to get into web development and I'm most proficient in C#, I decided to follow this course on ASP.nET core + Angular but It's hard to understand, or I'm just dumb.

I am following this course because I think it covers the most ground for a newbie like me, C#/NET, Angular, Databases.

But the instructor doesn't really explain anything. He hovers his mouse over some code and spends a couple seconds explaining something but not fully. He says this is beginner friendly, but I'm a game developer and I do know C# well, but I still don't understand his explanation of some code/terms because there isn't really an explanation. I'd expect him to start explaining what HTTP even means and how it works. He just randomly starts using/creating Model, View, Controller scripts without explaining what MVC even means and why it is crucial in web dev. I can name many more examples. I just.. I don't know, maybe it's me?

Please, Is there a better web development course/tutorial that makes use of C#/.NET and maybe Angular?

r/webdev • comment
1 points • rebelhead I did this one. Seems to examplify on a variety of things that you'd likely hit when working on a project. It's a fully functional app when completed.

r/dotnet • comment
1 points • ericbanana

While I don't recommend buying this at the current asking price, if it ever goes on sale, I highly recommend this Udemy course by Neil Cummings if it goes on sale. I paid maybe $15 USD for it.

The video series goes over everything from setting up a server, using Entity Framework Core to build and query a database, and designing a front end using Angular.

If you ever want to go over some .Net basics, I reside in the Eastern Standard Timezone. I can do this Sunday Morning EST if you're interested.

r/dotnet • comment
1 points • tagfoster90

How’s this one look?

r/csharp • comment
1 points • Relic_3i

I'm glad my experience is of use! I don't typically do books, because they get dated quickly with the newer tech like dotnet core and Angular. However, I did find a course on Udemy originally which was to build a dating site. I think that really helped me, but I wasn't copying the code, it was more the way the guy explained things. It just made sense when he went over it and I saw how everything connected.

What really helped me though, more than a course, or a book, is saying, hey I want to make an application that (in my case) has an API that fetches data from Active Directory, and then passes it to the front end webserver. That alone was a huge project, but as I started working towards it I realized I would need a way for someone to log in, permissions, etc, etc, etc. Using that starting point led me down all the different paths, searching google, youtube videos, documentation on how to do things. People always say read the documentation, while I say you should too, but don't just read it to read it. Read what you need to know and learn how it connects.

The course specifically (and I'm not affiliated with nor did I make it) is here. Looks like it's had a lot of updates since I first went through it, including new content like SignalR (which is crazy cool btw). if you have any other questions let me know!

r/dotnet • post
6 points • GReference
Resources for learning .Net

Hey there dotnet subreddit! I just had a question about what are some good resources and courses for learning .Net.


A bit of about myself is that I have learned some C# for the last couple of years through making games in Unity. As the job market gets more and more competitive, I thought I would make myself a more attractive asset to companies out there and learn skills to help me jump into the development field. I am in the process of familiarizing myself with SQL and want to keep this motivational streak going by tackling .Net as well.

I've been digging around, trying to wrap my head around what .Net core, .Net Framework, ASP.Net and ASP.Net Core all are. I have a vague understanding of it.. but would like some clarification on what the difference is and which would be the best to learn first.

I take most of my courses in Udemy and found a couple that seem to be a good learning source, but wanted to ask the more seasoned veterans on if this will be a good move.

If anyone could shed some light on my confusion and maybe give me some direction, it would be great!

Thank you in advance!

r/learnprogramming • comment
1 points • Sea_Dog_7033
r/Angular2 • comment
1 points • usalin

I would suggest Neils' Course -.Net Core with Angular. I have tried Max's courses before and found them very useful, but Angular course is well too long and not up to his own standards.


r/Angular2 • comment
1 points • xzhan

Maybe doesn't meet your need but this is a good course covering both but the project setup is in a more separated way. You can always create a ASP.NET Core Web API project by using the Angular template in VS, copy the frontend source code into the VS project and you should be good to go. Still, I personally would avoid integrating both projects as the template does.

r/learnprogramming • comment
1 points • MarcCDB

Thanks a lot for the deep explanation. I'm planning on getting a bit of everything, just like you mentioned. Do you have online courses to recommend? I usually like Udemy courses but I couldn't find anything related just to .NET. The closest I could find was this one: It focuses on .NET for the back end and Angular for the front end (which is basically TypeScript).

r/dotnet • comment
1 points • comp_freak

ASP.NET Core 2.2 MVC, Razor Pages, API, JSON Web Tokens & HttpClient: How to Build a Video Course Website

It's on .net core 2.2 and with 3.1 there will be changes. My personal experience, use the SDK/RunTime version match with book/video tutorial. Sometimes it too much pain to update on your own.

The beauty of .net core is that you can use react/angular/(other js framework) to build your website.

Build an app with ASPNET Core and Angular from scratch - this one use .net 3.1 core & angular 9. It's long course but seems like worth it.

r/ExperiencedDevs • comment
1 points • jaymo3141

I'm a DotNet developer with only 3 years of experience and this class helped a lot

I'm not sure what stack your comfortable with. If it's not DotNet then look for something similar to that.

r/dotnet • comment
1 points • Onedweezy

It's a full stack course with Angular, I'm a react dev looking to hit two birds with one stone. It's fun.

The instructor updates the course every year and he uses good design pattern from my guess.