CAPM Exam Prep Seminar - PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition

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This course is taught by a PMI Registered Education Provider: Instructingcom, LLC #4082CAPM® Exam Prep Seminar25 contact hours for the CAPM exam application Not all courses on Udemy are part of the PMI REP program – this one is.

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Taught by
Joseph Phillips

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r/malaysia • comment
5 points • xaladin

/u/fanfanye previously recommended a Udemy course for you folks out there that might be interested in getting a CAPM for project management. Legit hours required for the exam and is finally on discount now, so around RM50 (vs 200USD normal) vs the supposed 4-figure sum for normal class training.

r/projectmanagement • comment
3 points • Tprize1234

^ This

Something you can do immediately is gain your CAPM which will immediately add something to your resume, and if you decide that Project Management is not for you it is far less of a financial and time commitment then pursuing your master’s. If this is a route you are looking at taking the prep course for the CAPM through Udemy appears to only be $10 right now through their Black Friday sale:

With that being said, I am also currently a Master’s student in Project Management and have certainly gained a lot of value from my coursework in my current role. If project management is a path that you know you want to go down a Master’s in Project Management will certainly help you in the long run, but it may not be something you would gain immediate value from right now. If you have any questions on Master’s programs feel free to message me. Best of luck!

r/pmp • comment
2 points • ___therealbry

Here is the one I used. It's often on sale so keep tabs on it, I got it for $14. Its really useful, you can post questions on it, complete assignments and there are teacher assistants that answer any questions very fast. He literally goes over almost everything and there are tests and exams.

r/capm • comment
1 points • buddythePM

I see I'm a bit late to the party here.

If you're still in the similar position as described in your post, take Joseph Phillips' CAPM course. This would meet the requirement hours need for the application and you'll feel comfortable with the content of the exam. Of course, some other resources are helpful (Vargas video, prep-exams). All the best in your career, u/ultrarunner13!

r/capm • comment
1 points • box_of_crackers

Here’s the Udemy course I took. Pretty straightforward and fulfilled the hours req. Good luck!

r/WGU • comment
1 points • RunnerRunnerG

This udemy course helped me a ton with the CAPM I barely even looked at the PMBOK guide.

r/pmp • comment
2 points • celsair

I am taking it also and yes it does fulfill the 23 hours project management education

r/uwaterloo • comment
1 points • FearlessAnalyst3

I cleared it last summer with 92% (calculated my grade from the total questions i got right), just do this course on udemy: , reading PMBOK is confusing and a waste of time. Do this course and you will get more than 90% for sure, You will get all the notes plus the mock exams as well and take atleast 1.5-2 months for a deeper knowledge of this course. You will pass gloriously, best of luck.

r/projectmanagement • comment
1 points • YoungGoobert

Just to be clear is this the course you are referring to?

r/WGU • comment
1 points • fessy86

>Joesph Phillips

Was it this one from Udemy?

I'm interested in obtaining the CAPM for the resume.

r/certifications • comment
1 points • BigSpaceMonster

You can also meet that requirement with 23 hours of project management education instead. These can be obtained pretty easily by going through a course like this one:

Phillips is well known for his cert prep courses and it'll give you the required edu hours.

r/projectmanagement • comment
1 points • jbeta95

I took this one:

This one satisfies the requirement of completing 25 contact hours in project management education; however, if you have already completed that requirement, I would say to go ahead with the exam cram session.

Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions - I'm happy to help!

r/capm • comment
1 points • Devon251
r/pmp • comment
1 points • pmp2020

Start with a live training course, check out your local community colleges for continuing ed classes, these are usually 6 to 8 weeks and cover all the bases, and will provide the 23 education contact hours. I recommend this over the 'bootcamp' approach as there is more time to absorb and understand the information.

if you can't do a live class, or just prefer and online self paced approach, this Udemy will do the trick and also provide you with the 23 contact hours:


Supplement your studies with one of these texts. Both are well written, the first is more straight forward and the second is a little 'cute/kichy' depending on your learning style:



While both of these contain review questions, neither set up the questions in the format and style of the actual exam. I recommend this for taking practice tests, as it also includes a link to simulate the exam through an online test feature:


And finally, the PMBOK guide, which can be purchased on AMZ or download free through with annual membership. The $130 membership fee is worth it for the PMBOK pdf and exam discount. The PMBOK is the reference guide for the PM methodology and source for the exam. It's difficult to read, DRY and repetitive, but necessary to consult during your study.

so all told, course, study and practice tests amount to 2-3 months.

hope this helps...