Cisco CCNA 200-301 – The Complete Guide to Getting Certified

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If you want to jumpstart your career in IT and networking by acing the Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA exam, then this course is for you.

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Taught by
Neil Anderson

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r/ccna • post
70 points • artemm1727
Passed the composite CCNA 200-125!!

Passed the CCNA 200-125 on my first try with 840/810 points.

I had to study all the material in 1 Month and half, I know it sounds crazy but the place where I work gave me a deadline where I had to get the CCNA no later than the 9 of August.

I study all days from 10 am to 10 pm with 2 hour breaks in between. Is possible to all study the material and pass the exam in 1 month and half but it will drain all your energy and make your head hurts like you have no idea...

My main sources for studying were:

Udemy: Neil Anderson Cisco CCNA 200-125 - The Complete Guide to Getting Certified Neil Anderson is excellent explaining hard concepts such as routing protocols and VLANs that were a problem to me. In general he explains CCNA subjects very good but DON'T make it your only source of information.

ICND1/ICND2 Wendell Odom Books are key to success since they explain CCNA subjects in a very deep and detail manner. I couldn't read all the chapters but I read those chapters that I needed a little bit of information to fully understand the topics.

NetAcademy Courses: I had access to NetAcademy courses from Cisco, this courses were really helpful since they had lots of simulations and showed exactly how protocols, vlans, nat between others worked exactly in a real environment.

Boson: I head that boson exams were good for stuyding. They provide real simulations to practice for the exam.

In general my main sources for studying that I used the most were Neil Anderson's Course and NetAcademy courses.

Another advice I could give you from my perspective is that making the composite is better than making the two way path. The two way path asks questions more in depth and are harder, the composite asks about everything but is not that hard.

Good Luck with your studying.

r/ccna • post
66 points • Dev949
CCNA 200-125 PASSED!!! 865/810

Passed first time CCNA..

I did have an icnd1 way back in the day and stopped studying and I did attempt the icnd2 exam before my icnd1 expired but failed that twice. So I opted to re-study and go for the 1 exam and managed to nail it after 2 months of studying...

Study materials used;


ExSIM is a must, I did learn so much when I was getting some questions from, reading and understanding the explanation was the key


ICND2 OCG Wendall Odom (Front to back)

31 days till your ccna

I did skim through todd lammles revision book, but I did not read it much.


I also used Packet tracer and GNS3. Packet tracer for switching and GNS3 for routing..



I did use Udemy specifically the course below; - Created by Neil Anderson


Study Method;

I did study and dedicate around 2-4 hours a day, some days I decided to give my brain a rest, as its a muscle and overworking it sometimes doesn't help.




David bombal


I did use some supplements to help with brain function;

Peppermint tea



If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll happily answer, onto the next CCNP Route ;)

r/ccna • comment
1 points • Wromthrax

I learned with Udemy's class with Neil Anderson and mostly Lammel's book. The nice thing about Neil's class is that it is easy to watch and he is updating the course for the new test. His class got me to \~85% understanding and the book got me the rest of the way. I passed on the second try. Neil's class also set me up well to understand Cisco Packet Tracer and GNS3. That, I think, was the most powerful thing for my learning. keeping up with him in the labs was great.

I had a hard time with Odom's book, the dryness of the writing style was a real hindrance to understanding. I have the book but it is mostly unread.

I did buy and take the practice test from Pearson and that was a real big help when I went in to take the test. the wording and layout of the test were pretty on the same line. I was very unprepared for the limited command line stuff and that practice test really showed me that knowing the commands was really important (ex. the "?" was disabled for test questions)

I've heard nothing but good things about CBnuggets, I just never got to them.

r/ccna • comment
1 points • majorleaguebullshit

Neil Anderson's course on Udemy is good and inexpensive. On sale now too. Combine it with the official Cisco Press books if you want more depth.

r/ccna • comment
1 points • xbubby This is the one I have done and it is great. I also suggest getting Wendell Odom’s OCG book with it. It is a little dry but it’s not as bad as people make it out to be in my opinion.

r/sysadmin • comment
1 points • eelsuk

CCNA exam has recently changed it’s exam. Not saying you have to take the exam. But this would good for your training purposes. I wouldn’t normally recommend Udemy for training as I think there are a lot better training platforms like Pluralsight.

But this study guide for £14 really is worth it. You get lab exercises to use in Cisco packet tracer (it’s free software from Cisco) as well. So you can practise what you’re learning in a lab environment.

r/FREECoursesEveryday • comment
1 points • Badmaashakshay

Any1 has Neil Anderson's CCNA 200-301? its hard to get!


r/ccna • comment
1 points • SuperDiogenes64 I'm using this course and I'm getting a lot out of it.

r/ccna • comment
1 points • passin_by

Neil Andersons course on udemy

r/Cisco • comment
1 points • flackboxtv

Great explanation thanks Zanfar!

Broketographer - please note that you can use the course Q&A section if you have any questions about the lectures or lab exercises in my course. Your question was already answered (with a diagram and examples) here :

r/ccna • comment
1 points • vroomery

Neil Anderson’s Udemy CCNA video course is amazing. It’s so cheap for what he offers. He could honestly sell it for $300 and it would still be worth it but it’a usually only $10.

r/ccna • comment
1 points • lucasrizzini

My presencial course just ended. Now I'll review all the material with this Udemy course: Cisco CCNA 200-301 – The Complete Guide to Getting Certified

I just bought it today. I'm planning taking the exam in about 2 months.

r/ccna • post
2 points • jere51
CCNA R&S Course Recommendation

Hi All,

I have the basic knowledge of networking from school previously and is currently working for an MSP. Am interested to take CCNA Routing and Switching Certification and I have $500 government funding which sadly can only be used on Udemy. - Has anyone tried this or have better recommendations?

r/ccent • comment
2 points • jmaccisco

Well, my original purpose of these videos was for them to be used just as supplementary practice labs to review what you've studied via books, video courses, etc, not to teach things from the ground up. For example, I used Neil Anderson's CCNA course ( ) when I studied for my CCNA. His course includes lots of great labs, but I always wanted more labs. I intended these labs to take a role like that. However, if you want to use these labs as a source for learning the commands/configurations, rather than just practice/review, feel free to do so. In that case, of course you won't be able to complete the labs before watching, so you can ignore that little piece of advice!

r/Udemy • post
2 points • Swagginsyoloswaggins
CCNA Course

I am looking to start a CCNA course on Udemy, I have dabbled in Networking+ and A little bit of Security plus from Comptia already, was wondering if anyone else is about to do the same? Was looking to try and have a virtual study group if any one is in the same boat.

Is the course I was looking at.

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • chris1666

This could help, ends tonight. Also sybex has a study guide for 32-45 depending on format. How much is the bundle from Cisco ?

r/AirForce • comment
2 points • julietscause

Make sure you do you research on this and understand if you do go through with VET TEC there are some requirements in regards to the program. One being placement for a job after you have completed a course/cert.

Check in with /r/airnationalguard I try to post anything I find that applies to us in the guard

If it was me I would skip A+ and focus on N+ and CCNA

As for study materials for Comptia check out professor messer on youtube

I just renewed my CCNA and used this course to refresh

Once you complete the course above, sit through this

There are no hands on with the CCNA, its all question based. Be able to do subnetting and read route tables.

Word of advice to tackle the CCNA

Look over the exam blue print here

Mark off the topics as you feel comfortable with and focus on the sections you dont feel comfortable with. The two udemy courses should get you about 85% of the way there to passing the test

Also hit up /r/ccna they are a good group of people on what they are using for studying materials. Dont waste money on the 1 week bootcamps

r/ccna • comment
5 points • xeqtr_inc

I bought Labsim + ExamSim a few months back. Here's my thoughts



- Useful for nailing down commands and troubleshooting

- Can definitely get similar labsim for a fraction of that price (This is really similar to the ones you will be getting in Labsim)



- Really good to find your weak areas

- Does comes with troubleshooting labs like the ones in real exam


Suggestion: Ditch labsim and save money, go with udemy for practice labs. Get Ex-Sim !



r/ccna • comment
1 points • TheXarath

You shouldn't need to take a structured course unless you need that structure in order to study the topics well.

I would start with Udemy. I (and many others here) recommend taking a look at Neil Anderson's course ( which is a great series of video lectures that cover most if not all of the objectives on the most recent exam. The course also includes Packet Tracer labs for you to complete after learning the material. The Udemy site is weird and often offers discounts on their courses, so don't pay full price if you can avoid it. Usually you can get it for under 20 US dollars, sometimes as low as 5.

r/ccna • comment
1 points • IIISOMAIII

Neil Anderson’s are great - whole course can be got for $20-$40 depending on sale.

He does a video demo and there is also an answer key PDF if you get stuck.

David Bombal offers free labs with a video walkthrough. He is really thorough.

r/ccna • comment
1 points • _newbread

I assume that's through NetAcad.

If you don't mind a video course and shelling out around 30 bucks, you can get him Neil Anderson's course and David Bombal's Packet Tracer Labs from Udemy. They are a tiny bit overkill for someone going through Cisco's NetAcad, but with time set aside for self study and hands-on, he should be able to make good use of these resources.

r/sysadmin • comment
1 points • isaac1400



Of course I can. For the price of haircut you cant go wrong. I'm half way through and find it very good as you have practice labs etc. I'm still along way off but its a staring point.



Wow its gone up to £199. I personally would wait until it goes back on offer. Just continue completing the course you are doing and then once you have done that you can pick up the CCNA. What you may find like me is that you start one course than get distracted by another.


Any questions, please let me know. I will be more than happy to advise where I can. Far from being technical I can at the very least offer you some basic pointers or advice.

r/ccna • comment
3 points • HouseholdBanana
r/ccna • comment
1 points • koolllG_uy1911

>What are the best resources for studying for CCNA ? (Books/practice exams/videos/Labs/)

Watch Neil Anderson videos and stick to the study plan it comes with. This also comes with some lab practices.

Buy CCNA 200-301 Official Cert Guide. Read up to get more details on the things you learned in the videos (VERY IMPORTANT). This also comes with practice exams.

> How many hours a day you putting in ?

depends on how fast you want it. Neil Anderson videos are about 1-2 hours a day and ends around the 6 week windows but its not gonna be enough if you don't have networking experience.

> Was the test easy or hard ?

Its hard, thats why its so valuable. The questions are tricky and it feels that all the answers are right but here is a hint, answer will usually be what cisco likes and not what networking in general likes.

> Did you feel it prepare you for real life networking ?

Simply getting CCNA? No.

buying a switch and a router and making in home labs and breaking them and then trying to fix them help me learn networking wayyy more.

> Anything helps thank you all!

One thing i will suggest during your studies, do ALLOT of labs simply on packet tracer (you will learn about it in the neil anderson videos). You don't need in home labs for CCNA but if you can find a spare or cheap router and a switch on craiglist, I will highly recommand that instead.


Good luck.

r/ccna • comment
2 points • Presstheepig

I obtained my CCNA in Jan 2020 using the following resources.

Primary: Neil Anderson's CCNA Course on Udemy Neil's course is a fantastic cover-all course. The topics are presented in a logical order so that it builds on previously introduced concepts. The included labs are a great way to reinforce those concepts and the video lecture will walk you through the lab configuration. Neil and his assistants answer all of your questions, usually within a day.

Secondary: David Bombal's Packet Tracer Labs Despite David's EXTREMELY BORING voice, his labs are an excellent way to practice and supplement the concepts introduced in Neil's course. David's course also has a video walkthrough to help you troubleshoot and configure the network.

Supplementary: Cisco CCNA Official Certification Guide by Wendell Odom I only used the OCG to look up topics that I wasn't able to thoroughly understand in either of the courses above. In my opinion, the OCG is took long and dense for anyone to read cover to cover as a primary learning resource.

Exam Prep: Boson ExSim-Max for Cisco 200-301 I consider Boson's practice exams a necessity in CCNA preparation. It mimics the format of the real CCNA with its multiple choice and interactive test questions. At the end of the exam it summarizes your score and allows you to review each question AND answer while explaining IN DETAIL why each answer was correct or not.

r/ccna • comment
2 points • placebo398

I just added the links to both of my Quizlet flash card sets! The Udemy courses I used were:

r/homelab • comment
1 points • NickInRL

If you are looking to just do a CCNA there are cheaper courses on Udemy. I would say start with either Neil Anderson or David Bombal's courses and use Packet Tracer. I'm currently taking the Neil Anderson course and so far has been really good. Currently it only costs $20 but has probably most of the information you will need. Neil's course comes with labs as well, I'm guessing David's does as well.

Cisco Packet Tracer is free.

May be worth just spending the $20 and downloading packet tracer to do labs. 4-5k seems like a bit much for a CCNA course.

Worst case scenario if you take one of the Udemy courses and don't find it to be enough information it will at least get you on the ground running with a lot of good information for very cheap. I think on Neil's YouTube he may even have a code to reduce the cost of the Udemy course.