Cisco CCNA 200-301 Exam
Complete Course with practical labs

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The complete course to help you prepare and pass Cisco's newest CCNA 200-301 exam

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Taught by
David Bombal

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r/ccna • post
17 points • mercfh85
Anyone used Bombal udemy course for ICND1?

This one specifically:

I've been wanting to study and do my CCNA for awhile, but with a newborn I need something I can do on a computer with labs and this seemed at least a start (My network knowledge is "ok", do you think a network+ is necessary before trying to get a CCENT/CCNA?)

Seems to have pretty positive reviews. If I got this...would CBT nuggets be necessary?


r/ccna • comment
6 points • k16057

The David Bombal course on udemy has packet tracer challenges.


r/ccna • comment
3 points • mhrsolanki2020

Check this one out.

It's currently free because David (the course instructor) made the coupon.

r/ccna • comment
4 points • iofq

I highly recommend Wendell Odoms book and David Bombal's udemy course. Both are very affordable. Definitely watch david on 1.5x speed though haha

r/ccna • comment
1 points • X700
r/ccna • post
3 points • dr__gizmo
any recommendations for online courses?

found these and was thinking of buying both the Cisco CCNA / ICND1 and CCNA / ICND2 Courses, they look pretty high rated

r/ITCareerQuestions • comment
1 points • virtual_planet

Take a look at David Bombal's CCNA course, it's actually free to purchase until today I believe..

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • Deathrus

Packet Tracer is probably the best free tool to learn networking and how to configure Cisco products without actually buying a home lab. David Bombal's course on Udemy has some really good labs for Packet Tracer. I know it is a CCNA course, but practicing in Packet Tracer would of no doubt helped me understand networking faster years ago.

Another good way to practice is to configure your home router if you can. Even better if you can flash DD-WRT or Openwrt. It can be blackhole with all the configurations and research you may have to do though. If you do try this make sure you do backups of your config and don't disable your factory reset button. You can accidently lock yourself out of the admin console.

r/Cisco • comment
1 points • vast1983

Interesting, the link states the wrong course (old CCENT Cert, replaced by the CCNA) but it does actually link to the CCNA prep. Serendipitously, on sale for 14 bucks!

I'm fairly certain it's updated somewhat in regards to the changes to the CCNA in February.

Pro tip: watch at 1.5x speed. :) He got a very slow, South African speech pattern.

r/ccna • comment
1 points • mars_bubbl3s

It's free for limited time, get it

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • wajeedabdul

Sorry try this

r/ccna • comment
1 points • AlbertComan

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • supreme_jackk

Initially, I was scoring low 70s, after some practice and reading I was scoring high 90s in the last week. I took the test before taking the Dion exams, and i think it helped me with a few questions but I did not make a huge difference for me on this 2nd attempt.

Now I am doing labs through this course in Udemy by David Bombal, hopefully, I will learn more on hands by the end of it and retake this test, which surprisingly is harder than I thought for a basic cert.

r/ccna • comment
2 points • hugsoverhandshakes

I suggest taking David Bombal's CCNA class on Udemy because he begins from the super basics as if you know nothing about networking and then prepares you for the CCNA.

r/ccna • comment
1 points • throwdataccinacircle

The udemy is the CCNA but it's not free anymore.

r/ccna • comment
1 points • _OSCP

Here's your confidence. Just start studying and don't stop until you get your cert mate. Good luck, hope you get certified!

r/ccna • comment
1 points • NineFourSeven

All of them redirect to the most current David Bombal's CCNA course

r/Cisco • comment
1 points • i_ammj

David Bombal is offering his CCNA course for free at the moment....

r/ccna • comment
1 points • nessaj

Direct link:

Price: $9.99

No useless video & affiliate link. You're welcome.

r/ccna • comment
1 points • shanebagel

Is this the course you took?

Cisco CCNA 200-301 Exam: Complete Course with practical labs?

r/ccna • comment
3 points • HouseholdBanana
r/Hacking_Tutorials • comment
1 points • Dilan23232323232323

I am not looking into entering school or university.

I am talking about something like Cisco CCNA 200-301 Exam

Don't got time for University in my age :P

r/ITCareerQuestions • comment
3 points • cw2001_98

I recently passed my CCNA. I've been in IT for over 15 years but only been doing Sysadmin stuff for the last 5-6 years. I passed my Network + in 2016. So I had already basic networking experience. Here's the material I used

Wendells Odom CCNA 200-301 Book (great because you get access to over 500 test exam qurstions)

David Bombal's udemy CCNA course

I also had Kevin Wallace's CCNA course

On YouTube, I watched mostly videos from Keith Barker. He's excellent at explaining concepts

If you want a real beginner stuff for CCNA Checkout Network Chucks CCNA series of Youtube

I hope this helps

r/ccna • comment
1 points • majorleaguebullshit

To add a little more to my previous comment:

I suggest getting a couple of Udemy courses and/or subscribing to CBT Nuggets.

On Udemy some people prefer Neil Anderson while others like David Bombal. Both courses are on sale until midnight on the 31st but even at the full prices (around $20 each, on sale for around $12 each) they are screaming deals considering the quality of education provided. They both have sample videos available so you can see which you prefer. David is from South Africa and Neil is from Scotland so some people find one or the other easier to listen to. Personally I don't have an issue understanding either of them and bought both.

If you want more labs then David has those, too and they are also on sale until March 31. Even at full price ($20) it's a great deal.

CBT Nuggets is a bit expensive and personally I'm not sure it is worth the monthly cost compared to what you can get on Udemy. Some people swear by them though so it's worth checking them out.

Most people find that the videos alone are not enough to pass the tests and therefore they purchase the official Cisco books by Wendell Odom too. You can get them as PDFs and/or as physical books, whichever you prefer. They're large, thick books with a huge amount of information in them.

r/ccna • comment
1 points • kalijarvisapollo

These are the three I used from David because at the time they all came as some package deal for $11.

r/sysadmin • comment
1 points • JesseOBV

I would suggest maybe picking up some of the CCNA learning material. Even if you aren't working in a Cisco shop the information you learn is pretty industry wide. I obtained mine about 6 months ago and I learned a ton about networking. The books and videos I have linked offer a lot of information on setting up and troubleshooting networks. If you find you do like networking you could even just take the test and get your CCNA.

You will definitely learn a lot while on the job, whether that is observing someone else or just painfully troubleshooting something until you find a solution. However, I find that getting a good baseline makes learning new networking topics easier.

Good Books:

Wndell Odom Official Cert Guide Volume 1 & 2


Good Videos:

David Bombal CCNA Exam Course

r/ccna • comment
1 points • chris1666

Try 47.99 for the Library that is both volumes, and there is usually a discount at checkout. Link below

There are also the Sybex Lammele guides, they are still in two voluemes last I looked on Amazonvolumes

ALso the udemy vids for Neil Anderson are on sale right now so consider those soon,

r/ccna • comment
1 points • Paccers

I used the 'Cisco CCNA / ICND1 (100-105) Complete Course: Sims and GNS3' for my ICND1 studies (

Currently using his Cisco CCNA / ICND2 (200-105) Complete Course: Sims and GNS3 for ICND2 (


Very thorough IMO (too thorough in some places to be honest) but I'd prefer go in to too much detail compared to exam objectives than not enough. Some chapters can drag on a bit but you can break it up with some labbing and putting videos to 1.5x speed ;)

r/ccna • comment
2 points • Encius2Flumen


My suggestion is since you have a 6 month time frame, I honestly don't know about what topics you covered in your electrical engineering course so if it didn't cover any networking or bare minimum at all you should check out the Network+ certification.

I can recommend Professor Messer's Network+ course/notes since it gives a very good understanding of networking in general and not vendor oriented like the CCNA.

Talking about vendors, I empathize with you because working a job you know you will hate sucks, so if you have an idea on where you want to go be it a network engineer job, NOC, SOC,etc. You should check what HR is looking for to avoid going for a cert you might not need (but can still recommend getting the CCNA at some point) if you are looking for gov sec clearance there's also Security+ which Professor Messer also covers.

Now if you are still reading and you still are going for the CCNA I will go over what I think is a good start.

Jeremy's IT Lab Course which is free on Youtube for a straight to the point and easy to understand flow.

Neil Anderson is great but I had some hard time understanding some topics even after watching the videos twice, so I used other creators like Marious Kuriata, Khawar Butt and David Bombal

The OCG is a hot topic some people swear by it and some don't, myself I find it great in the information it provides but the way the author wrote the book is kinda dry and boring at some points, so I used Todd Lammle instead which I resonated with because it's like talking to a friend who's explaining things to you without hitting you back when you say yeah I didn't get it can you explain it again? But I've seen posts of people saying they didn't need a book at all only a video course.

If you have the money CBT Nuggets is also a good resource not only for the CCNA but for other certifications.

Lastly I think most of the people here agree that the Boson Exam Sims are a MUST buy since it will prepare you for the exam style questions, just try not to remember the answers but strive to understand why that is the correct answer.

r/ccna • comment
1 points • cruzah

Hi, I am 75% way through Neil Andersons Udemy course and about halfway through the Lammle study guide. So far Cisco Packet Tracer Software is all is required.

This has also been the advice of may others who have passed the CCNA already.

So don't let the hardware slow you down. Crack on asap!


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