Complete Guide to TensorFlow for Deep Learning with Python

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Learn how to use Google's Deep Learning Framework - TensorFlow with Python

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Taught by
Jose Portilla

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r/learnpython • comment
1 points • MistBornDragon

Which is better? His or Udemy?. HUdemy

r/UCDavis • comment
2 points • BlizzardousBane

I'm not sure if these are as good as 171's materials, but I got my start in machine learning through this free Udacity course. It's a lot more practical than theoretical, focusing on using scikit-learn to train models on an existing dataset.

For neural nets, I used this Udemy course that I got on sale for $10. It teaches Tensorflow, and I think the material was well-presented. I think Udemy holds sales very frequently, and right now it's only $16, so I wouldn't recommend buying it at full price.

There are plenty more materials out there for machine learning (including more theoretical aspects of neural nets, such as gradients and partial derivatives), but I think these should give you a good start, especially if you do manage to get a spot in 171 in the future.