The Complete Networking Fundamentals Course. Your CCNA start

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Learn about networking and start your journey to Cisco 200-301 Certification

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Taught by
David Bombal

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r/ccna • post
6 points • ochefia
Best udemy course for CCNA 200-301

Hi, i have started studying for CCNA and udemy has 2 courses with a lot of students and good notes. Which one is better for start? Thanks.

Cisco CCNA 200-301 – The Complete Guide to Getting Certified (Neil Anderson) (

The Complete Networking Fundamentals Course. Your CCNA start (David Bombal)

r/ccna • comment
1 points • northendtrooper

Probably could add that's his course on Udemy is on sale for $13.

r/homelab • comment
1 points • mtj23

I actually took this Udemy course aimed at people who are going for their CCNA, even though that wasn't a goal of mine. I got it for $13.99 on sale last year and honestly, of the thousands I've spent on my homelab over the years it was by far the best purchase I made.

It's really, really thorough, as I imagine any material aimed for people working towards network certifications will be. The plus is that you will learn pretty much everything, from the ground up, about how modern networks function from someone who's put a lot of time into thinking about the scope and order of what needs to be learned. The downside is that if you have time constraints it might be overwhelming.

If you want to roll-your-own learning, a good start might be diving into whatever you can find on the OSI 7 layer model, focusing mostly on layers 2-4. Especially look for videos explaining the differences between L2 and L3 (this was something I did not really understand until taking that course) as it's the source of huge amounts of confusion for beginners.

But I really cannot recommend that course enough.

r/ccna • comment
1 points • linuxuser16

David Bombal has a good course:

r/HowToHack • comment
1 points • Yungsleepboat

If you have some money to spare I would recommend a coursera course. This one is only €13,-!

r/compsci • comment
1 points • cpt_alfaromeo

I've heard "Computer Network A Top-Down Approach is pretty good book. I am learning computer networking right now from it, I even took that Google Support Specialist Course, it's limited.

I'd Suggest you this course from Udemy by David Bombal. It's worth it! I'm not planning to give CCNA just interested in learining networking, and have learnt lots of thing from this course. Search "David Bombal" on Youtube, he has provided some material for free/preview there as well!

r/node • comment
1 points • Regular-Human-347329

I’d suggest completing a course on networking like this &/or network vulnerability scanning/penetration testing or don’t bother. Opening up a home network, without knowing what you’re doing, is a great way to comprise your entire network and everything connected.

r/learnprogramming • comment
1 points • [deleted]

For networks I would add to it David Bombal's Udemy course:

About Python... Famous MIT course on EdX 600.1x and all books from No Starch Press :) Crash Course, serious Python, but also the others from "fun programming" area.

r/ccna • comment
3 points • Ghost_Ridah__

This is the course from Neil Anderson:

This is the course from David Bombal:

Both of these courses cover the objectives of the CCNA exam.

r/france • comment
1 points • Vodlich


Je me renseignais justement sur le CCNA, pourrais-tu me donner un avis là dessus ?

r/AskNetsec • comment
1 points • l1ghtjump

Cybersecurity is a wide industry with several paths available.

Primarily, the two main paths are InfoSec (networking, infrastructure, servers, firewalls, etc.) and AppSec (applications, programming, source code analysis, web/app server hardening/configuration).

Within each of these two larger paths are several career options.

All of the paths forward for you will greatly benefit from foundational knowledge in networking and systems administration skills (Windows and Linux primarily).

To start training on security without learning fundamentals of networking and systems administration first would make it very difficult for you to understand what any security course is discussing, and you will find yourself over your head very quickly.

I recommend a good Networking Fundamentals course to start before considering a certification path.

Here's a highly rated course on Udemy (4.5 out of 5 stars, over 14,000 reviews) for less than $20 USD:

Comments about CCNA, CCENT, SANS, CompTIA are all valid and valuable resources for training, but if you're just starting out, I recommend sites like Pluralsight, Coursera, Udemy (like the link above), or Lynda to get the basics (and to save money at first). Honestly, you could watch YouTube/Vimeo videos with a 'networking fundamentals' search and learn most of these concepts for free.

r/k12sysadmin • comment
1 points • ToxicVampire

With all the down time lately I've been actually making an effort to learn some extra as well. I've found the website Udemy helpful, although you do have to pay for the courses. Most of the time they're on sale for like $15-20 so it's not too bad. A friend of mine is looking for a career change and I found a CCNA course on there that looks like it covers just about everything and is geared towards beginners as well.

The YouTube stuff others have posted would probably suffice especially just to get started though.

r/ccna • comment
1 points • The_Lizard_King266
r/linuxadmin • comment
1 points • chris1666

Pluralsights video course on the LFCE/Rhce boh focus a lot on networking , but feel free to go for cheaper sources first, including Messers vide on the Net+ and one of the study guides on net+ . For some of us reading works better or hands-on. Linkedin also has a lot of Ubuntu Linux vids for networking as an engineer.

Below is one of the most comprehensive networking courses I have ever seen for the price... a whopping $11.99

They of course also have courses on the networking+ , nice thing about Udemy its a one time payment for the course.

r/it • comment
1 points • La_Uvina_Grande

Well Sec+ is always a big benefit, I took the Mike Meyers course for 501 as well as one of my Sergeants. That was the only thing I studied for about a month and I passed. My Sergeant took the 601 test while only studying that 501 course and passed just fine as well. I'm going the Network Engineer route so I'm doing CCNA right now.

Sec+ (this is his new course for 601 but I'm sure it's just as good as his previous one)

CCNA (this is the one I'm using to study, it's lengthy but goes over damn near literally everything from A-Z)

r/ccna • comment
1 points • kalijarvisapollo

These are the three I used from David because at the time they all came as some package deal for $11.

r/homelab • comment
1 points • NickInRL

If you are looking to just do a CCNA there are cheaper courses on Udemy. I would say start with either Neil Anderson or David Bombal's courses and use Packet Tracer. I'm currently taking the Neil Anderson course and so far has been really good. Currently it only costs $20 but has probably most of the information you will need. Neil's course comes with labs as well, I'm guessing David's does as well.

Cisco Packet Tracer is free.

May be worth just spending the $20 and downloading packet tracer to do labs. 4-5k seems like a bit much for a CCNA course.

Worst case scenario if you take one of the Udemy courses and don't find it to be enough information it will at least get you on the ground running with a lot of good information for very cheap. I think on Neil's YouTube he may even have a code to reduce the cost of the Udemy course.

r/ITCareerQuestions • comment
1 points • VA_Network_Nerd

> I appreciate everyone learns different was just wanting to see what other people have used.

  • Community College Classes
  • Odom
  • Todd Lammle
  • Glen E. Clarke
  • /r/ccna

r/hacking • comment
2 points • Periwinkle_Lost

It depends. I would suggest that you learn a bit of programming (maybe Python) and a little bit of networking (CCNA prep course by David Bombal on Udemy is pretty good) to see what you like more. Programming and IT use different sets of skill. Cybersecurity is usually for people who know their way around either networking or software or both. If it is indeed your goal then start somewhere, either coding or networking. Both paths will require a lot of work. But there is a lot of work for both IT and software devs so it is worth a try.

There are a lot of free resources on programming on youtube. I only watch python tutorials so I may be biased towards it. Corey Schafer is very popular for beginners I also really like veryacademy but it seems like it's better once you are more comfortable with coding

There is a subreddit for udemy freebies and you can find coupons for free courses there as well. They expire rather fast so i would recommend checking that sub frequently

Here are some paid courses. A quick note about udemy courses: they always go on sale for \~$20, don't pay more. Just wait. I took several courses from udemy and it was a good start. In the beginning, I was just blindly coding along with lectures, but after a while, I started feeling more comfortable. Don't get discouraged if you finish a tutorial and feel like you haven't learnt anything. It's normal when you learn new things.

If you want to start with IT I would recommend David Bombal's course on CCNA prep It's a fairly long course that prepares you for Cisco certificate. I usually do \~1-2hrs 3/week because it takes me a long time to digest the material but this is a good certificate that can help you get an entry level IT support job.

As for coding, I like python and I am waiting for this course to go on sale

r/Cisco • comment
1 points • DIYBrotha

OP, wait until Feb 24th to do exams! The CCNA is getting a revamp and it will be epic!


I myself am in the same boat as you.

Looking to get my CCNA this year, should be fun! Only 2 exams to get certified.

Courses I've used and still use that are relevant are:


labs from David Bombal are epic! He walks you through how to setup and troubleshoot things using GNS3 and packet tracer which we should be using all the time.


usually these courses go on sale so just wait for that! (14.99) I hope this helps!

r/ccna • comment
1 points • Neobz


When it comes to free ressources here are the really good one who clearly helped me getting the CCNA and for some are still totally relevant toward the CCNP.


Keith Barker Test playlist + Explanations videos + Active discord to join :

Keith is making every weekend a test with multiple question then explain why this is the correct answer and why it's wrong. HE GOES IN DEPTH (CCNA level ofc) and some of the question are still valuable ressources that you can use further into your learning path !

He has also video explanation on all of the subject of the CCNA, from my experience the IPV6 stuff is the best out there it's a 3 hours course if I remember correctly but it's complete !

You can join the discord of Keith if you want too, he has a lot of active members and they're always ready to help.

I dont have the link but you can find it on the video description.


Jeremy It labs Free course :

Jeremy does great video content and he finished to cover the blueprint for the CCNA. The video are great, short and are digest ! Jeremy is really one of the big reason i got my CCNA, during trip i left his video running on the diferent subject I was studying, great ressources and free !


Kevin Wallace You tube Channel :

Kevin is like Keith in my opinion, they have great content but put in a totally different perspective, both are trainer for other content provider but god damn they have deep knowledge. Kevin is if i remember a double CCIE and you can hear he's happy to teach during his video. Thing is he goes to deep on certain video for the CCNA so you need to be more picky about what you look on his you tube channel. If it's all about the knowledge and going behond the CCNA you can go straight to Kevin.



Jeremy Cioara You tube channel :

For me he's the most enjoyable to learn from but you will have to get the CBT subscription to have coverage on the CCNA since his you tube channel seem to take the route of general IT/networking stuff. It's nonetheless freaking good and he's good at teaching !



Anki Flashcards :

It's not the fun part but do them ! That's how you can remember things dont pass on Anki i swear it's the best tool you could take out of everything ! There's free CCNa pack of card already available so you dont even have to put them yourself together !


Not Free Stuff


Boson Exsim - NetSim Software :

Exsim is the best simulator for the CCNA exam hands down, everything is explained clearly and you have link toward white paper from cisco or other materials so a must have but realy for the end of your study.

NetSim is the simulator of Boson, great contect if you want to have direction and example of lab, pricey but not a must have i have to admit if you're able to do your lab yourself.



Udemy CCNA David Bombal :

The course on Udemy is cheap if you can snatch it during promo and it's a complete course who follow the blueprint really well, David is a bit hard to follow sometime but great content.

And he got a you tube channel who seem to focus more and more on Ethi Hacking.


CBT Nuggets :

That's the one i followed, teachers are great, automation part was hard for me cause it really lack of testing environnement and i have an issue with Network Chuck (Sorry if you read this Chuck) BUT it doesn't go deep enough to be your only source of learning i think it cover well over 50% but you will need more and it's pricey but lab are included with the formation.


Cisco Press + 31 day before your ccna:

The book are good nothing more to say it's dry but if you take the golden i don't remember the name you get free question and practice exam which are great to fix your knowlegde and keeping it and you can add the 31 days before your ccna to keep it clear in your head at the end of the day !


Pearson vue Test prep :

I've tried them it's good contect but it's not cheap