Complete Tensorflow 2 and Keras Deep Learning Bootcamp

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Learn to use Python for Deep Learning with Google's latest Tensorflow 2 library and Keras

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Taught by
Jose Portilla

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r/learnmachinelearning • comment
1 points • LameName90210

I highly recommend this Udemy course.

It has 4.7/5 ratings from over a thousand people.

It's not full of stats theory etc, but if you're new to Tensorflow, machine learning and python, it's really practical and has taught me a lot. I've been following along, entering the code he presents, although the code is also provided.

Udemy has a horrible pricing strategy, where the prices change depending which machine you connect from. It switches between \~$7 and hundreds, so buy it when it's low. Great value. About 19 hours of training, although it's really longer if you're pausing it and coding along.

I started unable to do anything with machine learning and can now make neural networks and have a better understanding of the process.

r/ArtificialInteligence • comment
1 points • AI_Student

you could skip the general python course, really you just need pandas and numpy, which are python programs. do the Udemy course on Tensorflow2.0 with Keras and it starts with these modules... but in the long-run you'd probably want python. But, if you start on Monday full-time by Thursday you'll be able to build/train your own models. As tensorflow2.0 is the benchmark product (made by google), its the best way to get started quickly imo. cost me $10 I think

r/robotics • comment
1 points • Belnak
r/learnmachinelearning • comment
-2 points • ItisAhmad

Hi, JOSE PORTILLA is one of the best MACHINE LEARNING Teacher. Those who have taken his ML Bootcamp knows this. He recently released the TF2 course on Udemy. It will take you from installing libraries until the advanced level. Check it out.