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Pass the CompTIA A+ (220-1001) Core 1 exam with help from an expert in the field

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r/WGU • comment
6 points • PazzoBread

I purchased Jason Dions test prep course on udemy ( which I thought had a lot of great tips on passing on your first attempt and includes two practice exams.

Your main areas that you want to study on are port numbers, raid types, and the 6 step troubleshooting process. Practice writing those out on your WGU whiteboard. Come exam day, you can “brain dumb” all the items onto that whiteboard once the exams starts (has to be blank before you start) to make it easy to reference as you continue through the exam.

r/CompTIA • post
21 points • carneasadaquesadilla
Just passed the A+ 1001!

Yo! I am stoked right now! I came into it with no prior IT knowledge or experience. I had no clue what an IP address was, didn't know what RAM was etc. I came here and got a lot of help from you guys and I appreciate it! I just wanted to share some resources I used for studying to help someone who is just starting:

I have all the material for 1002 from the same sources. I started this journey because I was tired of where I was. I promise with a little hard work you can pass this son of a bitch and get to where you wanna go! LFG

r/CompTIA • comment
3 points • Gimli1362

I would highly recommend the Dion course on Udemy that focuses on exam technique, it really helped me get passed. You can get it for £13.99 if you go on the page incognito

I would avoid things like exam dumps, because they have no creditability and you can run the risk of getting disqualified.

You can message me about any questions you have, you can smash this next time round!

r/CompTIA • comment
2 points • gdubing

I watched Jason Dion's entire course and fully understood the PBQ's which boosted my confidence. I took the test two days ago and passed with a 779.

You should definitely check it out before you jump into the exam again. You can do it!

r/CompTIA • comment
2 points • greatrayray
r/CompTIA • comment
2 points • ApurvaKP

This: ?

r/CompTIA • comment
2 points • Lanky-Total518

Take the Jason Dion tests tonight. Just to get your “tester shock” out of the way. Has been a Godsend for my interns and have seen a 98% success rate.

Use code: LEARNNEWSKILLS to get it for 19.99

Good luck. Keep us posted.

r/CompTIA • post
10 points • TeneBrae9993
Passed Core 1 of the A+ Cert!

I just passed Core 1 for the A+ Cert! I started the Cybersecurity/Information Assurance program through WGU on October 1st. So far, I have completed 21 CUs (WGU's version of credit hours) and was recently offered my first IT job as an IT Support Specialist with a starting salary of $50,000 - all thanks to WGU and now CompTIA!

For those just starting to study, I spent roughly 2 weeks studying. I spend 4 - 6 hours on school each evening after my kids go to sleep. The resources I used are below:

Finally, the test was more difficult than I was expecting. I received 5 of the performance based questions. The test taking tips from Dion Training were really helpful for the multiple choice as I had to narrow it down to 2 options and make quite a few guesses. There was some material in the test that was not covered by any of the resources I used (or I just did not remember it - which is very likely).

Good luck to those of you getting ready to take this test! If I can be of service in any way, feel free to send me a message

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • Th3MacDon

Is it this one

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • Alwayswatchout

Thanks for the suggestion.

Is it this one ure recommending?

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • mhayhurstjr

I think he would be good at Net +. I’d also recommend professor Messer as well.

r/WGUIT • comment
1 points • kwo330

They're on sale today, you might as well purchase core 2 if you've got the money

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • Wowstar19

Same here man, failed twice, I bought jason exams on udemy and passed the third attempt. Today is last day of sale, you should buy it, practice exam is basically word for word of the real exam.

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • chris1666

Really curious , are you refering to his 3 and 3.5 hour courses ? IF so those would be the shortest Ive seen anywhere, did not think they were marketed as full courses...


r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • V0XP0PUL1

Includes study material and hence lesser number of tests.

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • Terpapps

I don't think he's gotten around to making a compilation of quizzes for the 1001/1002 series yet. However, if you're looking for practice exams, Jason Dion on Udemy is all you need. My recommendation is take the first exam, go through what you missed and very thoroughly study those topics. Come back to the first test a day or so later and see if you can pass it, if you do, move on to the second and repeat. Once you're passing them both (and actually knowing why the answers are correct and not just memorizing them), you'll be more than good for the actual test.

Good luck!

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • dtheme

These are Dions, they are on Udemy There are often discounts where you can pick them up for $13 etc, there's two lots 1001 and 1002

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • Valdimrr

There are max 5 simulation questions on the 1001 and the rest are multiple choice questions. I definitely reccomend this course, I got many of the same questions on the actual exam :

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • jblanch3


r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • Lotus_Stalker

Below it will say it includes the PBQs. Also a little trick I learned thanks to this subreddit.. use incognito mode and a VPN and boom! You just bought it for under 15 bucks versus the regular $99 highway robbery that makes you just want to punch him in the face for.

These CompTIA A+ (220-1001) Core 1 Practice Exams will provide you with realistic test questions and provide you with interactive, question-level feedback.

After that, you will focus on the Performance Based Simulations (PBQs) for the CompTIA A+ (220-1001) Core 1 exam. 

r/CompTIA • comment
2 points • DBL002

I used Jason Dions Practice Exams that had videos explaining the PBQs and they were very similar to the ones I got in the exam. His course is available on Udemy: . I managed to get the course for under £10 when it was on sale and I'm not sure if there are any discount codes available. Hope this helps

EDIT: He has a code 'BIRTHDAY20' which means you can get it for £/$9.99

r/CompTIA • post
8 points • houck
Passed A+ 220-1001 and how I did it

My obligatory I passed post. Scored 831 and this was my first try. Still need to do the 1002, but here is some details on how I did it.

Study Material
- Professor Messer
- Mike Meyers (Udemy)

I started watching all of Professor Messer's video while taking notes/screenshots (OneNote). I found that taking screenshots using the Snipping Tool was amazing handy (you could use: Windows + Shift + S). I did this for almost every slide of his videos. This is great due to how well the Professor lays out the content in the videos. You do not see much in the way of live showing of hardware, most are photos. You are shown the facts clear and concisely. He also follows the exam objectives very well.

I grab his course notes from the website, which I didn't use much except yesterday as a quick check to make sure I wasn't missing anything. These notes are not a replacement for the videos, you will still want to watch and listen to them. I also attended or watched Professor Messer's study groups, which are amazing. They are not the most time efficient but I would recommend anyone studying A+, Network+ or Security+ to attend live and see for themselves.

After completing Professor Messer's videos, I started on Mike Meyers. These were amazing. I did watch them mostly in 1.5x speed and I didn't take as many notes as I did for Professor Messer, but noted down anything I didn't know. There is far less information displayed on screen (like powerpoint), however shows working with hardware/software in real time.

I think combining these two resources was a great idea and will be doing it again for the 2002.

Anki is an amazing tool that is a must for any exam. I would do a poor job of explaining why, so I recommend Ali Abaal's "How to study for exam - Evidence-based revision tips" video. In a nut shell, you create flashcards and Anki tells you when to review them. I made the cards on my computer (Windows) and reviewed them on my phone (Android). I'd also recommend grabbing the Image Occlusion Enhanced Add-On as I used it for tables of information like USB/PCIe/SATA speeds.

I think it's important you make your own cards as this is part of the remembering technique. I used many of the screenshots I that were in OneNote and used them as the answer in the cards. I reviewed them whenever/where-ever I could and I think it is important to complete your cards daily. Even if I didn't do any Study Material that day, I would still review all my cards.

Practice Exams
- Total Seminars (Udemy)
- Jason Dion (Udemy)
- CompTIA A+ Pocket Prep (App)

Practice tests are so key in transforming your understanding of the study material into real world/exam examples. They also catch you on any knowledge you don't have or have forgotten. Any question I got wrong was turned into a Anki flashcard. Special shout out to Jason Dion as that course also included videos on exam tips/techniques and how to handle the PQBs.

The only one in this list I would say I could miss would be the Pocket Prep. Some of the questions do not seem to relate to the exam or are very trivia in nature. For example: "What is the amount of RAM needed to run itunes?" I will still likely use it for my 1002, but during breaks/commuting.

Sorry this post got really long, but I wanted to give back to this subreddit which has helped motivate me to study and pass this exam. I do not believe my methods above are anywhere near the quickest way to pass the exam, but hopefully can help those who might be struggling.

Thank you everyone, keep being awesome!

r/CompTIA • comment
2 points • Prestigious-Owl-5432

Congrats! too. for A+ i used Professsor messer's video course and his study groups i also used Jason dions A+ test prep, Exams and Simulations.

r/CompTIA • post
3 points • Lunchbox1011
Just Passed 1002 803/900 A+ Certified!

1001 811/900 1002 803/900

First of all thanks to everyone on this subreddit for all of the suggestions and the success stories it helped keep me motivated with studying. Here was my study process.

I think the most important for me was the book. Mike Meyers All in One.

Next was the professor Messer, I bought the NOtes and Practice exams bundle for 40 dollars. And watched all of his videos, free on the link below. I did this after I read the Mike Meyers front to back.

Then last I used the Jason Dion exam prep and practice test on udemy. Link below.

The Meyers book comes with a practice test on a web link I did this one right after I finished the book. That let me know where I really need to focus on the videos. And I never did any practice test more than once so I wasnt just memorizing questions and answers. Between all 3 resources i did a total of 6 practice tests.

For the 1002 I followed the same path but with the 1002 Messer and Dion Videos

r/WGU • comment
1 points • American_Machine

DO NOT buy this at $99!!!! Give it a couple weeks and it most likely will be on sale for $15. This link is just for part 1. I would recommend buying the 500 question tests too. Make sure to read the header and description of the udemy course you are buying. Sometimes they get tricky. The PBQ's in this are fantastic. As I said in my post one of them was spot on to what was on the test

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • jeezyb0i

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • CarcosaTTV

Is this the test prep you purchased by jason dion?

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • jmohomed -That's the link. My mistake, last night there was a sale. The course has gone back to its normal price of $99.99 :( Stalk the website as almost everyday throughout the week they have flash sales. When they do, hopefully you can hop on it. Good Luck!!!

r/WGU • comment
1 points • MiataCory

/r/CompTIA is super useful, and you'll get similar advice there.

Professor Messor videos are excellent.

The Jason Dion vidoes are at least on par, if not better than, the messor videos: (but they cost money).

Memorize those ports! I had several questions about ports, and I found that writing down as many as I could remember when I first sat down was very helpful (even if it only helped to eliminate ports). I made up a super simple quizlet for doing them. The match game worked the best for me. Took all of 2 days during breaks to get them down pretty good!

The Ucertify material isn't completely pointless. There's a bit of it that's still relevant, and the basics are all there as far as "This is a USB port, this is an ESATA port" etc. But I would spend less time on that, and more time on the video's.

As for the actual test, the biggest help for me was skipping the PBQ's at the beginning. They give you usually 3 lab-style questions where you have to configure wifi on a phone, or use a terminal to fix a network problem or that sort of thing. LEAVE THEM ALONE. Skip right over them and get to multiple choice.

Then, bookmark ANY question you're even a little iffy on. If you get stuck on one, bookmark it and skip it. Go into the test knowing you're gonna review a lot at the end.

Once you're through the questions, the next screen will show you all the questions you didn't answer, and all the ones you bookmarked. At that point you can go back and do the PBQ's, and re-review all your bookmarked stuff. (Wish I would've known, as I hit the back arrow 80 times to get back to them!)

After that, it's not too bad. I thought the 1002 would be easier, but it was actually a little more difficult (just because they're very specific on the security stuff). I scored in the 790's for part 1, and in the 800's for part 2, easy pass on both.

r/CompTIA • comment
3 points • toyinaoke

You're almost there, just summon up courage and prepare to write the exam again. I failed Core 1 at my first attempt also but passed it at the second attempt. The most important information I can share with you is the "exam tricks" explained by Dion.

Also, listen to the A+ study group replays by Professor Messers, at least 12 most recent ones.

Since your major weak point is"given a scenario", my advice to practice some simulation exercises with hand-on-practice. It's the best method to test and perfect your skill on PBQ.

You can do it, my friend. Thanks.

r/CompTIA • comment
3 points • jihoon1989

Jason Dion's via Udemy (1 & 2) - 6 hours total. Includes two practice exams each. Always on sale here.

Exam Cram - 960 pages.

I copied them over from the master list.

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • rellison92

That's good, Udemy have a sale on that's over tomorrow so I've just picked up both sets of Dions practice exams for 20 quid. Here's a link incase you're interested.

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • RickHunter777

Professor Messer is great, but trying other sources can help view the content from another perspective. Udemy has courses for $19.99 at the moment (sometimes it drops to $9.99). Both Jason Dion and Mike Meyers are on there. Dion is concise, Meyers goes a liitle beyond the scope. I like both of them.

Jason Dion:

Mike Meyers:

The best way to prepare for any Comptia exam is to stick with the objectives. Good luck!

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • RevODekcuF

I would definitely second the recommendation for Jason Dion's practice tests located on Udemy:

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • FriscoTec

No PBQs for the 500Q pack but this might be an option

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • 3sframe

Not sure about the Professor Messer ones but here are the Dion practice tests: 1001 1002

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • redmage311

This is the long answer:

For A+ specifically, regardless of whether you learn the material through a book, videos, or whatever, I think the most useful resource is Jason Dion's practice exams and course (but buy it on sale from Beyond the practice exams, it includes video courses on things you'll need to memorize for test day (plus mnemonics for them) and also videos walking you through the potential practice-based questions you'll come across (and they're generally eerily close to the real thing).

I think a lot of getting certified is just putting in consistent effort and figuring out what you don't know so that you can address it. Good luck!

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • AztecComputer
r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • StanTheM1n
r/CompTIA • post
2 points • Am-I-who
Which Jason Dion course should I buy?

Jason dion has two Udemy courses
which one of these should I purchase if I am capable of buying only one?
I am asking this question because I will be buying Mike Meyers book and his Udemy course, so I don't want to spend too much.
If you have any suggestions I will be very grateful.

r/CompTIA • comment
2 points • Anastasia_IT

I would recommend checking:

Also check Dion on Udemy:

Best of luck OP, 😊

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • AWS_2019

Jason Dion (1) & (2) - how to get the best price on Dion courses.

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • funderbolt

Sounds like a good idea. I've heard Jason Dion has some really good A+ exam questions. Udemy almost continually runs sales on courses for under $15.

Professor Messer's A+ Study Groups have 1 performance based question. Also, the video have about 7-10 questions given in the first hour. He gives you to answer. Also, he explains the answer, but points back to the objective. If you miss the question, it gives you hint that you might need to study a little more in that objective.

The second hour of his show are viewer questions that are generally about certifications and getting jobs in the IT field. These videos are much less intense than the content videos.

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • colddrew

I did 3rd party training. For both exams, I went through Mike Meyer's courses and then went through ITPro.TV's accelerated courses (they also offer a non-accelerated if accelerated is going too fast for you). I then used Jason Dion's practice exams and once I was scoring above 80% on his I went ahead and took the real test at home.

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • phoenix14830


They are on sale now as Udemy is having a site-wide sale. He also has the promo code STARWARS going on now.

r/CompTIA • comment
2 points • masterhaxor1337

A+ Core 1 resources:

Professor Messer Course Notes + YouTube videos (£15) + His practice exams as well, they were only like $20 extra-

Jason Dion udemy course (£13) -

Mike Myers udemy course (£13) -

Examcompass and crucial exams practice questions (free) -

Exam (£134) -

Total = £175

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • youeatpoo

I don't know where you looked, but it is priced at 12.99 and 10.99 respectively right now. Was looking for 1002 practice tests myself.

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • 1-minute

Since you have completed a program in IT, I feel for the A+ you should go with Professor Messer Videos, notes, practice tests AND Jason Dion Practice Tests with Simulations (simulations are covered in short video walkthrough format) AND Exam Cram for A+ by David Prowse.




Professor Messer:


David Prowse:

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • andrewf09

Go get his course on Udemy. around $10. Do a search on Udemy promo codes

Also Dion Training