Data Analytics
Intro to SQL using Healthcare Data (SSMS)

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BRAND NEW COURSE and updated for 2022

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Taught by
Curtis Norman

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6 points • csnorman12

Hi u/_justsurvivingggggg you're asking the right questions. I work as a healthcare analytics consultant (specifically finance, revenue cycle, and analytics) and have seen co-workers with all types of backgrounds. If I were you I would start looking for revenue cycle companies and look for analyst/entry-level positions. I would try to hone some of you basic analytical skills - excel, SQL, BI (like PowerBI). Obviously a masters degree would be helpful, but some of these organizations will hire with just undergraduate. A few weeks ago I published a SQL course to help individuals learn basic SQL syntax. By the end of the course students build a healthcare database that mimics data from a billing system. This course would help you learn SQL and give you exposure to healthcare data. I will put a link to the course below. The link also includes a coupon code that will give you the course at a discount (that coupon does expire).

Data Analytics: Intro to SQL using healthcare data (SSMS)