Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp with R

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Learn how to use the R programming language for data science and machine learning and data visualization

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Taught by
Jose Portilla

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r/RStudio • comment
1 points • BollekeBoule

I took this course on Udemy, it's very well explained and rewarding. If you take it on Udemy however I'm not sure the certificate is worth much since it's not linked to an institution. Here's the link to the course

r/RStudio • comment
1 points • jamesey10

I definitely recommend this bootcamp at udemy. I went from zero knowledge of R in April to using it everyday in my research now.

r/rstats • comment
1 points • merakimdangeldim

r/AskReddit • comment
2 points • TrenchantInsight

To clarify, Jose Portilla has two courses that have similar names.
The first link is for the one that uses Python.

r/OMSA • comment
2 points • nowyourcommunion

I took 6501 through edX this past Spring. I think that would be a good one to start with because it gives you a good foundation of what this whole "analytics" thing is. I'm starting the OMSA program next month.

I didn't do so hot in the class - but I also didn't put as much time in it as I should have. I've been spending the summer reviewing algebra, calc, and taking this udemy course:

Its been a huge help. It covers a handful of the models you go through in 6501 along with a step-by-step on how to do them in R. It also recommends you read Introduction to Statistical L earning. The course doesn't go too in depth with the models but the book provides some good details.

Hope this helps.

r/actuary • comment
1 points • rolljays24

I took the exam in December 2019 and while waiting for the parts of the Actex manual to be released (it just came out for the December sitting), I did the readings in the ISLR book. I found this background information to be helpful, and it sounds like you still have plenty of time after going through Actex twice.

I also did the majority of this R bootcamp online. They typically have a special for first-time users that makes it cheap. As someone new to R, I found this helpful to get some good experience. The videos and tasks are really well put together.

Once I got within 3 weeks to a month of the exam, I started doing the past SOA practice exams. There are a limited number of sample exams, so I found it helpful to make the most of them and take them as if it was the actual exam. Time yourself and actually type up the report. Once done, compare to the solution provided.

Actex was the most helpful IMO, but with the time you have left til the exam, I'd make the most of these options.

r/india • comment
1 points • pxm7

Udemy is good for those on a low budget and most good teachers there do respond to student questions.

In terms of R courses there, this course with 4.6 stars from 36.6k ratings seems well presented. Or this one with 4.6 stars from 12.1k ratings.

r/datascience • comment
1 points • rotterdamn8

I took this Udemy course with Jose Portilla in R, and I also took another of his in Python. He's a really great instructor. Very good at explaining, useful examples.

r/statistics • comment
1 points • VirtualMountain