Statistics for Business Analytics and Data Science A-Z™

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Learn The Core Stats For A Data Science Career

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Taught by
Kirill Eremenko


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r/dataanalysis • comment
2 points • Bananamcpuffin

Learn data normalization

  1. Data types
  2. how to structure a table
  3. basics of joins

Brush up on Statistics

  1. I like

Learn Excel

  1. Build good tables
  2. link tables/sheets together using simple D/V/X lookup or index/match
  3. learn to do that in power query

Learn SQL

  1. download a free SQL server and import your tables from above.
  2. Youtube or udemy a 101/basics/intro course
  3. build queries to join them and extract data
  4. Rebuild your database from scratch by building the tables using SQL

Learn Python or R

  1. Do this while doing all of the above, it takes a while to learn if you are coming from nothing. I like codeacademy, mixed with youtube and challenge sights. Udemy is good too.

Learn the basics of a visualization software

  1. This really helped me understand what I was doing in the analysis parts. Start with excel charts. Learn to create your own series and dynamic named ranges, it will be better.
  2. If this interests you, pick either Power BI or Tableau. I like them both for different uses - I usually use Power BI as an ETL since we are on a Microsoft stack and to rapid prototype then Tableau for better looking visuals.

r/Philippines • comment
1 points • notyourpizzalady

Either this or this hehe. I already have an R for data science course which I'm doing rn, pero gusto ko rin ayusin statistical foundations ko eh. In hindsight, I feel like I should have gotten this first lol