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Learn Data Science step by step through real Analytics examples

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Taught by
Kirill Eremenko


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r/india • comment
2 points • Plebman2511

For this course, I did this one but it also contains other data science stuff so I am not sure if you wanna learn that:

This course is by the same guy but its just tableau. Oh and theres constantly sales happening so dont go spending the original amount on these courses:

Oh and udemy is where you buy it you keep it. Also a 30 day return policy available

r/Accounting • comment
1 points • slickerydoo

SQL for sure...the skills you learn with SQL are effectively applicable for most of what you might encounter (from a process perspective).

You might also want to learn Power BI and/or Tableau. I think you'll probably actually learn a ton by working with PowerBI's query editor (Can also practice this in excel through power query) and then creating visualizations based on that data. The learning curve for Tableau isn't that steep once you learn PowerBI.

I highly recommend this course on udemy, super friendly for beginners and focuses on practical applications:

When you're learning these tools I'd really focus on the "why" vs the "how" you're doing? Ex. Why am I cleaning this data? vs. how can I clean this data? Sorry if that isn't clear, but basically if you focus on why you're doing a specific you'll have a much easier time carrying that over to another tool.

r/investimentos • comment
1 points • irineu1000grau

Sim, já trabalhei em banco e sempre tem um monte de engenheiro de tudo que é jeito de agrícola a aeroespacial. Então dá sim, bem fácil já que se formou em faculdade federal. Se quiser um trampo rápido como um dos comentaristas disse estude data analytics. Sugeriria estudar esse curso para começar

E vai aplicando para vagas de junior, se tiver inglês e noção de análise de dados em menos de três meses estará empregado facilmente.

r/investimentos • comment
1 points • Lycantree

Recebi a recomendação de um curso na UDEMY e estou fazendo ele. Sou eng mecânico, trabalho como analista em fábrica e achei bem interessante. Querendo ou nao o meu trabalho de analista é analisar dados, mas o curso introduz a algo mais sofisticado.

O curso: Paguei 30, nao sei quanto tá agora.

r/AskComputerScience • comment
2 points • saintshing (learn the ones you havent learnt yet)

Outside of web development, there is a huge demand for cs people who can do data science, machine learning, big data stuff(look at the biggest websites and social platforms like google, facebook, youtube, they are all powered by some machine learning algorithms). Right now you can get 2 months free on skillshare. I would recommend checking out the courses taught by Frank Kane and Kirill Eremenko and see if you are interested.

If yes, consider taking the paid courses(on discount) on udemy.
The free machine learning course of Andrew Ng (more theory focused), free courses (more coding focused) and are also good resource.

r/learnprogramming • comment
1 points • Manavendra4288

Several highly rated DS, ML, Python, Tableau, PowerBI video learning courses are free to purchase (only for 1 day), buy them before they are gone tomorrow. pass these to others who may be interested.