Mastering Data Structures & Algorithms using C and C++

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You may be new to Data Structure or you have already Studied and Implemented Data Structures but still you feel you need to learn more about Data Structure in detail so that it helps you solve challenging problems and used Data Structure efficiently.

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Taught by
Abdul Bari

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r/UniversityOfHouston • comment
1 points • OnlyLooney

From what I have seen, is the way that some classes are organized, or better said, how disorganized they are. Is not too bad though, but you do have to chase the TAs and professors if you want to get something fix which wasn't your fault.

For example, they changed the hw instructions 3 times. One TA took points off because he didn't know swap() was a native function in c++. He said it was only in Java, so a student had to keep telling him for 20 mins and than after that we got 4 points back. The Mentors, Professors, TAs are not always on the same page with each other in some classes, like 2430.

That's the biggest thing I noticed, just how disorganized it is. Since the content you learn it on your own basically and I believe that's true for every cs degree. But as long as one finds a way to learn it like this COSC 2430 SAVIOR and you always stay on top of the TAs as the case of the swap(). You should be fine

r/learnprogramming • comment
1 points • sid_sipani

One of the best resource that I found was the Udemy course by Abdul Bari, Mastering Data Structures and Algorithms using C/C++. It covers everything from the absolute ground up, granted your basics of the language should be alright. There is even a small section on C concepts needed for the course.

Would highly recommend, I have completed it some time back, never realised Data Structures were fine to grasp.

r/OSUOnlineCS • comment
1 points • ImprovisedGoat

I can't personally vouch for it, but I've seen this course recommended in the slack:

r/UniversityOfHouston • comment
1 points • Sir-yes-mam

I'd buy this course if it's taught in C++. The professor was better than the one I had.

If it's Python let me know, I know of a good book.

r/compsci • comment
1 points • anubis2019 This one is great. Its mostly whiteboard explainations. But I need to warn you about his accent and that some later videos doesn't have subtitles.

r/OSUOnlineCS • comment
1 points • hamburgl4r

On udemy i like the Data Structures and Algorithms in C/C++

Also check out mycodeschool on youtube..

Those 2 resources helped me through 261.

r/computerscience • comment
3 points • karan49s

The udemy course isn't free but there is a site where you can stream and download it for free

Mastering Data Structures & Algorithms using C and C++

Udemy Link

Download & Streaming Link

r/FREECoursesEveryday • comment
1 points • mohame7d

Please, I need this course

r/csMajors • comment
2 points • compasscard

If you don't have a problem switching to c++ then check out Abdul Bari courses

Data structures:


Source: I've done pretty good at interviews and I learned more from him than from my college course of ds & algo.

r/learnprogramming • comment
1 points • mrmivo

Starting from scratch?

Book: Introduction to Algorithms (The MIT Press)

Udemy: Mastering Data Structures & Algorithms using C and C++

YouTube: Abdul Bari's playlist on Algorithms

r/OSUOnlineCS • comment
2 points • OutsideYam

Here's a few resources I used in the class

Abdul Bara - Data Structure YouTube Series <- Also useful for CS325

Abdul Bara - Data Structures in C++ Though I think CS261 is in Python now

Rob Edwards of SDSU - Data Structures It's done in Java, but still can help

r/learnprogramming • comment
2 points • videoj

Here's three I found. I haven't taken any of them so I can' promise they're good.

r/cpp • comment
1 points • Bhallu_
r/OSUOnlineCS • comment
1 points • Upstairs-Location

I just finished 261 with a good grade that I cannot complain about

These were my main resources


Robert from SDSU

Code Academy

I believe you can get the Udemy course from YouTube.

As well, to prep for each exam go through the work sheets. Understand what's going on conceptually AND be able to memorize the code in all the worksheets. I cannot stress this enough.

Last piece of advice: register early for your group. Most people who find teammates quickly are usually on top of their game and this makes the worksheets, which are a chore, a little bit more bearable.

r/leetcode • comment
7 points • MaesterWolf

This is one of the best courses on Data Structures, not free but I bought it for $10 (C++):

For algorithms watch:

1) MIT Intro to algorithms:

2) Abdul Bari Algorithm Playlist (No code, but great explanations):

3) Lecture 8, 9, 10 on BackTracking:

4) Graph Algorithms (Java):

5) Dynamic Programming:

For practice:

Solve problems on LeetCode, InterviewBit

r/informatics_olympiad • comment
1 points • prat8


This is exactly what you need, trust me.



This one too.

r/cpp_questions • comment
1 points • alex292420
r/Indian_Academia • comment
3 points • brainy099

First of all sign up for GitHub education since you are a student - . You will get a LOT of free trials and perks with it. It will take 7-15 days for approval.

For learning, u don't really need to worry as you will be flooded with so much material that will overwhelm you, so I'd suggest you to stick to a main course and deviate from it only if you are having doubts C++ courses, Have a try, choose one and stick to it :

For DSA: This one is a long process. Start solving on sites like HackerRank or Leetcode and learn slowly. U can start learning web dev along with this.

For Web Development: Follow this guides -

Choose one of the following as base course

The key is to keep making projects and keep coding, that's the only way u will learn. After looking at coding tutorials you think you know it but u wont until u actually code it.

Watch out for tutorial Hell - where u move to tutorial after tutorial and never move forward, so stay on one main course.

Basic plan would be:

  • Learn C++ -> Learn DS Algo -> Practice on HackerRank, Leetcode.
  • At the same time -> freeCodeCamp/Odin -> Make a lot of projects.
  • Learn git and git hub, upload all your projects on GitHub, learn to write documentations, learn to collaborate with GitHub and make opensource contributions.
  • Try to get an internship on summer break or something, this will help a lot with confidence and experience. Keep some projects ready by then to showcase it.