Docker and Kubernetes
The Complete Guide

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If you're tired of spinning your wheels learning how to deploy web applications, this is the course for you.

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Taught by
Stephen Grider

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r/node • post
10 points • OpenSourceObsidian
I'm going through Andrew Mead's Node course on Udemy and I'm wondering which course to take next

Hi, everyone! I'm a 27 years old underpaid researcher working with data science and machine learning to predict the runtime and energy consumption of HPC applications, but the quarantine made me realize it's not what I want to do for the rest of my life.

I'm near the end of Andrew's Node course (it's great, learned a lot) and I'm wondering what should I get next. After I'm done with this, I'm planning on learning React as my first frontend library. So far two courses have grabbed my attention:

Stephen Grider's Modern React with Redux [2020 Update]

Maximilian Schwarzmüller's React - The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux)

After that, I'm not really sure which course should I get to get comfortable with deployment. They're both by Stephen Grider btw:

Stephen Grider's Docker and Kubernetes: The Complete Guide

Stephen Grider's Microservices with Node JS and React

I'm also going to get Stephen Grider's The Complete React Native + Hooks Course [2020 Edition] sometime after finishing these, but I was wondering if any of the React courses I mentioned would be enough to just use React Native's documentation to build apps on my own.

Thanks for the help!

r/docker • comment
1 points • midget1022

I was confused between this course and this one -

r/devops • comment
1 points • Some_ITguy

Have you looked at this course? Can't really say whether it's good or not, though.

r/AskReddit • comment
1 points • benethorpl

r/recruitinghell • comment
1 points • fluffycatsinabox

Yes, that's the class! Definitely a recommend- I find that the instructor handwaves over some of the details, which is a little frustrating but also very understandable given the breadth of services the course covers.

If you're interested, the Docker one I'm taking is here. Stephen Grider, the guy who teaches this and a bunch of other really good courses on Udemy, is an actual god. Instead of doing my program, I seriously should have just bought his courses and spent the rest of the money hiring someone to throw potatoes at me unless I self-studied.

Thank you again for the encouragement! Let's do great things.

r/cscareerquestions • comment
1 points • divulgingwords

This is the one, but definitely wait for it to be on sale for $10.

r/node • comment
1 points • salttis

If you have time to spend on this you should check out this udemy course: Docker is just a container and doesnt scale on itself 🙂

r/docker • comment
2 points • irungaia

Heres a sample Dockerized Flask app

And a service to the docker-compose file called 'mongo'. The host in you Mongo connection string in the Flask app with have to change from whatever it is now (probably localhost) to mongo for the Flask app in a container to connect to Mongo in a container.

I highly recommend this course. The first half is all Docker. It gets into Kubernetes in the second half.

r/docker • post
3 points • matlau_286
React Docker CI/CI boilerplate reference project

Inspired by this Udemy course by Stephen Grider, I have put together a boilerplate reference project which uses Docker, and Travis CI, to build and deploy a React app onto AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

Link to my Github repo here:

I hope you may find this useful, thank you!

r/csharp • comment
1 points • OptimusPrime3600

Will definitely take a look. btw do you think these two courses are relevant to me?

r/node • comment
1 points • godlikeplayer2

There is no blueprint for a microservice project and really depends on the size and scope of the project. You can start from a handful of simple node servers with express/koa that talk to each other via rest calls - basically like you do on the frontend. For example, a get request for a blog Article: gateway service (maybe with authenticating the user) -> article service -> comment service -> back to the user

Important is that every service should be stateless and at best be a 12 factor app.

for asynchronous stuff, you will need some kind of message broker like RabbitMq for example.

You could also use a federated Graphql schema, grpc or moleculer that have a bit different approach and are a pretty bleeding edge. Restful is still the mainstream way of doing inter-service communication but has some shortcomings that all these new paradigms try to solve.

Docker will be the minimum you need. Better at least docker-compose and for enterprise-grade environments, Kubernetes that handle most of the auto-scaling and service discovery stuff.

As the project grows, there will also more need in monitoring, tracing and error logging.

maybe you start from the beginning with some course. I went through this one a while ago. Covers a lot and uses nodejs

r/docker • comment
1 points • Kernel_Internal

I'm typically not a huge fan of udemy but is actually pretty good and worth the sale price of $13.99 imo

r/kubernetes • comment
1 points • RelevantRope

>Udemy course by Stephen Grider

Is it this one?

r/cscareerquestions • comment
1 points • I_sell_pancakes

wait for this course to go on sale for like $10 or $15

r/greece • comment
1 points • VDKay

Πολύ ωραίος! Ανάλογα πώς θες να συνεχίσεις θα πρότεινα:

  1. Για να συνεχίσεις πιο βαριά με Python, θα πρότεινα web development με Flask ( ή Django ( Αρχισε τα tutorials τους και στήσε serverάκι σπίτι σου, κάνε τα services να μιλάνε ματαξύ τους κλπ, και θα έχεις ήδη αποκτήσει εμπειρία για το 50% των θέσεων developer στην αγορά σήμερα.

  2. Μπορείς να δεις DevOps με Docker και Kubernetes. Προσωπικά ξεκίνησα αυτό ( το οποίο ξεκινάει από το 0 και είναι πολύ τίμιο και κατανοητό. Γενικά τα DevOps είναι πολύ trendy και game changers.

  3. Για πιο ακαδημαικά, μπορείς να τσεκάρεις τα Machine Learning services της Amazon ( ( Εχουν tutorials και παίζει να έχουν και free trial accounts.

Για τα 1 και 2 υπάρχει ήδη ΤΕΡΑΣΤΙΑ ζητηση στην Ελληνική αγορά, και λογικά θα αυξηθεί κι άλλο λόγω ιού πιστέυω (μιλάω με "φίλη" recruiter). Για το 3 είναι πολύ πιο παλούκι, αλλά αξίζει τον κόπο αν είσαι intellectual καυλωμένο άτομο και θα ήθελες να το δεις ακαδημαικά (master, phd σε οτιδήποτε έχει να κάνει με data analysis)