Electron for Desktop Apps
The Complete Developer's Guide

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Use the Electron Framework to build compelling cross platform desktop applications with the latest web dev technologies

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Taught by
Stephen Grider

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r/electronjs • comment
1 points • Magenot

Sorry for the late reply.. Stephen Grider has a course on Udemy for ElectronJS and it's really good. I love his teaching approach as he lets you know of all the gotchas and quirks but doesn't overwhelm you all at once.


r/electronjs • comment
1 points • prodiver

Those are great introductions, but if you don't mind spending $20 bucks or so the best full courses are:

Stephen Grider - Electron for Desktop Apps: The Complete Developer's Guide

Maximilian Schwarzmüller - Vue JS 2 - The Complete Guide

r/electronjs • comment
1 points • pshoumma

This tutorial would definitely help you: https://www.udemy.com/course/electron-react-tutorial/

Actually Stephen Grider is one of the best teachers out there teaching modern web technologies. I'm a big fan and I'm sure lot of people are.

r/node • comment
1 points • ykrishnay

There are some courses and blog articles you checkout.

1) electron course by stephen grider udemy

2)electron course udemy

3)article toptal




7)frontend masters


stephen grider is great for beginners .