Ethereum and Solidity
The Complete Developer's Guide

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Use Ethereum, Solidity, and Smart Contracts to build production-ready apps based on the blockchain

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Taught by
Stephen Grider

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r/Nepal • post
47 points • kenjirai
I'm doing Blockchain, solidity and React JS course online, I want to form study group.

Hi I'm Kenji from Lalitpur Nepal. So far I'm self studying Blockchain, Solidity programming and React JS online. There are plenty of high quality courses online which is great but study online has one big disadvantage which is you've study alone. There are plenty of research related to neuroscience fields that our brain is wired for social learning. Learning together has great advantages, we can solve the problem faster, come up with innovate ideas and more importantly we can form long lasting bonds between us.

Here is general idea of how I'm thinking of planning it.

I've selected related courses which is quiet popular online. If you think there are better courses than we can discuss and change it but we will all follow and study the exact same courses.

Blockchain Basic:
React Js:


I've yet to think about the location. I really don't want to choose expensive places. Once the group is formed, we need to think about the location.

My ideas:

  1. Meet few hours, 4 to 5 times a week in some affordable cafe and discuss course content, share knowledge and help each other with course problems.
  2. Renting affordable place.

If no body has better idea on location, I can definitely solve location issues once the group is formed.

If you have better ideas let me know.

Once the course is complete, I can help you to get certificate from Coursera and Udemy if you want it.

If you are interested and have some ideas let me know.

Let study together, help each other and change the world.

r/CryptoTechnology • comment
5 points • Neophyte-

they are completely different. but firstly there is a difference between doing blockchain dev and a smart contract dev.

blockchain dev is making changes to the protocol itself e.g. implementing segwit in bitcoin or an EIP in ethereum. this requires advanced knowledge of blockchain, cryptography and a deep understanding of how the particular blockchain works. a very steep learning curve.

As for smart contracts, bitcoin / eth both have them. you dont hear about smart contracts in bitcoin but they are there, just not very interesting or powerful with what you can do. smart contract dev is much easier to pick up.

bitcoin uses the script language in their smart contracts, a stack based language thats not turing complete (no loops), contracts are limited in the opcodes available and space in a transaction. the contracts are used for things like timelocks used in LN and more im not aware of, but its boring stuff.

ethereum is a turing complete blockchain (can solve a problem any other computer can solve) it uses solidity or viper (python based). id go with solidity if you want to start since there are many more examples. with smart contracts on ethereum, the world is your oyster in what you can do, but most compute / memory access heavy code is going to be expensive to operate. when you execute smart contracts in ethereum every step in the code costs GAS. with gas prices now, even interacting with an ERC20 token to send a token is at time of this writing 22$ usd, a few days ago it was over 100$.

a more complex example makerdao to open a vault, you are looking at probably 150$ at gas prices or more.

if youre looking for a good course id suggest, this is what the ethdev sub recommended to me.

if you have a programming background its not hard to pick up. iff you dont have a programming background id probably start off doing centralised dev (for lack of a better term) and learn python (one of the easiest langagues to learn)

worth mentioning that with smart contract dev, you need to have a good understanding of data structures to not waste gas and in general have a good understanding of fundamental programming constructs that apply across all langauges

r/ethdev • comment
3 points • chainvault

this udemy course is really good. I learned enough from it to write a number of multi-function smart contracts.

r/ethdev • comment
3 points • GabrielT007

There's a course on udemy where this is done:

r/ethereum • comment
2 points • moistcoder when I got it, it was 19.99 don’t know if I’d pay 94 dollars for it though.

r/solidity • comment
2 points • breadkiller7

r/ethdev • comment
2 points • brssnj93

Complete Ethereum developer guide on Udemy.

r/ethdev • comment
2 points • Bushwazi

I took this Udemy class and finished it, learned a bunch along the way. Its a few years old now and I cannot vouch for it being up to date since I took it a few years ago. Sadly I haven't actually done any real work with what I learned...

If you haven't used Udemy before, sign up for a couple of free courses and see if they offer you some sale prices in a few days. They always have sales for like $12 once you are a member.

r/ethdev • comment
2 points • saintshing

is this course up to date? i'm considering this one and the other course by stephen grider but it seems that one is outdated .

r/Python • comment
1 points • moc_gordy

I can reccomend, having done it about a year ago.

r/BlockchainEngineers • comment
1 points • davexlr

This course by Stephen Grider helped me

r/dapps • comment
1 points • w__t

For anyone interested, I did Stephen Grider's course on Udemy and even though the libraries are outdated he does a phenomenal job explaining all the basics which are still relevant:

r/solidity • comment
1 points • Forcent

I've done a few an this was the best

r/ethereum • comment
1 points • mobiman1

I did Stepen Grider's Udemy course about 1.5 years ago and everything works. I was a while back but seems to be updated regularly:

r/ethdev • comment
1 points • JayElectricity

If they complete cryptozombies, this udemy course is pretty solid as a next step.

r/ethdev • comment
1 points • xcsob

> Stephen Grider's course on full-stack Dapp development enough.

is this the course you are mentioning?

r/solidity • comment
1 points • Bluetron13

Unless anyone here is going to give you a certification or is a verified online tutor, and if by 30 you mean dollars, you should just get this course.

About a month ago, I was a total solidity noob and now I can create any kind of smart contracts, deploy them on any ethereum network and even create really nice looking react applications around those contracts to provide a nice interface. I followed everything taught in that course down to the T.

r/ethdev • comment
2 points • 0xElric

First of all, Blockchain development is no different than learning any other discipline in programming.

So, I would point out to learn the basics of programming to generate a solid knowledge that allows you to be versatile. In CodeAcademy, there are solid courses like this Full-Stack Software Engineer career path that will guide you on how to be a "jack of all trades (and master of quite a few)" as they say on their website. That knowledge will allow you to understand things like how to create a DApp + Back-end, and that alone will be enough to be helpful on most Blockchain projects.

Later, if you want to dive deeper into Smart Contract development, you can tackle a course like: "Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developer's Guide" that will guide you on that process.

IMHO, from the experience I obtained with several people, it's best to start with a structured course that gives you a set of concrete goals rather than jumping around into so many different things (but that, of course, depends on the person).

My 2 cents

r/solidity • comment
2 points • doblev

I'd say look into this course here:

I've been doing that course and it's really good so far. I'm not completely done with it, but so far I feel like I know what I'm doing. I would wait for a sale though, don't buy the course at full price, you can get it between $9.99 and $12.99 during a sale. Sales usually happen around the holidays but sometimes there are popup sales. Hope that helps.

r/HPB_Global • comment
1 points • Gordon_Glass

Great to see our esportsref founder throwing down the gauntlet to devs. Jeff, himself, learned Solidity via this course on Udemy: No excuses!

r/ethdev • comment
1 points • TechHodler

I highly recommend this course for full stack app development on Ethereum. The instructor explains really well and is really detailed and takes his time to make sure you understand the important concepts.

r/solidity • comment
1 points • nexion2

I just started taking this course yesterday, it was only $16.



I plan on completing it in the next few months, hopefully soon.

r/ethfinance • comment
1 points • Damien_Targaryen

Someone suggested I take a solidity course or two so I googled it up and found this one from udemy.

I have absolutely zero coding experience though, should I take a basic coding course like this by codeacademy first?

Or what other suggestions do you guys have

r/ethdev • comment
0 points • highlypaid

Nice! Looks like a good course, I will try to breeze through that one when I’m finished with the one I’m on:

I’m trying an experiment where I watch the videos on 2x to get through it faster while still retaining the knowledge.

For sure, stay in touch and send a DM anytime you have a question or feel inspired!

r/solidity • comment
1 points • niceBardo

I enrolled into this a while ago -> and it was awesome. Even if you have to update "offline" with the solidity new versions, this course give you a very solid base for Solidity and Ethereum funcioning.

r/BlockchainStartups • comment
1 points • YashUppal

Sure man, First course:

Second course:

r/ethdev • comment
1 points • studiomaxio

I found this course on Udemy super helpful to get some solidity fundamentals as well as integrating your smart contracts with a functional front end.

r/theta_network • comment
1 points • claire95747

For those who want to learn how to develop and deploy smart contracts, there are good courses at, both free and paid that start with setting up your dev environment.



Udemy has other solidity courses but I took both of these and found them very helpful. There are also plenty of Youtube tutorials available.

Once you learn solidity and how to deploy and interact with smart contracts on the ethereum block chain, it's easy to switch over to theta, as long as you understand how all the pieces fit together.