Complete Introduction to Excel Power Query

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Quickly & effectively learn to transform and prepare data for Microsoft Excel using Power Query

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Taught by
Ian Littlejohn

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r/excel • comment
1 points • KDavidP1987

I know right, they can be a game-changer. For additional info, I would highly recommend these. Just Don't pay full price for them, wait until they are on a discount for between $10 - $20.

(Watched this one myself, highly rated, personally)

(haven't watched this one personally, but it is highly rated on Udemy)

There is currently a great promo it looks like, site-wide: Courses from $9.99 during the season’s best sale! Ends 8/29, 11:59 p.m. PDT.

r/excel • comment
1 points • DataSkillsCo

Hey u/CarbonSquirrel, we focus on Data Analysis on Udemy with courses covering Power BI, Excel, Google Data Studio and Amazon Quicksight.

For Black Friday, we have our Excel courses currently on promotion until this Sunday 29 November. Our courses are generally short (under 8 hours) and well-received with ratings of over 4.5 across the board. Hope some of these are of interest to you...