The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart

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Welcome to the Complete Flutter App Development Bootcamp with Dart - created in collaboration with the Google Flutter team.

Reddemy may receive an affiliate commission if you enroll in a paid course after using these buttons to visit Udemy. Thank you for using these buttons to support Reddemy.

Taught by
Dr. Angela Yu

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r/Flutter • post
13 points • WolfWarrior0405
Any job hunting tip for... an entry level flutter developer?

A bit about myself, I'm a college student doing Computer Science and I'm in a money deficit on my upcoming undergrad years at CSU Long Beach with room and tuition. I have a little bit of Flutter experience, I'm 90% done with a UDEMY course on Flutter: so basically I know how to design UI, call web API, use GPS location, etc but i dont know how to use Firebase yet or save data with SQL. I know this is a bit too much to ask consider my novice skill level, but is there any freelancing jobs site or anyway for me to make some side money with my (limited) skill with flutter?

r/FlutterDev • comment
2 points • Hiwa_47

r/Flutter • comment
2 points • carlstep333

try this

the course is delivered Angela Yu of The App Brewery team.

r/FlutterDev • comment
1 points • sutikshna24

I strongly recommend this flutter course to anyone new in sw development

r/FlutterDev • comment
1 points • zintjr

Angela Yu's course is great for beginners - good luck!

r/androiddev • comment
1 points • Stem3576

For this reason I have switched to the flutter framework. It makes the design super simple and dart has been very easy to learn. I completed the angela yu udemy course and now I dont have to spend so much time creating xml views and get to focus on the functionality of the app. Aside for the design being simple, it is also cross platform if you wanted to post the app in both stores.

r/Flutter • comment
1 points • ltfysl

If you have never worked with Flutter before, I would recommend this course. here

In my opinion, the best starting point for Flutter

r/FlutterDev • comment
1 points • EmTeeAge

I bought this course for the same reason as you - to learn Flutter & Dart. I'm not a programmer, but I have some IT background. The course says that you don't need any programming knowledge to complete the course, however I strongly recommend having a grasp of certain concepts beforehand.

I don't consider myself a very smart person, and after a couple of hours into the course, I felt lost and didn't really knew what I was doing. I decided to take a step back and found another course:

What I really like about the second course is a slower pace and more comprehensible explanations for beginners in my opinion. This may be both an advantage and disadvantage at the same time - depending on how good you are at understanding new complex concepts.

I eventually plan on going back to the course you are suggesting after finishing the second one. Considering that you can get both for around 20$, it's up to you to decide (I obviously don't know how much programming background you have, so yeah.. that's it)

r/FlutterDev • comment
1 points • jrheisler


That's the one I did. Like I said, it was great, but I wish there was a follow on course. Deeper into databases, state management, ... I'd gladly pay for it.

r/FlutterDev • comment
1 points • satvikpendem

The App Brewery free course is the first 10 hours or so of this longer one on Udemy. This one is paid though of course.

r/FlutterDev • comment
1 points • rezatvs

This one:

r/flutterhelp • comment
1 points • zukocodes

Not sure if you started, but Angela Yu's course is by far the best course for anyone new to flutter.

r/learnprogramming • comment
1 points • megazver

I though the App Brewery Flutter course was much better. I recommend it.

r/CodingHelp • comment
1 points • ShawnMilo

I recommend this course. It should be under $20. If it's not, look for it; it's available elsewhere as well.

Are you 100% brand new to coding, or just new to mobile?

r/mexico • comment
1 points • ARCADDER

Tengo 26 años, en la carrera sólo vimos cosas relacionadas a arte y mercadotecnia, aprendí C++ sobre la marcha en mi tiempo libre para varios proyectos de videjuegos que nunca acabé. También de mocoso hacía páginas web en HTML y CSS, no es lo mismo que programar, pero creo que me hizo un colchón enorme al tratar de programar por mi cuenta.

Actualmente estoy tomando un curso de Flutter para desarrollo de apps, entre otras cosas. Suena mediocre pero el curso de Udemy impartido por Angela Yu es una biblia actualizada a la punta del software. Creo que este tipo de cursos ayudan mucho más que ir a una universidad donde te dan una embarradita de todo y toda la información es la que se utilizaba hace media década.

r/FlutterDev • comment
1 points • raywalz

Yeah, I’m almost finished with the free part and I’m going to definitely buy the full course once I’m done. If anyone else interested is reading this, here is the full course:

r/FlutterDev • comment
1 points • lbarqueira

To begin with (even for advanced beginner) I suggest the course from Angela Yu at Then, practice, practice, practice.

r/Flutter • comment
1 points • GrowCanadian

I found the London App Brewery course on udemy to be worth the $12

r/FlutterDev • comment
1 points • Macaato

It is a great course for the basics. I can’t speak too much on everything she goes over because I can’t remember tbh. Her course won’t necessarily set you up to do EVERYTHING you need but it will set you up to become comfortable enough with Flutter/Dart to make your own basic apps and incorporate other, perhaps more complex, functions that you research. Here is the link to the curriculum if you want to research further

r/Flutter • comment
1 points • Cnkcv

The udemy course I'm taking has a section specifically on incorporating firebase that I'm finding very helpful, is this what you're after? Or a different database?

r/FlutterDev • comment
2 points • D-Ring86

I can highly recommend this udemy course:

Goes from simple single screen display with no interactions all the way to a chat app. Having some programming experience will make it easier but not required, she explains simple things like variable types in skippable lessons.

r/CodingHelp • comment
2 points • saintshing

Flutter can be used to make apps for both ios and android.

This intro course(first 10 hr of the full course) is free. It is same as the highly rated course on udemy, co-developed by google. See if you can follow the intro course. Like others said, this may be a bit hard for beginners who have never coded before.

Also google "flutter music player", you can find some tutorials on youtube.

r/dartlang • comment
2 points • SolGuy

>There is an excellent course on udemy by appbrewery

r/FlutterDev • comment
1 points • DoPeopleEvenLookHere

So IMO the best advice, is pick a simple app idea and just fucking make it. This course should be enough to start and from there learn what you need when you have a problem you don't know how to solve.

Shameless plug time: I'm starting a blog/video series on building a podcast app from start to finish using flutter. It can be found here though it will take a while since I have a ton of other things on the go.

r/androiddev • comment
1 points • ibiza2miami_

That's the whole reason I'm getting into it. Just bear in mind I have ZERO IT, coding experience. Should I learn JS first? or just start with this? and what about this course? someone said I should start here

r/Flutter • comment
1 points • LTID

I learned from Angela Yu. She explains everything from scratch as if you know nothing about developing. The course is currently only $10 as a St. Patty's special. I would take advantage! This is was my first course with her and it was amazing and I am currently taking her iOS13 & Swift 5 course.

I know I didn't answer your questions, but if you do plan on learning, her course made me feel like a flutter pro!

r/Flutter • comment
1 points • cyberspark15
r/OSUOnlineCS • comment
1 points • Ban_The_DH

I am completely on the other end of the spectrum. If you want to learn flutter the class is good (although the Udemy class I took before it started was better). If you want to learn what makes mobile apps useful and usable, this class is definitely lacking. If you actually want to learn flutter I would recommend this $12 Udemy class ( instead of $2K for CS492

r/FlutterDev • comment
1 points • adals
r/dartlang • comment
1 points • danielbeernink

Try this course. It is mainly focussed on developments regarding flutter, however, it also learns you how to used Dart. Additionally, at first I follow the dart language tour before I began on the bootcamp development course... It is not free, but costs around €10.

r/dartlang • comment
3 points • mca62511

I really want to make something for people like you, because I agree, the vast majority of materials out there are either poor quality, old, or they just assume that you already have programming experience.

That having been said, I think that this Dart Academy Boot Camp web app is an easy way to dive into syntax basics.

From there, you could do start doing Exercism coding challenges.

Unfortunately, I don't know of any good OOP Dart tutorials for absolute beginners off the top of my head. However, OOP is a design pattern. It is language agnostic for the most part. After knowing the principles of OOP, it is really easy to apply them to other languages. And the syntax of languages when it comes to OOP are usually quite similar.

If you can't find a good for-aboslute-beginners tutorial for OOP in Dart, then I do recommend you look at some tutorials from other languages. I think Laracasts' tutorials on OOP in PHP are extremely beginner friendly.

Alternatively, I think in Angela's Flutter course she does quick lessons on some basic concepts necessary to understand to work with Flutter geared at absolute beginners. She does spend some time on OOP fi I remember correctly.

r/FlutterDev • comment
1 points • sandgeof

I can recommend this course , I think you might find this helpful. All the best

r/Flutter • comment
1 points • MyracleDesign

I participated in the Flutter Bootcamp 2020. It was perfect for a beginner, especially if you have no touching points with Flutter what so ever.

The core concepts will be explained of Dart and Flutter like classes, futures and streams. Additionally, there is a short section about State Management.

One downside is there is no testing involved.

r/learnprogramming • comment
1 points • Strange_Apple

Flutter is pretty good - if you're going to take a flutter course I would recommend

It covers the basic elements well.


Although keep in mind changing what you learn so quickly could just hinder what you were trying to do in the first place. It might be worth finishing off the JS course as it will be more likely to land you a job with JS skills as flutter isn't used that much right now but it is growing.

r/learnprogramming • comment
1 points • VMX

This is the one, although Google is giving away the first 10 hours for free here. I had never done any courses from Angela Yu but damn, she's probably the best online instructor I've seen so far. Very gentle learning curve, very well structured lessons and clear but concise explanations.

>Flutter would be a great way to make something I could actually use without having to buy a mac or a new phone.

Hmm you can try, but I believe if you want to develop for iOS, you still need a Mac. I think there's no way to try the apps on your iPhone from a Windows PC, and I believe the iPhone emulator is only available from a Mac as well. Maybe there's a way to do it by booting MacOS inside a VM or something like that? Not sure.

You could still test the apps on an Android emulator though.

r/learnprogramming • comment
1 points • chimp-caesar

This is a good introduction.

This one shows how to interact with native code [iOS (Swift) and Android (Java)] - [Spanish]

This one shows how to build a minefield game. It's in portuguese (try with subtitles).

r/Odsp • comment
1 points • Merrittkr

Info on the Ontario GED test is here.

It says it costs $100, though I wouldn't be surprised if ODSP will cover that if you ask.

There are classes you can go to to prep for the GED, and I have heard fantastic things from people who have used Khan Academy to learn, which is free.


Regarding programming, no one knows how before they learn. Anyone can do it! All that is required is an open mind and a willingness to learn.

There are a ridiculous amount of free resources to learn programming online, even here on reddit /r/learnprograming as well as tons of websites and YouTube.

There are 3 main categories for programming you might want to consider:


Console applications

No graphical interface, meant to do things like find info on websites say. Example: Your program checks a product page every 6 hours to check for price drops, and if there is a drop you get alerted.


Websites / web applications

Create websites, and even some types of applications run on web technology (like Discord).


Graphical Applications

These are the regular programs you use all the time: calculator, timer, Facebook, word processor, games, finance software, etc, etc.


I'd recommend trying out web or graphical to start.




For web there are tons of great free options, for example:


Free Code Camp

I did their course a few years ago and I thought it was pretty good.


The Odin Project

I have been hearing a lot of good things about The Odin Project, I haven't tried it myself.


If you are interested in GUI (graphical) programs I would suggest this:


The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart

I did this myself and found it very complete and at a gentle pace.

This course uses Flutter & Dart, which I think are pretty great because if you learn these tools if gives you the skills to do pretty much anything: GUI, console, web - for both desktop & mobile.



Well, programming won't be for anyone but it is certainly an option that anyone could pursue if they had the wish to do so. Starting developers also often make $60k - $100k /year when working full-time, so even doing contract work from home when and as you are able has the potential to generate a decent supplemental income, and all it requires is a computer with internet access & your time.

r/FlutterDev • comment
1 points • FurtimUK

Two suggestions from me, though both will cost you £9.99 from Udemy (they have a sale on - as usual)... by Maximilian Schwarzmüller - he goes into a good level of technical background and has several very useful start apps you can build on. by Angela Yu - she's puts a bit more emphasis on the UI, little less on the background, but again apps you can base of, but perhaps a little less polished than Max's - as a result her style is perhaps easier for a beginner to pick-up.