Getting yourself organized with Org-mode

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Manage your life in plain text

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Taught by
Rainer König

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r/orgmode • comment
2 points • FriedrichVanWel

A good starting point:

And yes, you are right; you'll find plenty of help and guidance when you start googling, watch youtube and get yourself familiar with the org manual.

I'd recommend to just start to use org-mode. Try to use it as much as you can and then learn, change and tune it from there. Don't try to build the perfect setup right from the beginning. The learning curve is steep but it is well worth the effort.

ps: just refresh your agenda by pressing "r"...

r/orgmode • comment
1 points • Chilangosta

I've just been dipping my toes into org-mode, and someone referred Rainer's videos to me. They have been awesome! I've bought the course and started working through it, and it's fantastic. It's not super polished, just über-pragmatic in usual Rainer form :) $34.99 USD, but with a coupon you can find it for under $12. He has a very comprehensive book included with all the course material that is easily worth that on it's own.

Rainer's affiliate link to the course

I know many people here may already know org-mode, but if not, or if you know someone who wants to learn, give it a go! I've super appreciated Rainer's videos, and this is a great way to give back I think as well as learn.

r/emacs • comment
1 points • Salieri_

Your method makes me think you might be interested in this excellent tutorial by Rainer Koenig

r/emacs • comment
1 points • 7ie7an To support him or use the old YouTube version (not as much content)

I totally agree with Rainer König as a starting point. I started Emacs/Org-Mode because of him 5 years ago, actually because of one of his live presentations in my university. He covers a lot and gibes you a perfect start about what is possible and how to use it efficiently.

And basically ask for daily practice here on Reddit if you think anything is not efficient enough or would be better in another way. Maybe therefore a solution already exists.

r/orgmode • comment
1 points • raumi75

If you want to get an overview, I recommend Rainer König's Udemy courses and his free youtube videos.

Worth the money and the time.

r/emacs • comment
1 points • no_good_names_avail

I'm a Product Manager in tech.

Rainer Konig's Youtube series was extremely helpful when I was getting into org mode and Emacs in general. I personally paid for his Udemy because I found them so helpful.

In terms of methodology, I follow a GTD-like method. One main file with a work and personal top level heading, and then projects, one-off tasks, recurring-tasks subheadings for work. I drop the projects subheading for personal tasks. I have a fairly simple capture template setup. A meeting entry where I write my meeting notes and an inbox entry for any particuar random things that come up through the day.

todo, inbox, someday, meetingNotes are my primary org files. org-agenda-files only indexes my todo and meetingNotes files and I try my best to keep all tasks well catalogued in todo (after a meeting I tend to org-refile-copy the important bits to and manage the tasks from there.

My agenda is essentially stock org-agenda. I'll often narrow my task list to the subheading with C-a a (org-agenda), < < (narrow to subtree), a (agenda) for my Work heading, and I also make extensive use of org's subtree (C-x ns) and (C-x nw) to focus in and out on the tasks.

Generally speaking I try to keep it simple. I find even my current system a high load and I don't need my life to be busier than it already is.

r/orgmode • comment
1 points • rakoenig

Thank you for mentioning my course. For Christmas I created a set of free coupons, 2 are still left. So if you want, you can join the course for free:

r/emacs • comment
1 points • abhibansal53

Highly recommend this org-mode course by Rainer König :

Trust me I tried a bunch of tutorials and this is by far the best. This course is worth more than its cost. And in case you are familiar with vim then you can start off with doom-emacs.