Android Java Masterclass - Become an App Developer

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Improve your career options by learning Android app Development

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Taught by
Tim Buchalka


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r/WGU • comment
1 points • iMoGENz

I'm looking for the same right now in preparation for the next term. So far I've only heard to follow some course links to Lynda, and personal experiences with Tim Buchalka's "Android Java Masterclass" (recently updated 03/2020) .

r/wgu_devs • comment
1 points • KneeDeep185

I used Tim Buchalka's videos on Udemy pretty extensively for programming courses. His courses were far more informative than anything WGU provided, in my opinion.

I'll link to his Android Master Class course, though now I think it's a year or two outdated. There are other approaches that are more modern for Android development, like not using cursor loaders, and more databinding, though I don't think WGU cares for their assignment requirements. If Tim has more current videos definitely check those out, but if not I still think he's the best resource out there for ~$13 USD.

Android Master Class