Microsoft 365 Identity And Services (Exam MS-100)

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Learn topics from the Microsoft MS-100 exam

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r/Office365 • comment
1 points • BK_Rich

I am currently studying for that’s MS-100 exam so I do own the book you mentioned, I would say it is for beginners and Orin Thomas does a good job of explaining things

I also purchased this cheap Udemy course here for like $10-12 (don’t ever pay full price, there’s always a sale or coupon to be used) which gives you some visual demos to look at if you’re more into videos than books

Otherwise if you’re looking for O365/M365 basic stuff, you can find a lot of free information out there, I believe Microsoft themselves may even have free training material on their learning site these days to get you started

r/ITCareerQuestions • comment
1 points • SubbiesForLife

I'm actually currently studying for the MS-500 right now. Got any tips that helped you study? I've been using 365 for 3+ years now.

Those two exams you listed should be okay without the 5 years of experience as long, as you are doing those tasks in your daily life. A good example would be almost my entire time in 365, I've only had a A1 or A3 (Education tenant) license, We only just got A5. So I'm learning a lot of the security features we just got. But my knowledge in the tenant is amazing in the other features I've used a lot longer.

I've heard really good things about pluralsight, but i've never used it myself yet -

My only issue with UDEMY is that some of the courses are formatted weird, or don't make sense when taking their practice tests. But otherwise the content is usually pretty good! Hope it helps!