Microsoft Excel
Business Intelligence w/ Power Query & DAX

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Learn advanced Excel for data analysis & business intelligence (Power Query, Power Pivot & DAX language

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r/excel • comment
1 points • pw0803

Thanks, but DAX does not have the same formulae as normal Excel nor does it work in the same ways.

If you're unfamiliar with Power Query / Pivot / Data Model / DAX in Excel I highly recommend this course, it's a proper game changer!

r/excel • comment
1 points • tiptoptrolls

Power Query is very simple and not to do anything with VBA or Macros. for me the best feature is that it records all the changes made accordingly.

I used this tutorial from Udemy

r/excel • comment
1 points • colorcodedquotes

I found this course to be useful for an Excel beginner, and this course for more advanced usage.

Best of luck to you!