Microsoft Project ALL
BEGINNER to EXPERT 10 Projects 9 PDU

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Learn MS Project all version HANDS-ON with COMPLETE real life examples BONUS 125 project files FREE PMI approved 9 PDUs

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Taught by
Srikanth Shirodkar

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r/projectmanagement • comment
2 points • Decker1138

You're 100% correct. I just finished consulting with a PM who needed to upskill her MS Project abilities, and now she's teaching other PMs at her company. I recommend the below Udemy course (no affiliation) as a resource, I still refer back to it.

r/projectmanagement • comment
1 points • Greener1993

I personally learnt by downloading the free trail of project that Microsoft offer and then took a course on Udemy. Specifically this course:

Like all Udemy courses, never pay full price for it, they're always on offer.

But by the end of it I was an expert and knew features of the programme that others with 30-40 years of PM experience didn't know about :)

r/pmp • comment
1 points • DrMantisTobogganMDD