Natural Language Processing
NLP With Transformers in Python

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Learn next-generation NLP with transformers for sentiment analysis, Q&A, similarity search, NER, and more

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Taught by
James Briggs

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r/learnmachinelearning • comment
29 points • splitdiff

I recommend that you watch the linked video for more information on the course content and style. The video is just 4.5 minutes long.

Once you have reviewed the video, here's the link to the course on - Natural Language Processing with Transformers in Python. Use Coupon Code FREE43.

The course has 11 hours of video across 96 lectures. Looks like a comprehensive introduction.

r/Python • comment
12 points • awsomntbiker

Direct link:

r/learndatascience • comment
1 points • jamescalam

If it still isn't working DM me and I'll try and figure out why it isn't for you - could be a location issue I'm not sure