Node.js, Express, MongoDB & More
The Complete Bootcamp 2022

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Master Node by building a real-world RESTful API and web app (with authentication, Node

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Taught by
Jonas Schmedtmann

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r/learnjavascript • comment
4 points • notforalong

This one is pretty good, and covers mongoose and mongodb.

r/node • comment
1 points • 07Compressor

This one is pretty good for learning REST API development and it also shows how to make a server side generated app (html is made by the server, no react or frontend library/framework).

r/node • comment
1 points • Yusadolat

Here you go..

r/learnjavascript • comment
1 points • numuso

I’m halfway through Jonas Schmedtmann’s node course. So far, really well put together.

Obviously the usual stuff happens with newest NPM packages needing a slight adjustment, but it’s all in the Q&A and official docs.

For me, the clarity of concepts is more important than fixing a few bugs. I’ve tried a few other courses / teachers, I’d hate to know how much spent on courses on Udemy so far.. but, still cheaper than getting a degree I guess!

Max’s courses are definitely not my style, but I own a few that have additional sections (like testing or security concepts) that may not be covered elsewhere, so it’s not a complete waste.

Favourite teacher so far is definitely Jonas. I wish he had more courses TBH.

r/node • comment
1 points • csengineer12

I'm using this:

if you don't know javascript, the same author has a wonderful introductory course on JS too.

r/learnprogramming • comment
1 points • _Royalty_

This is the course I'm looking at. I've enjoyed Jonas' content in the past and trust him, but a lot of the reviews are requesting a React course.

I don't know enough about the stack or the role that React plays to understand why it's been left out here and if I'll be okay completing this course, then moving on to a React course like this?

r/node • comment
1 points • DevSahalan

Node.js, Express, MongoDB & More: The Complete Bootcamp 2020 " by Jonas Schmedtmann is an amizing course for can give a try.

r/node • comment
1 points • Cozybear110494

If you are already know JS, I suggest you to grab some course on education platform. My previous background was also embedded engineer, I learned JS, Nodejs and other stuff before I landed myself a job. You can refer 3 of best Nodejs courses on Udemy (my opinion) link below: (Jonas) (Max) (Andrew)

I learned basic HTML, CSS, JS and Node from Jonas, and would recommended him.

r/node • comment
1 points • purushot-j

>Not only is your implementation incomplete and seriously dangerous, but you seem not to appreciate that JWT itself has problems, like that it isn't meaningfully revokable.

so far i finished these courses
both authors are very popular in their domain and both of them used the same way of implementing it so am not really understand why are you keep saying its serious dangerous. when you cant post any other source where they implemented it a bit differently so i can see the difference? otherwise i can never understand what you are talking about.

r/node • comment
1 points • DVGY

Yes. Man it did.

  1. For Fundamentals use this course: Node Js Fundamental
  2. For Advance Use this: Advance Node JS
  3. How to use Node JS with Front End and Other tech too: Next Level Concepts


Well I used all three of them. It will help you so much.

r/learnjavascript • comment
1 points • FujiToday
r/learnprogramming • comment
1 points • zyanis

I had my eyes on these two courses (only if they go on sale at some point):

Do you have any book recommendations as well? I would love to check them out.

Edit: You already recommended eloquent javascript, my bad I'll check it out.

r/learnprogramming • comment
1 points • Zeelot975

Oh i have a big list of more courses im going and have bought.

I also finished this course - (Really an amazing course in my opinion, and if you want to learn MySQL this is the way to go)

But currently im doing this course - (I really cant recommend this course, im just doing it cause i bought it, but its not as good as the same instructors Javascript course that i linked to you.)

Also theres this course thats on my list next -
(This one is pretty decent, though not very indept into concepts, im more using to to remember stuff)

And of course there's still tons of other courses i want to do.

Also my taking the JS course and the MySQL i've become pretty "fluent" in either, and i have no problems writing either code anymore.

r/argentina • comment
1 points • gustavsen

vi el programa de la carrera.

muchas buzzword para resultar atractivo

el stack tecnologico que usan es raro cuanto menos tirando a atrasado.

si sos autodidacta tenes gratis:

que es un curso en etapas muy interesante, pronto va a sacar el de python para data science y ahi va a ser excelente.

de udemy te aconsejo:







y de extra:



con 77 usd como maximo (si compras los primeros 7 cursos entre 10 y 11usd) ^(6391ar$) tendrias muchisimo para aprender con lo que te costaria un solo mes del instituto que mencionaste...

tampoco te olvides del excelente link que esta en la sidebar:


r/node • comment
1 points • Expiar

First of all, thank you for answering.

So until now I just completed courses. Those are the courses I finished:

In this course, I learned JavaScript fundamentals, data structures, functions, classes, asynchronous behavior, etc. It was 68 hours course.


Then I completed two Node.js Courses:


In these courses, I learned Node.js and heavily Express and MongoDB.

I build 2 big projects with these topics. Express side, I created routes, route handlers, middlewares, and some related topics. MongoDB side, I created databases and models, relationships between models, CRUD operations, also some MongoDB middlewares.


Also, I finished two TypeScript courses:


But the problem is that until now I just listen to teachers on these courses, I write codes with them, I take notes, I also finish code challenges in these courses. I only write codes with their guide. I don't know what to do next to become a really good back-end developer.

r/learnjavascript • comment
2 points • atthesummit

*Imp: I am not affiliated with Udemy or any of the instructors, I have just created this plan for my friend to get the first job


  • Its \~300 hours of content so it should take around 3-6 months, including practice
  • It covers web technologies, in depth JavaScript, Frontend framework like Reactjs & its ecosystem, backend tecnologies like Nodejs & its ecosystem, some other important tools & technologies, TypeScript, interview preparation & resume writing
  • It covers at least 4 major projects


  1. Introduction to Web Technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Nodejs, etc) (34 hours)


2)  In depth JavaScript (Your main programming language) (52 hours)


3) Advanced CSS (llayouts & animation) (28 hours)

4) Everything about - Reactjs & its ecosystem (Frontend Framework) (39 hours)


5) Everything about - Nodejs and MongoDB  & their ecosystem (Backend Technologies) (42 hours)


6)  Some other important stuff (Performance, Security, Testing, Other Tools & Technologies) (35 hours)


7) More in-trend programming language based on JavaScript - TypeScript (the current standard) (25 hours)


8) Interview Preparaion (Basic) (13 hours)


9) Interview Preparation (advanced + LeetCode) (22 hours)


10) Resume writing, LinkedIn, Job Searching, etc (7 hours)


\~ 300 hours of course content

let me know what you think


ps: This is shared in good faith, there is no affiliation links or I am not going to get a single penny if you take any of the courses :)

This is for those who are comfortable with learning on Udemy

I created a comprehensive all inclusive plan, so thought about sharing it to whom who can really benefit from it

r/reactjs • comment
1 points • lucasmrl

u/Svarto I saw that Full Stack Open ( has almost everything I used, but I had a course that I bought in Udemy really good, so:


1.React -
2.React Router:
3.Protected routes:
4. Set up React + TailwindCSS :
5. Get started with TailwindCSS:

And so many more... haha. It was like a puzzle, sorry, I don't have all the references. :S