PMP Certification Exam Prep Course 35 PDU Contact Hours/PDU

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Get your PMP Certification with this course

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Taught by
TIA Education, Andrew Ramdayal

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r/pmp • comment
6 points • 53rg1u

Andrew Ramdayal has a course on udemy which is one of the best you can get on the market for PMP preparation:

r/pmp • comment
5 points • Alphabravo0

Udemy has this course I just bought it today for $15.99 as it is on sale for one more day. Haven’t started it yet but people who passed their PMP were referencing it.

r/pmp • comment
3 points • msmith1172

The other thread about the first person to take it was spot on. Largely agile, very few questions about the legacy material. Absolutely, definitely know the agile guide back and forth. No "gotchas" - hard questions were hard because of minor distinctions and "what's BEST next answer"


I used PMTraining's exam simulator & this course PMP Certification Exam Prep Course 35 PDU Contact Hours/PDU | Udemy

Also bought Scott Payne's audio book. Read the Agile Guide. Didn't even open the PMBok.

Probably \~45 hours total across 2 weeks. 3xAT, AT overall.

r/pmp • comment
2 points • lmeach00

It's called, "PMP Certification Exam Prep Crouse 35 PDU Contact Hours/PDU" by TIA Education, Andrew Ramdayal. Here's the link.

If you look at the course content there is a series of lectures called "Mindset" that's 13 lectures and 1 hr 14 min long. It's the fourth one from the bottom. Hope this helps!

r/projectmanagement • comment
1 points • SelectTadpole

Thanks for feedback. I wound up buying this course (looks like approved PMI educator also) since time was running short for the Udemy sale:

r/pmp • comment
1 points • degameturq

Just to confirm:

This is the course right?

r/pmp • comment
1 points • Assumption-Alive


I wasn't sure how relevant at this moment Rita is so this is really reassuring, thanks

I only took mock exams, the 60 question ones from his web, but I guess Udemy classes are useful. Do you mean this one ?

r/pmp • comment
1 points • Tinox1

Yes, that's the one that is taken by most of the people in this sub.

There are some people that also like this one by Andrew Ramdayal:

PMP Certification Exam Prep Course 35 PDU Contact Hours/PDU | Udemy

They both cost the same, $15.

r/pmp • comment
1 points • Dantai

This one? It says it has 2 practice exams, but not a question bank.

r/pmp • comment
1 points • ajayiadozen

They are part of Andrew Ramdayal's Udemy course, found here:

r/pmp • comment
1 points • Ade_Bab

r/pmp • comment
1 points • twohawry0781h

Right. I see it is only like 26.5 hours so I guess I could even lodge my application 2 days from now. Just for the sake of scheduling the exam earlier in december.

r/pmp • comment
1 points • Mattb1122

Sorry my response was to the course.

r/pmp • comment
1 points • steamedhamsforever

I’m pretty sure it is this one:

r/pmp • comment
1 points • netizen30

Andrew Ramdayal's course is probably the cheapest. Udemy offers regular discounts.

r/pmp • comment
1 points • 24Gameplay_

r/pmp • comment
1 points • bsdude010


Same question. There are several on Udemy by Andrew Ramdayal. I am never sure which we need.

r/pmp • comment
1 points • OwlYear

Andrew Ramdayal has a great Udemy course as well. He has a section that's all about the mindset to approach the traditional and agile questions. I found that to be extremely helpful.

r/pmp • comment
1 points • Ok_Understanding7016

Look for mindset section

r/pmp • comment
1 points • justMadrid

If you’re feeling lost with Joseph’s video maybe try Andrew Ramdayal’s video? I was feeling lost with Joseph’s videos too and when I made the switch- it all started clicking.

r/pmp • comment
6 points • crystalzelda

The 7th edition book will not help you on the exam. It was published after this exam was updated and will not be nearly enough to cover. The exam is based on the 6th edition still.

Do not get their official exam prep. That course is for people's whose job pays for it. The person/course that is hugely popular on this sub is Andrew Ramdayal - he has a book and course on Udemy. If you buy his book ($50 on Amazon, PMP Exam Prep Simplified) you get a link to get his course for free. If you don't want the book, you can get the course for about $20-25. This course will qualify you for the 35 hours.

He also has an exam simulator you can purchase to test yourself after you finish his course.

Go through this sub and read past posts from people who passed and what materials they used/helped them. I'm a couple of weeks from taking the exam myself and I use Andrew's stuff and it's good - he's explaining the concepts in a way that I understand and make sense to me. I can't fully endorse since I haven't actually taken the test yet, but a lot of people who passed and got AT recommend him. Also popular is Joseph Phillip's Udemy course.

r/pmp • comment
2 points • Superb_Performer7376
r/pmp • comment
1 points • Pristine-Step-5117

I'm sorry but i haven't been able to find the answer to this question:


For a class like Udemy's PMP Certification Exam Prep Course 35 PDU Contact Hours/PDU.


What would be the breakdown for PDUs? Technical, Leadership and Strategic.


Thanks in advance.

r/pmp • comment
2 points • getmetwister

I will say he literally changed the life of PMP aspirants. Now we have 1000's of people passing pmp on monthly basis and you can see there comments on Andrews live Youtuibe video sessions on Tuesdays. Also his simulator is a gem.

r/pmp • comment
1 points • semajsavid

Hello and congratulations. When you're talking about andrew, do you mean this andrew?



Thanks in advance and best of luck in your career!

r/pmp • comment
1 points • Relevant_Bear_3985

> 4 hours a day studying and here is what I did. I didnt think i would do this well on the exam judging from my

I think the mindset videos are in this course (expand the course content section). A few days ago it was on sale...

r/pmp • comment
1 points • lesliemarie123

Here is a link to ramdayal udemy course. Both his and phillips are good. Ramdayal does a much better job on the EVM and CPM and questions. Phillps does a great job on integration and questions are too easy for the actual exam.

r/pmp • comment
1 points • roambuild

Also seeing Udemy as an option. Is this one good and count towards the 35hrs?

r/pmp • comment
1 points • cheesy_star

Hi there!

Here is the Udemy course with the mindset descriptions (on a big sale right now for $10!):

Here is his YouTube channel:

The AR Udemy course is a fantastic study tool. If you already have area you know you need to focus on (like risk management, cost mgmt, etc.) then I suggest using his course to watch those videos AND the mindset section is especially. The exam simulator is totally separate and a good tool in the 3-4 weeks before the exam!

I think reviewing the mindset, taking mock tests, and then focusing on your weak areas is a good use of time. But if you can fit in his full course, it’s great!

r/pmp • comment
1 points • agu12333

Is this A.R. course that you purchased?

Did you also take Joseph Philipps one?


r/pmp • comment
1 points • -_merp_-

ugh i missed the promo and think its 94 now? this is the class right?

r/pmp • comment
1 points • sleeving_beauty

I just passed mine yesterday after moving my test up early because I was burned out and stressed out. My advice is not to freak out too much, or think that you have to have 100% of the info memorized. Make sure you understand best practices, agile/hybrid/predictive, and how to handle an everyday PM situation.

This course is great and I highly recommend his mindset videos at the end. Ramdayal also goes through the domains and talks about how they integrate. I waited a few days for it to go on sale and bought it for $20. Super helpful. Check out his YouTube channel for free videos as well.

And if you haven’t gotten the PrepCast simulator, I recommend that as well. In my opinion, the best thing to do for the last few weeks is practice tests and quizzes. Once you’re scoring consistently in the 70s, I recommend taking the test.

Good luck! Don’t freak out! Just remember that you can do this and you don’t have to be perfect. Before taking my test I told myself that if I fail, it’ll be the best lessons learned possible for my retake, and if I pass then I’m finally done studying. Win-win :)

ETA: The PrepCast simulator has a 15% off coupon code this month. Make sure to check their site

r/pmp • comment
1 points • bluebear1201

Here is the link to the course I bought :) - keep an eye on their sale promo!

r/pmp • comment
1 points • spindrift02

I signed up for the PMP Prepcast Simulator for $150:

Here’s the link to Andrew’s Udemy:

He also does a weekly YouTube session:

r/pmp • comment
1 points • Ok_PMPprep

Go through Andrew Ramdayal's course - and then his TIA simulator . That's all you need to pass PMP.

r/pmp • comment
1 points • jlgand

Hey, thanks for the information. But there are two links for Andrew's course. One is from Udemy:

Aand the other through ITA:

I don't think there is a major difference. Please let me know what you think.

Thank youl

r/pmp • comment
1 points • Lili_PMP

hi, u/not-a-cat-lady

his mindset is from Udemy course:

TIA simulator MOCK exam is

r/pmp • comment
1 points • JMcPie

Congratulations on passing! I stumbled across your post while doing some PMP application research (I'm still early in my research). I'm going to start digging around r/pmp in a lot more detail now, but your notes have given me a really good starting point for study resources.
Are these the links (below) for the udemy courses you mentioned? They're both listed as on sale for $19.99 -- do you know if this is typical? I'd like to do a bit more research before purchasing courses/materials, but I'm not sure if I need to act fast on this price.


r/pmp • comment
1 points • Apprehensive-Low2795

Is this the Udemy course you mentioned? Is it going to be updated for 2022/7th edition PMBOK questions?

Is this the simulator you mentioned?

Thank you for your reply.

r/pmp • comment
1 points • ethanjeffrey

YUP! In a 🥜shell! (see what I did there lol, okay I'm done)

- UDEMY👇🏻 course has the infamous "mindset videos"

- Andrew Ramdayal's Youtube, Weekly Review Channel👇🏻

- Practice Tests 👇🏻

-Ricardo's Process Video 👇🏻

-Last but not least...HIDDEN GEM right here! I'm the first to mention this on this page...this is my biggest secret! This site lets you get tons of books for free as PDFs. Ive gotten loads of books off here and I've used it for years. Use this site to get "Agile project management for dummies" and "Agile Practice Guide". You can get the Agile Practice Guide when you become a PMI member, but what if you don't wanna be a member...or what if you want to wait...this is how you can get it. Also you can get several other books related to agile, project management, Scrum, extreme programming, Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, you name it! 👇🏻