PMP Exam-PMI New Format 2022 Mock Simulator (PMBOK7+PMBOK6)

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PMP Certification Exam (PMI) 2022 Simulator | Questions from new PMBOK 7th Edition |Questions on AGILE/HYBRID/PREDICTIVE

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Taught by
Nilotpal Ray, PMP

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r/pmp • comment
3 points • Nguyen2180

I wasn’t aware of and didn’t use Study Hall or Prepcast, but I took this course on Udemy, It does have a pretty good question bank following the 2021 exam structure. Check out PMPwithRay on YouTube also. Along with lots of reading over the materials, and watching Andrew Ramdayal and Aileen Ellis also on YouTube. Did not read the PMBOK either. Passed the exam 3ATs two weeks ago. Best of luck on your exam!

r/pmp • comment
2 points • NilotpalRay-PMP

Its looks like you're all prepared for your D day!

You may check out this mock simulator if you want to test your preparation :

r/pmp • comment
1 points • ElectronicArmy1892

I took quite many mock exams. Total about 1500 questions. Three of them are from this course on Udemy (, plus watched YouTube channels of PMP with Ray, Aileen Ellis, and Andrew Ramdayal. Read the PMI Agile Practice Guide a few times. Did not read the PMBOK. Passed above target on all 3 domains. Best of luck!