Practical Ethical Hacking - The Complete Course

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Welcome to this course on Practical Ethical Hacking.

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Taught by
Heath Adams


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r/sysadmin • comment
19 points • 0xb2b

That code is now maxed out. Here's another one from TCM

r/cybersecurity • comment
4 points • Potatocorncobb

I really enjoyed this one and thought the instructor was great.

r/IllegalLifeProTips • comment
4 points • EitherGap

r/sysadmin • comment
3 points • c4ctus

This is the one I've been doing. Pretty good so far.

r/Pentesting • comment
3 points • Br00dKast

I like this course.

r/ITCareerQuestions • comment
3 points • WUMBOWAMPAS

After maxed out redemptions, I guess he opened it up again. Found it on "The Cyber Mentor's" Twitter Page.

r/ITCareerQuestions • comment
3 points • Megmania

Tried STAYINSIDEANDLEARN and it said coupon had been redeemed max number of times. Checked another sub and there’s an updated coupon code: STAYINSIDEANDLEARN2

r/AskNetsec • comment
2 points • stormshade69

I suggest Heath Adams new udemy course it has that Active Directory exploitation tactics and defenses

r/oscp • comment
2 points • StupidTinyFatUnicorn

I’m 19 and will be starting PWK this Saturday, I feel fairly confident in the course contents and passing the exam with 1-2 attempts.

You’ll want to be fairly good navigating your way around a Linux system/command line first before tackling OSCP. Solid networking fundamentals and a good exposure to many areas of technology will help.

The difficult thing about pen testing is that it’s not really a subject itself. It’s the culmination and involvement of many different areas of technology, and requires you to at least have some surface level knowledge of many topics.

E.g. it’s going to be difficult learning how to compromise an Active Directory environment and pivoting around when you don’t have experience with AD/Powershell.

I highly recommend this course.

You’ll have a much better chance of getting your OSCP if you walk into the course already knowing the basics. It’ll soften the deluge of information it throws at you, and you can focus on the more advanced topics.

r/ethicalhacking • comment
2 points • cyber0pb0b

Heath Adams was offering his Udemy course free for 24 hours on April 1 with the code “STAYINSIDEANDLEARN” not sure if it’s still running but it is still the 1st! Good luck!

r/hacking • comment
2 points • CyberArsenal

He could do The Cyber Mentor’s Practical Ethical hacking course. It basically covers everything to get started and it teaches the hacking methodology. I loved the course and it helps to get started with things like hack the box which I think he’d love.

r/cybersecurity • comment
2 points • midnight5ky

This might be a cheap option if you want to learn Ethical Hacking:

The person also have a youtube channel called the Cyber Mentor if you want to go through his videos.

r/netsecstudents • comment
2 points • PwnieLuver

Guy just updated it

r/oscp • comment
2 points • _th3y

I think it may work for you, but IMO you don't want to spend too much of your lab time learning the basics.

If I was doing OSCP over again and needed to learn the basics, I would purchase thecybermentor's course on udemy and go through it. After that, I'd probably do a month-to-month VIP membership on HTB and get methodology sharp with Ippsec's walkthroughs. I'd want to get to the point where I have a basic plan for scoping out which services to prove deeper, and how to scope out web apps. Be comfortable proxying web traffic, identifying what tech is running on a page and what that means, fuzzing parameters, manually testing for SQL injection, etc. Develop some muscle memory for spawning shells, catching reverse shells, spawning a TTY in a shell, transferring files, and command line text filtering/manipulation.

Once you're there and you have an idea of what to do on your own with some of the boxes you've done following Ippsec, I'd say go ahead and register.

r/newtothenavy • comment
1 points • csp1405

Not a CTN but I am a cyber security engineer. Here’s a good course to start. You should try to understand everything he’s doing in the course. Also do exercises with wire shark and tcpdump to understand packets/ports.

r/oscp • comment
1 points • SleekSilver
r/eLearnSecurity • comment
1 points • 10_0_0_1 His real name is Heath Adams but his YouTube channel is the The Cyber Mentor

r/HowToHack • comment
3 points • CodeBlue_04

The StationX stuff can be found on Udemy for like $60, but having taken two of them I was not as impressed with their stuff as I was with other courses on Udemy, like The Practical Ethical Hacking course (

I learned a ton in the PEH class. Totally worth $20. Judging by what I learned vs what I paid for my university's security courses, it'd be a bargain at $2k.

If you just want certs, Udemy Pro (I'm really pimping them, aren't I?) is $20/month and has several IT/Sec certification courses available.

r/homelab • comment
1 points • MusclesLinguine

This video looks to be from his Udemy Course Practical Ethical Hacking. If you are interested in those attacks you outlined, he steps through them in the course.

I think there is a coupon code for the course (THECYBERMENTOR) which brings the price down to $19 or so.

r/linuxmint • comment
1 points • G33K_FISH

I mainly shared this for the learning link for Udemy.

I'd give it a shot here. It is only free if you use the code STAYINSIDEANDLEARN.


r/cybersecurity • comment
1 points • FlipDetector

I’m just going through the course below with my flatmate who’s looking to change his profession. I’m working with AWS and want to specialise in security next year. Something like this could give you a general overview of what is being done in the industry and how the daily tasks might look like in Cyber Security. Obviously there are lots of fields but still it’s a good start.

r/cybersecurity • comment
1 points • Zixxer

The Cyber Mentor is Heath Adam's YouTube/ blog name.

Here's the Udemy course:

r/oscp • comment
1 points • CleverBunnyThief

Heath's Adams' Complete Ethical Hacker Udemy course is currently on sale. You can use the rest to get a Rpi 4.

Python Crash Course is a good Python book. Linux Basics for Hackers is good too.

r/WGU • comment
1 points • BananasGorilla_

the author just updated his twitter with a new code:


lol. Here is the link to the page:

r/oscp • comment
1 points • _sirch

Jump to HTB and vulnhub. You will need to edit existing scripts in the pwk class but that’s about it. Some very basic python and C is needed for buffer overflow but they teach you in the course and it’s super easy. You use kali tools for just about everything else

This class helped me a ton and is great prep before the pwk stuff.

r/ccna • comment
1 points • brooklynwalker1019

I’d set up a AD lab using the cyber mentor’s guide. He has a great course on Udemy

That has a section on AD attack and administration. If you dive deeper than that, it’d be a great resource and talking point in interview. I saw you have a 30 day lab eh? I’d entend it to 60 days as 30 days are def not long enough. Have you looked into a NOC role? It’s a great role in putting your CCNA knowledge into practice though not really remote.

I know the state has a shit ton of opportunities for security and the requirements aren’t that rigid (especially on the west coast)!

r/netsecstudents • comment
1 points • Ur_Legit

This is the course you want:

r/Pentesting • comment
1 points • dfir_rook

I would recommend you !! It gonna give you an ideas and prepare you for the OSCP.

Also, I would recommend you as a start the elearnsecurity route with the eJPT certificate. You’ll see after that if you want to continue with the eCPPT or jump right at OSCP. It all depend on you level of preparation.

r/HowToHack • comment
1 points • sijisu

r/udemyfreebies • comment
1 points • NotSafe4Wurk

You must use a new code, it is now STAYINSIDEANDLEARN2. Use it for the course here:

r/cybersecurity • comment
1 points • ricksonloggins

Here is the link to the ethical hacking course I referenced:

r/Calgary • comment
1 points • tragamin

right now just doing udemy courses on python and ethical hacking. not sure what will happen in september, i'm hoping it's not all remote. and to answer your other question; i've been somewhat interested in privacy/security most of my life and a wave of paranoia kicked the interest into a mini-obsession about a year back. that, and the dollars obviously.

edit: this course is free to reg for today.

r/HowToHack • comment
1 points • DawnCS

If anyone really wants to learn AD hacking, i can really recommend the udemy course from "The Cybermentor". Its great and teaches you almost everything u need to know !

r/cybersecurity • comment
1 points • Gundersniff

I just grabbed this from The Cyber Mentor since it’s on sale right now. It’s supposed to be really well done but haven’t started it yet, really interested in the pentesting for beginners. If the code doesn’t auto apply it’s: GIMMEDATDISCOUNTTCM. Should come out to $13 and change.

r/oscp • comment
1 points • s34n0

Do one month of intense python,bash,learn buffer overflow, and some hack the box machines. Then take the PWK for the OSCP. The PWK which is required teaches you everything you need to pass the OSCP. There is no need to waste time on another cert when your goal is OSCP. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the PWK takes approximately 300 hours of study time before you take the OSCP. This is all dependent on your aptitude with the material. I would recommend this course then the PWK. Practical ethical hacking

r/Pentesting • comment
1 points • qaishussainy

If you apply this coupon code: STAYINSIDEANDLEARN it ll be free

r/hacking • comment
1 points • CrispyTheGoat

Wow, I would have never known, that is really helpful, thank you. I shall check it out on my day off tomorrow.

I am currently going through this course, not that you would have experience, but looking at the subjects, is there any obvious beginner stuff that it seems to miss that you would recommend? Practical Ethical Hacking - The Complete Course | Udemy

r/ITCareerQuestions • comment
1 points • abovethecloud5


r/AskReddit • comment
1 points • PrettyFly4ASenpai

I've had similar luck in the job dept so I may not be the pinnacle of advisors here, but considering the amount of networking/active directory experience in your background have you looked at cyber security or Linux admin positions? Both generally pay better and have less competition and it sounds like your skills aren't far off from either position.

Personally my move is to work towards an OSCP (it's expensive but cheaper than the CISSP exam) or LFCS cert and pivot from there, though a CISSP is a strong cert too if you're looking at cyber sec if I remember correctly.

I highly recommend this udemy course of you're interested in cybersec, I've been working through it myself:

In any case, if you're interested, check out job listings on indeed/monster/etc and see what certs they like if you're interested in those fields, in case the preferences for certs has changed.

I feel you though, it's rough out there and I hope you can find a good job soon!

r/learnprogramming • comment
1 points • saintshing

has much better reviews. It was free earlier.

r/ethicalhacking • comment
1 points • townsa9

This isn't on offer atm, but they usually do offers quite regularly. I think I got this course for £12. Keep checking back to see if it's on offer.

r/hackthebox • comment
3 points • BugbearB

I agree on this one 100%. That course covers lots of topics, theoretically AND practically. I honestly think this course is priced way too cheap. I would pay lots more for this one, so definitely worth considering!

r/cybersecurity • comment
1 points • misterprivacy

Hey , as I am also having my internship now , I thought it would be great to share a little with you.

  1. Always ask for your specific job scope so that you know what to learn.
  2. Be aggressive. Show your willingness to learn to your manager. It’s a two way thing. Nobody likes to teach someone who is not eager to learn.
  3. To improve your practical skills , learning and applying are equally important.
  4. Platforms to learn - Udemy , Cybrary
  5. Suggested course -
  6. Platforms to test / challenge yourself - Hackthebox , Tryhackme

Good luck !

r/HowToHack • comment
1 points • hp77reddits

I have heard a lot about the Cyber Mentor's Ethical Hacking Course

r/IllegalLifeProTips • comment
1 points • Pedigree_Dogfood

'Viruses' and 'script kiddy' tools to do these kinds of things can be bought on the marketplaces of most forums that deal with that kind of stuff like hackforums and just to name the most popular ones. The only hacking forums with advice instead of products that I ever visited were ones on the darknet that cost me $100 to access lmao. The most popular form of 'hacking' by most of the kids on there are remote administration tools, or RAT, which can basically do anything to your computer (I even used one a decade ago that let you randomly open/close cd trays).

If you want to learn real (and ethical) hacking, I recommend starting this course

It's free right now if you use the code STAYINSIDEANDLEARN2

r/learnprogramming • comment
1 points • hba1cmemes

Weird. Try this.

r/YouShouldKnow • comment
2 points • iSuckAtTrivia


^^ just tried that and it still worked at the time of posting this.

^^ this was the other course and the code expired (just tried) but it’s still discounted.

r/cybersecurity • comment
2 points • jimbo1441

r/ITCareerQuestions • comment
2 points • Laidback36

There are also a ton of other great suggestions in this thread already, but i got access to course and its been a great resource as well.