Product Owner Certification + 2 Mock Tests

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Deep dive into Scrum Product Owner Role + Preparation to Product Owner Certification + 2 Mock Tests

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Taught by
Harshal Lonare

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r/agilecoaching • post
4 points • harshalone
Anyone interested in a PO certification course? I have few coupons left with me

Hi If you are interested in this course:

Let me know I have few codes left I can share with someone in need. This coupon will make it free to enrol.


r/udemyfreebies • post
6 points • ViralMedia007
5 Free Udemy Course : Complete Scrum Master, Modern Web Bootcamp, Product Owner Certification, SQL in C#, Digital Marketing

These are free for 1-2 days only with coupons.

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SQL in C# Series:Build Backup & Restore for C# Apps & SQL

Modern Web Bootcamp, Design with PHP, SASS, CSS-GRID & FLEX

The Complete Scrum Master Course

Product Owner Certification + 2 Mock Tests