Python for Financial Analysis and Algorithmic Trading

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Learn numpy , pandas , matplotlib , quantopian , finance , and more for algorithmic trading with Python

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Taught by
Jose Portilla

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r/algotrading • post
7 points • neoknightz
Best course for intermediate python developer starting algotrading

Hello all,

I am an intermediate python developer, had done lots of automation projects, some ML projects and also a certified associate python developer.

I am not too much familiar with the finance world i.e stocks etc. So i am planning on buying a udemy course which will help me understand finance as well as implementing algo trading.

i am thinking of this udemy course [ Python for financial analysis and algorithmic trading ] but it looks like the course is from 2017 and a bit outdated.

I would like to get some of your recommendations, should i go ahead and buy the course or if you have any better updated courses or resourses please let me know.

r/fantasyfootball • comment
2 points • NukishPhilosophy

There you go, glad this post makes python a bit more interesting. Make sure to subscribe to the list to get an update on the next post in the series!

r/learnpython • comment
1 points • MrCuntBitch

I recently finished [this course] ( on Udemy and would recommend it. Depending on where you are with Python some of it may be redundant but as someone who hadn't used pandas or numpy before I definitely learned a lot!
However I would skip the lectures towards the end that use Quantopian, I found their syntax very difficult to use, and although the backtesting capabilityes are useful they've disabled the ability to live trade there are better alternatives.
Also as others have said go check out the wiki/faq over at /r/algotrading.

r/CFA • comment
3 points • Nutella_Boy

I get you, me too. Consider that I know the basics of programming from undergrad, I was hesitant to just start with python courses dedicated for finance immediately. It's obvious that you will use Google to search for methods and how to do something, but if you don't know what you can do, how will you search in the first place?

My next course will be this:

Have heard good reviews from José Portilla, so that's my path right now.

Also, if you see a course above US$10.99, wait for the discount. They always offer the courses around that price.


r/thewallstreet • comment
1 points • FB24k

hm came across a copy of this - may poke around a bit this weekend. Looks interesting.

EDIT: It says "Use Pandas for Analyze and Visualize Data" I mean what's not to like about pandas??

r/algotrading • comment
1 points • PMull34

Jose Portilla is one of the best teachers I have experienced on Udemy (or elsewhere for that matter). He does a ton of tech related courses, but yeah i think there's only one specific to you wants

Udemy is particularly advantageous in that it allows you to bookmark parts of the lecture and write notes.

r/learnprogramming • comment
1 points • The_Warden_
r/algotrading • comment
1 points • L3g3ndary-08

Portfolio Optimization is a great way to buy and hold equities over the long-term but it is by no means a way to beat the market extraordinarily. You will be more efficient with risk/reward and overall you should average 7% returns every year, both up and down markets.

I'm just starting to unveil algo trading so I don't have too much knowledge, but if you're starting to dabble into it as well Udemy has a great couple of courses on Python for Finance that covers both Portfolio Optimization and algo trading.

I just finished this course and it was excellent. It covers Sharpe Ratio, Black-Scholes options pricing, Monte Carlo scenarios etc. It's a great overview for both finance and Python but I imagine you're already well versed on the programming side of things.

The algo course I just started is good so far but I've only done a couple of lessons and have been lazy this week lol. I plan to pick it back up next week or week after, depending on my actual workload from my day job.

I think algo trading could be excellent for options trading, but I will caution you that options trading is super risky and you should never bet the farm or sell naked puts or calls. You may have some success, but in the long-run, you will likely get burned.

That being said, I think if you leverage fundamental financial analysis with programming and algo trading, you can earn decent coin on the side, but again, I'd caution you on taking huge risks.

r/algotrading • comment
1 points • minutuslausus

Yo. I just want to share the resources that I found useful and were cheap.

I don’t think that I should or could tell you wether to quit your job or not but I do recommend you to do the math first.

Anyhow I don’t think the coding is the hardest part.