React Native
Advanced Concepts

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Master the advanced topics of React Native: Animations, Maps, Notifications, Navigation and More

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Taught by
Stephen Grider

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r/reactnative • comment
2 points • shuggies

Could combine it with PanResponder. This guy builds a swipe deck in this course

r/reactnative • comment
1 points • felixatwood

React Native dev + fresh graduate who just got his first actual job, here ✋.

I started with React Native about two years ago using Stephen Grider's courses and I've been freelancing and working on side projects ever since. If you feel confident with it, you should definitely start applying for entry level roles. Even though many companies have froze hiring due to the ongoing pandemic, RN developers are still in huge demand (evident from the fact that I've been getting job offers left and right without even applying).

If you believe your RN fundamentals are strong, I would recommend Stephen's React Native: Advanced Concepts course. Also, don't forget to create a portfolio of your work that you can show to your potential employers. Best of luck.

r/reactnative • comment
1 points • _titan13

r/reactnative • comment
3 points • Big_Economy8110