Scrum Certification 2022 +Scrum Master+ Agile Scrum Training

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Overview of Scrum Agile project management+common questions+tips to pass PSM scrum org ONLINE Scrum Master Certification

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Paul Ashun

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r/scrum • comment
1 points • crzycorgi

as the other person mentioned, you don’t necessarily need a course, however i took this one just to help tie together the details in the scrum guide:

i also practiced with Mikhail Lapshin’s quizzes, as well as the practice quizzes on good luck!

r/ProductManagement • comment
1 points • the-incredible-ape

I did a couple Udemy courses so far, one on agile in general and one on Scrum, they were moderate quality content overall (think production values and organization) but the info contained was good and they were pretty concise. Here's the Scrum one I did:

YMMV but as someone who had not actually done agile or scrum at work, it helped elucidate the whole thing for me.

r/scrum • comment
1 points • Im_Working_Right_Now

If you're willing to pay, this seems to be pretty good. Plenty of reviews.