CompTIA Security+ (SY0-601) Practice Exams & Simulated PBQs

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Full-length CompTIA Security+ (SY0-601) Practice Exams * Simulated PBQs * Timed * 480 Questions with feedback

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Taught by
Jason Dion • 700,000+ Enrollments Worldwide


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r/CompTIA • comment
5 points • jdrhoads

Those tests are very close to the actual exam. They were the most key thing to me passing so quickly. Don’t memorize the answers. Take them, read the reason why you missed the question, then go back and study the concept. Take them again a week later and see how much you improved. I averaged low to high 80s across the five tests from Dion before I took the exam.

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • coppertank

Jason Dion's practice exams. He hosts them on Udemy. Wait until they go on sale because it happens pretty often. I think I only paid like $10 or $15.

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • weakness336

Look at Dion's site and you can get his quiz pack for like $14.99 -

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • BTBricktop

Buy Jasion Dions 6 Practice Exams on Udemy, it's like 12 dollars on sale, and they are always on sale.

r/CompTIA • comment
2 points • Southernfrenchman


this link (to Professor Messer's video) might be useful and every now and then Udemy offers some good bargains on their courses. Hope this will help you and best of luck for the coming exams.

r/CompTIA • comment
2 points • bluenoss

Here is where you can buy the prof messer 601 notes and here are the practice tests I used.

Best of luck!

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • idkwhatname23

I'm about to start 601 and am really debating between Dion's course and Andrew Ramdayal's course.

Is Dion's course enough "hands on" content for the exam? Did you purchase his course and practice exams separately on Udemy? You said there are 7 practice test but looks like there's only 6?

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • cz-David I tried these 6, definitely worth of it!

r/ITCareerQuestions • comment
3 points • rksd0923

In my experience the multiple choice questions section was fairly easy and I spent most of my time with the PBQ's. I've read a lot of people have failed because of the PBQ's so if you have a chance to do simulations of firewall set up, wifi set up and other PBQ's then spend some time practicing with those. I spent probably about three weeks studying. I used the school resources since they have a simulation test with PBQ's and questions but I also used the following courses from Udemy. I got them when they were on discount which happens every so often, I think they helped me a lot. Good luck.

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • Sopranoo8

This one right?


r/sysadmin • comment
2 points • weedsman

I sure do! Let's cover the basics: * Get a book on the subject. I completed the SY0-501 exam, so I read this book. I have 3 other books, but Darril Gibson was the best. Forget Mike Meyers.. a great trainer but in the case of Sec+ he simply lacking alot! I did read his Sec+ book/ * You must do video courses too: Jason Dion's Complete Course * And now for the secret ingredient: Practice Exams

Couldn't have done it without those practice exams, nor without the video course.

Studied for about 5 months, but you could do it in 2 months. The Exam IS HARD. Took the online proctored one. I'm here if you have any other questions. If I passed it so can you!

r/CompTIA • comment
2 points • Zixxer

I used his complete training course and had also his practice exams while watching the videos (spaced them out every few chapters).

When doing his exams, make sure to read all the answers, both the ones you got correct and wrong. It's important to know the reason why your answers are the best out of the options. I think that's what helped me most!

As some others mentioned, it helps to diversify your study resources so Id say you're on the right track. Good luck!

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • Anastasia_IT

I would recommend checking:

  1. ExamsDigest
  2. Jason Dion
  3. Professor Messer

Best of luck. 😊

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • Solidloaf

Jason Dion Sec+ and his practice exams. Looks like they are hugely discounted today. Hope this helps.

r/CompTIA • comment
2 points • midifolk

It's really up to your style. Bottom line 501 goes a little deeper (more technical) 601 goes a little wider (more topics less technical). I absolute agree with all of Jason's comments including the fact that James Messer's comments are dated. Meaning I'm not sure that he would have the same opinion about 501 being the better choice now that it's six months later and he has his course developed.

Also, The thought that there isn't content is simply not true. There's plenty of legitimate training content available. What there isn't is a bunch of exam dumps. Bottom line this is an entry level exam. It's totally passable either way.

CompTIA Security+ (SY0-601)


  1. Professor Messer - 15 hours (may update over time)
  2. Jason Dion via Udemy - 22 hours. Combined with SY0-501.
  3. Mike Chapple via LinkedIn Learning - 21 hours.
  4. Pluralsight - 24 hours.
  5. ITProTV - 27 hours.


  1. All-in-One - 784 pages.
  2. Sybex - 672 pages.
  3. Mike Meyers' Certification Passport - 496 pages.
  4. Exam Cram - 752 pages.

Practice Exams:

  1. Sybex - 1000 practice questions.
  2. Dion Training via Udemy - 480 questions.
  3. McGraw-Hill - 1000 practice questions.