CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501 & SY0-601) Complete Course & Exam

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** Taught by a Best Selling IT Certification Instructor **** COMPLETED UPDATED AND REDESIGNED FOR BOTH THE SY0-601 and SYO-501 EXAMS  **Taught by an expert in information technology and cybersecurity with over 20 years of experience, this course is a fun way to master the fundamentals of computer se...

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Taught by
Jason Dion • 200,000+ Students Worldwide


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r/certifications • comment
2 points • trevor_of_earth

I did the Jason Dion sec+ course on udemy when they had a $9.99 sale. Passed with 762.

Get both, take the sec+ then take the cysa+. IMHO

r/CompTIA • comment
7 points • phabeon

No, either buy his notes+practice exam bundle for $40.. or for $38, get 3 practice exams, plust another Sec+(one of the best) and another Practice Exam, see below:


Messers notes are essentially ppt slides of his videos so if thats yo thing, then yes, buy em,..

But if I was you, here is what I would do... and will only cost you $38

  1. Watch Proffesser Messers FREE Sec+ course on YouTube, take your own notes
  2. Purchase Jason Dions Sec+ course on Udemy, its $13 for new uDemy accounts, and includes a PDF download of his course notes, essentially the notes you would take yourself when taking his exam. It also comes with a Practice Exam, all for $13
  3. Purchase Proffesser Messers 3 Practice Exams for $25, everyone here says they are the closest practice test to the real exam..


holla if ya hear me



r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • Oceans_77

I used this one here, it has 3 practice tests you can take

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • Thecrimsongiant


r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • EjjabaMarie

And Sec+

r/ccna • comment
1 points • TheFlyingCompass

Gonna piggyback off of you since I'm in a similar situation. Finished my CCENT, but honestly I'd rather go for my Sec+ next, as it seems like the less time consuming option.

Has anyone had any luck with udemys course? I'm generally a book/hands-on learner, but I've used udemy for other stuff without issue and their Sec+ course is on sale.

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • McHalo3

Jason Dion Security+ Course. Gibson GCGA Security+ book to gain a deeper understanding of subjects you struggle with

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • isfco

I bought two: Udemy Sec+ 501 exam practice. (NO study material). Contains ONLY 6 practice exams,produced by expert, Jason Dion. Those six practice tests I did like a lot. The actual learning course, Dion full Sec+ 501 course, with one practice exam caused me to be delayed & that stressed me out, this constraint! I never would have dreamed that a customer HAD to go through the entire darn, dang long course sections completely, IN ORDER, just to be able to use/study the few sections I had bought the material for, to begin with. It Killed me that I couldn't go directly & instantly to the three domains I Needed! Oh no, I had to set the video play speed to 2x, & let the entire bloody course run along on it's own, then take dumbed down section quizzes, each time the course stopped playing, as it arrived at the quiz piece. 😤😡 All that time & effort, to complete a LONG course, just so I could FINALLY view, on demand, the few sections that I had actually NEEDED to drill down INTO, deep. The other thing that PEEVED ME, is that you CANNOT print out or capture the entire MISSED questions review list in a single motion. I agree that you can scroll up and down and view your MISSED questions (or even the correct ones), but what I wanted was to quickly capture or print my misses, as I have been compiling all my challenging material into 'my gotcha' review file. It's just a word document where I paste or embed everything that I had a bit of trouble with. (YES, I know WHY all these study/cert prep content owners now make it hard for us regular IT students to get what we need; DUH, it's due to the cheaters & thieves who want to swipe the owner's material, questions/answers!) But, since there's no way to prevent them from buying the course & snapping images of every question / answer choice set and then use those snips, so they can manually write up copies of the high-quality questions, that are written with great skill, by security experts. I feel bad for these Pros, but it's the paying students that are being impacted by the constraints that are put in place; the bad guys don't care if someone makes it harder, they'll do whatever they have to do to rip off what they want.

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • phoenix14830

Professor Messer is "pass by the slimmest margins" kind of good enough.
It's worth the $12 to head over to Udemy and be taught by Mike Meyers or Jason Dion.
If you don't have the coupon code for either, here's Jason Dion's:

The course also comes with a pdf of course notes, test-taking theory, PBQ training, and a practice test that is very close to the actual exam.

r/cybersecurity • comment
2 points • Howl50veride

I studied 3-4 hours every day and 5-6 hours on the weekends for two months. Watched Udemy course, made notes, read the book, it has exam highlights throughout the chapters highly recommend reading those. Then spent at least 3 weeks taking the practice exams till I was getting 95%+

Used theses resources

Darril Gibson

CompTIA Security+ Get Certified Get Ahead: SY0-501 Study Guide

And Jason's Dion udemy course and practice exams

The books questions were the most accurate to the test and Jason Dion's test were great but not as accurate but still amazing.

r/cybersecurity • comment
2 points • IIIRexBannerIII

Jason Dion has a good video course check back every so often udemy courses go on sale all the time it’s €129.99 at the moment so i would wait for it to go on sale you should be able to get it for €10 - €20:

Professor Messer also has a good free video course:

Passcomptia will help you prepare for the simulation questions:

Good luck mate

r/CompTIA • post
2 points • Kilown
Udemy - Which one

So I been directed by my job that i must take the test for SYS -501 Sec + by the first of September. I am NOT a IT type of person, but due to lack of math in my college I was placed in IT. With that out the way I have been doing a good amount of Reddit to see what to study where to get resources and lastly (what this post is about) what I should purchase to get additional study material.

I have been blessed with taking The Learning Tree Boot camp, when I finished this Boot Camp I left more confused than educated. The good thing about the boot camp is they gave me a Book, all the power point slides and even a site that has \~ 200 questions (to include ports and acronyms). This does not help me honestly, I am aware this would be perfect for some , but its not for me.

I seen a vast amount of people talking about udemy and Jason Dion class, he has 2 of them, and i am wondering which one is better for someone whom is more a visual learner not a book learner.

Here are the two i was looking at:




Last question: if I get the monthly from Udemy can i take both of these or am i locked into the single class / program ?

Thanks a lot to all

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • KamikazeGerbil

It took me around a month to study and pass the exam with little IT knowledge. I started off by watching Messer's entire playlist and bought the GCGA book to read at school. The practice exams from Jason Dion are probably the best example of questions that are identical to the real exam.

Daryl Gibson's Get Certified Get Ahead
Professor Messer's SYO-501 Sec+ playlist
Jason Dion's Sec+ Course/Exams

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • AWS_2019


Dion training always has the courses on sale, they redirect to Udemy with a coupon applied.

r/ITCareerQuestions • comment
1 points • kushtoma451

2-3 months of study should be more than enough and that's speaking of someone with no prior IT at all. You get a huge discount on CompTIA certs by buying the vouchers using your college .edu address.

Some popular study material for security+:

*Prof Messer (YouTube) - Link

*Jason Dion (Udemy) - Link

*Jason Dion practice exam set (Udemy) - Link

*Darril Gibson Security+ course (highly recommend) - Link


Good Luck!

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • _herbert-earp_

  1. A no brainer would be the official Exam Objectives, using it as a check list to make sure you've gone over everything and are familiar with what they are.
  2. Professor Messer videos are a must have. They are bite-sized videos and cover everything listed on the exam objectives. I recommend setting the video speed to 1.25 as he talks kind of slow. You'll also save yourself 3 hours this way. His videos are 13 hours total 13/1.25=10.4 - I would personally recommend using his Youtube Playlist ( ) instead as it is easier to follow along, and easier to keep track of what you already watched.
  3. Professor Messer course Notes. On his website you can get the Digital PDF copy of his course notes for $25 or a physical book for $40 which included the pdf as well. This is a must have if you want quick review
  4. Jason Dion exams on are very similar to the real life CompTia test and are a huge help in familiarizing yourself with them. He also teaches the Sec+ course. You can get either, or both for $13 each if Udemy are having a sale. They did have one yesterday but it ended now, however they have them pretty frequently. His exams are 70 questions and you have 1.5 hours to complete them.
    It's currently $200 but like I said, wait for the sale when it's only $13 -
  5. Exam compass also has practice exams that are short and sweet (20-30 questions, un-timed) that can give you a quick self-review. They also have specific exams that cover one area. Such as Malware only questions or Social Engineering. -
  6. Mike Meyers videos and books. His course is also on Udemy however I have never used Mike Meyers before for anything and I still passed both my A+ and Net+ with flying colors.
  7. Additionally Cybrary is another website that teaches the course for free and gives you a step by step process. They also give Continuing Education credits if you ever need to renew a cert. You simply create an account and watch the videos, then it check marks what you have watched up until you finish.
  8. Last but not least I recommend following along with what is being taught. Nothing is a better teacher than hands on experience. If you have a cheap laptop you no longer use you can download Kali Linux onto a flash drive and install into onto the laptop. There are instructions online on how to install it if you're not sure.
    Additionally you can also set-it up as a executable directly from the flash drive so that it turns within Windows.
    If neither is an option, you can download some of the software/tools being used and try them out yourself.
    If I remember correctly Professor Messer hacks a WiFi password using Wireshark in one of his videos. And wireshark can be downloaded for free. (But it is also built into Kali Linux)