The Self-Taught Programmer

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The Definitive Guide to Programming Professionally

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Cory Althoff

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r/Python • post
1066 points • jiejenn
The Self-Taught Programmer (For Python) Udemy Course is Free (I think only for today)

Just came across the information from a friend of mine that The Self-Taught Programming Udemy course is free today (with free coupon code). Course is rated 4.6/5, so I think it is pretty solid.

Udmey Course Link (Coupon is already applied)

r/salesengineers • comment
2 points • Soopervoo

I started with this course It focuses mainly on python and helps you think big picture about programming. Since you are a Sr AE, I'd skip the SE courses since I bet you're already familiar with value based selling. Best advice I can give is to treat yourself as a potential customer exploring a developer portal. Sign up and start using the trial or free tier, and ask yourself what would make you pay for this, and how a technical person can walk you through deep dive use cases and workflows that provide a solution

r/learnpython • comment
1 points • joyeusenoelle

You may also benefit from The Self-Taught Programmer at Udemy, which uses Python 3 and is free for the next four hours (with the coupon code in the link; if it's a referral code or a tracker, I promise it's not mine!).

r/udemyfreebies • comment
1 points • Paddo90
r/learnpython • comment
1 points • bryanwi09

I have recently decided to devel into Python myself. A few months ago, I started but haven't really dedicated as much time as I wanted to with the holidays and all. Along with everything everyone else has pointed out, I have a few suggestions that I have found to be helpful.

It all started for me with Cory Althoff, the Self Taught Programmer. I got his Udemy course and the eBook. Not done with the course yet, but it has helped.

Self Taught Programmer -

Automate the boring stuff with Python -

Corey Schafer's YouTube Channel -

I have a private playlist on my YouTube account that is solely dedicated to programming. Any time I find a tutorial I save it to the playlist for reference. There are a lot more resources out there for Python, once you start watching some videos, there will be recommendations. - - Great programming resource for many languages - they have great articles but want you to pay $5/month for them. Just open the link in an incognito window and it bypasses this :)

And finally, Career Karma - They help you get started with programming, have a community and hook you up with resources if you want to start a bootcamp, full or part-time.

Hope this helps and good luck!