Tableau Data Analyst/Specialist Desktop Certification

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From beginners to skills needed for Data Analyst or Desktop Specialist certifications

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Taught by
Phillip Burton

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r/tableau • comment
1 points • Phillip_Burton

My Tableau course, which is available on Udemy, which gets you up to the level of the Tableau certification. The requirements of this certification includes creating calculations and advanced filtering.

The link in the post above will give it to you for the heavily discounted price.

I hope that helps.


r/tableau • comment
1 points • MulberryStarship

I took a udemy course that taught me a lot. link to course **edit: it’s also pretty affordable

It was suggested by my coworker and was super helpful in preparing for my desktop specialist exam. I was lucky to be able to utilize it on the job too, but would recommend it to others that are trying to learn the basics. It covers how to use tableau public, what you need to take the specialist cert (which doesn’t expire) and skills to pass the next cert that expires in two years. I would only recommend taking that if you’re looking to apply to a job that requires it

r/tableau • comment
1 points • Arrowden11752

I sat in for the exam during early December. I unfortunately was not allowed to use any web browser during the exam, but these are the resources I used to prepare. Knowing the terminology Tableau uses is the hardest part. If you get those down the questions are fairly straightforward. Resources are as follows:

1.) Student's Prep Guide (free):

This one was written for an early 2020 version of Tableau but everything is still applicable. I would recommend reading through each of her blog posts as well as the links to other articles she leaves as they provide a good conceptual coverage of what to expect on the exam.

2.) Tableau Data Analyst/Specialist Desktop Certification ($20 on sale from Udemy)

This course gave me a good hands-on experience using Tableau. The instructor also tells you which sections are directly applicable to the Desktop Specialist Exam. If you decide to pick it up be sure to wait for it go on one of Udemy's many sales, I picked it up for $20 and it's great value for that price point.

3.) Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Practice Tests 2022 ($20 on sale from Udemy)

Lastly, I would recommend this course. It is just a series of practice tests, though gives you a good idea as to what to expect from the real exam. While I wouldn't look at the questions the instructor provides as ones to expect verbatim on the exam, the format is quite similar and he provides great explanations for different types of concepts you will encounter on the real thing.