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Jump into data visualization with hands-on exercises and pass the Data Analyst exam

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Taught by
Lukas Halim

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r/tableau • comment
1 points • joshandthewolf

r/tableau • comment
1 points • betterworldbiker

There's a udemy course that's super useful for taking this test, cannot recommend it enough.

r/tableau • comment
1 points • EtoileDuSoir

Hello /u/Ownards. I don't know where to find this book, but he seems a little dated - Tableau 10.5 is from 2 years ago, and this book is about Tableau 10.

You have this Udemy course by the same author which include three full-length CA practice Exams with solution guide. You can find coupons online to bring the price down to ~$10.

r/tableau • comment
2 points • mikeczyz

i like this one:

I like it because it comes with 3 REALLY well done practice tests. i've passed the CA test twice and have used this course/test as study prep both times.

r/marketing • comment
5 points • HipsterTeaLover

I worked as a data/AI consultant for a few years so I learned those tools on the job.



This is by no means an exhaustive list of data visualization courses, there are plenty online. Make sure to look through the syllabus and find the one that suits your needs best.

Good luck with your learning!!