Tableau 2020 A-Z
Hands-On Tableau Training for Data Science

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Learn Tableau 2020 for data science step by step

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Taught by
Kirill Eremenko


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r/tableau • comment
2 points • Restless-Potato

I’d say try doing an online course like the one on Udemy by Kirill Eremenko. It’s very comprehensive but you have to practice on your own as well.

r/tableau • comment
1 points • sunspearcoffee

I got started at my job by taking Kirill Eremenko's online course. My employer paid for it, but it's pretty affordable and a solid course.

I want to reiterate what I've already seen commented here: Tableau will not behave how you expect it to. Tutorials will teach you how to do everything in the "happy path", but when you are given a dataset and some dashboard requirements in the wild, Tableau will never take you down the happy path. There are basic features in other software that are completely absent in Tableau. If you go to the forums, you will find a feature request from 2012 with a thousand upvotes that will never be implemented.

That said, I still think Tableau is pretty good at what it does. Google, find workarounds, and save them for later. I've been in a BI role using Tableau for about a year now and am comfortable facing new problems with the workarounds I already have in my toolbelt.

r/dataanalysis • comment
2 points • pojzon You probably mean this one for Tableau, can recommend.

r/india • comment
2 points • Plebman2511

For this course, I did this one but it also contains other data science stuff so I am not sure if you wanna learn that:

This course is by the same guy but its just tableau. Oh and theres constantly sales happening so dont go spending the original amount on these courses:

Oh and udemy is where you buy it you keep it. Also a 30 day return policy available

r/tableau • comment
1 points • AMadRam

I learnt all my viz and data modelling skills exclusively from courses so I would recommend going down that path as well. Courses are more focussed and can give you a structured learning pathway where as self learning can be all over the place.

I exclusively use Udemy for my learning needs. They have some incredible courses for Tableau and data viz in general and they regularly have sales (you can get a course for as low as £10 in the UK).

Start here and then get the advanced course -

Happy learning!

r/dataanalysis • comment
1 points • Wooooooshhhh This one on tableau. The sql and excel ones were in german, so probably not helpful for you.

r/PowerBI • comment
1 points • salihveseli

That is correct, I took that course under corporate account as it is available for free.

When I said end product, I did not mean a specific project but the overall end product, whether that is a dashboard or a complex dax formula, something that would make me really consider joining this course. Not sure if you have seen courses from Kirill, but he does a good intro and I do think that really plays an important role that makes people whether they want to join or not. In less than two minutes, you have to put content there that grabs their attention. Here you have an example from Kirill for Tableau he did, or Colt for his course.

I do believe you have a good content and I wish you success with your courses.

r/tableau • comment
1 points • magz89

Practice quizzes-

Udemy A-Z Tableau -

Tableau Free Learning videos -

Also if you have Tableau desktop (not public) - Tableau E-Learbing is pretty helpful -

r/supplychain • comment
1 points • Zekr0m

Here are the topics/certifications that I have been studying, in order. If you can commit to studying 2-3 hours per day, you can knock out the essential skills of all of these tools within 1 year.

Source: Me. I am currently on the R step of this learning path toward becoming an analyst.

  1. APICS/ASCM certifications:
  2. Excel/power query/ power BI:
  3. SQL:
  4. Tableau:
  5. R programming language:

Hope this gives you more ideas!

r/learnprogramming • comment
1 points • Manavendra4288

Several highly rated DS, ML, Python, Tableau, PowerBI video learning courses are free to purchase (only for 1 day), buy them before they are gone tomorrow. pass these to others who may be interested.

r/delhi • comment
1 points • messidude