The Complete React Native + Hooks Course

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Understand React Native with Hooks, Context, and React Navigation

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Stephen Grider

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r/reactnative • comment
2 points • ccheever

The Stephen Grider course on Udemy is pretty good I think.

r/reactnative • comment
1 points • felipep31

I think the course made by Stephen Grider here

r/reactnative • comment
1 points • nosrednAhsoJ

This worked great for me:

r/reactnative • comment
1 points • chessnews

This was the course:

r/reactnative • comment
1 points • jonathanzufi

Stephen Grider's The Complete React Native + Hooks Course [2020 Edition]

Easy to follow, clear and concise. Definitely one of the best courses out there and a fantastic starting point.

r/reactnative • comment
1 points • angry_roomba

I took Stephen Grider's React Native course recently and while it uses Expo and doesn't mention TypeScript, I learned enough to teach myself after that. There's a lot of blog posts/articles out there that can guide you, but I think it will be difficult to find a full tutorial for all the things you're looking for

r/reactnative • comment
1 points • ubermc

r/reactnative • comment
1 points • raven619claw

r/reactnative • comment
1 points • oldrefery

Firstly js, then udemy

r/learnprogramming • comment
1 points • thingsbinary

r/reactnative • comment
1 points • detox02

There’s a udemy class I took on it in June . And it helped me

r/reactnative • comment
1 points • Ship-Status

I started learning last month and went through Stephen Grider’s course on Udemy. Highly recommend it to get up and running.

He also advanced react native course that I’m diving into now that seems promising.

r/reactjs • comment
1 points • semprotanbayigonTM

Is it required to know about ReactJS before learning React Native? I looked into Grider's React Native course on Udemy and it says the prereq is only the "basic understanding of JS" and doesn't mention ReactJS at all. What do you think?

I know some basic JS but have never touched front end framework before. I mainly do simple web app using Flask for my ML deployment.

r/reactnative • comment
1 points • dangtony98

Looking back at how I learned React Native, I'd recommend taking a course either on YouTube or on Udemy to get a broad overview of the landscape — Stephen Grider's course here is pretty solid. After that, attempt a project or two, building up on complexity as you go. Overall, you'll want to understand (1) React + Hooks, (2) React Native, (3) React Navigation.

As for IDE, I use VSCode works pretty well!

r/reactnative • comment
1 points • manny3000gt

r/reactnative • comment
2 points • dwight12345

Alright, cool. Is it this course?

Also, how relevant/new is it? I can't find a date on the page.

Thanks a lot for the suggest, I really appreciate it!

r/reactnative • comment
1 points • _Icarus_Reborn_

I'm currently on this path. I'm using these two courses from Stephen Girder on Udemy. Sometimes Udemy courses can be hit or miss, but Stephen makes some high quality courses and has a great way of explaining things. I'm currently about 40% through the React course before moving on to the native one.

r/learnprogramming • comment
3 points • jerseyse410

Don't judge, I have a course collection issue on Udemy.

r/reactnative • comment
1 points • technolaaji

Start with React then go towards React Native since the stuff you will learn in standalone React can be used on React Native (some libraries work out of the box and folder/component structuring)

As for resources, I have learned RN using Udemy. There are two courses:

First by Maximillian

Second by Steven Grinder

And if you want to start with ReactJs first then Steven’s course for react is solid

r/reactnative • comment
1 points • saintshing

Take this course. He will cover most of the concepts that you need to know. The react navigation version he used is outdated so you need to learn the new syntax from official doc or watch

For animation stuff, watch evening kid. Pick one of the popular component libraries(I recommend native base 3.0), play with the open sourced demo app).

Some other useful resouces on youtube: